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July 15, 2007


tom clarke

Paul Nowicki has done a great job for Chelsea and I hope he is elected to the Senate - he is a straight shooter and a reliable guy.

Nowicki's a bum

Nowicki is a no-good bum. I once bet him $20 he couldn't name the last three American League Cy Young Award winners and guess what? he couldn't! But do you think he paid? Nope


I've only spoken to Tim Flaherty. Besides being hilarious and very sharp, I think he looks like Clark Kent (Christoper Reeves version). He's my horse in this race.


flaherty is not very sharp, very dumb actually and totally full of himself.He may be hilarious for a few minutes but his act gets very old. He is going to end up to be a big nothing just like is old man.


I know both Anthony Gallucio and Timothy Flaherty...Anthony definately has the experience, he is hands on, and he has performed a tremendous service for the youth and city of Cambridge. I believe he is the best candidate.

As for Timothy Flaherty, he is very sharp, has the credentials, and is a very likeable guy, however he lacks the experience to represent the average Joe.


Tim Flaherty is absolutely the very best candidate, he is full of energy and potential. Tim is qualified and ready to represent this district. As for Anthony Gallucio he has made losing a bad habit. People are looking for an alternative to Gallucio and for any one who really cares its Tim Flaherty

kara mahoney

Ummm.Flaherty has mad losing a bad habit too! he was dead last in the DA Race years ago!
Tim may have energy in his tal; bit empty promises is all there will be, he shows up late for court all the time.


Nowicki & Ross have a identity problem,not enough potential voters know them. Gallucio is popular & is well known to law enforcement officials, (unfortunately for him).
Do you have to live in the district to vote? It's obvious you don't have to in order to be a candidate!
With all that taken into consideration you have one candidate who is popular, has name recognition, lives in the district & is very intelligent-TIM FLAHERTY! THINK ABOUT IT, if it comes down to those qualifications Tim's the one.


If anyone digs a little they will easily find Tim is not the one. He is also well known by law officials for his drunk driving and many tickets. He is a party frat boy not a qualified intelligent lawyer


Leo, I try not to judge people but what a classless an unfounded comment by you..... "He is also well known by law officials for his drunk driving and many tickets. He is a party frat boy not a qualified intelligent lawyer.".......I used to work in the Somerville School System counseling behavioral problem children. I have known Tim for years. I remember him as a coach for North Cambridge High School's basketball team. Tim has always been active in young peoples' lives. His experience working with young people is a requirement sorely needed in politics today. He still teaches law at Boston College.....Year's after my working for the Somerville schools, I became a victim of a violent crime; Tim represented me for free and was present through many court proceedings, and was on time for those proceedings. Tim also was also instrumental in my receiving four separate apologies from the leadership of the Middlesex DA's Office, two before my assailant was convicted and two apologies after my assailant was convicted. Tim and I have had many discussions about "good government" and good government is what Tim will work towards.

I also have dealt in the past with Mr Gallucio and am unsure why many would vote for him.

Feel free to verify all of what I have written.


PJH..sorry to hear you were a victem of a violent crime.Sounds like you had a good experience working with Tim, I however have not. You are right Tim does teach a class at Boston College, but my own daughter laughs that he never showed up to teach it, particularily if the Red Sox are on a winning streak, he simply cancels class. Some students might like a night off from class, but my daughter was paying her way through BC and was disgusted by him,the class, and the way he flirted with other female students if he saw them on the campus or at a football game where he was usually drunk, displaying his "party frat boy image". Many students have logged on to give their own critcism of him on a website at BC that reviews professors. Tim gives it his all at certain times, you must have experienced that Tim, but I witnessed a different Tim in Norfolk and my daughter did too. I know some bad traits of his both professionally and personally.


As mentioned previously, I know both Galluccio and Flaherty, and I would have to agree with Leo.

Galluccio is the best candidate, check out and you'll see his experience, and qualifications.

Ignatius J Reilly

Lilly, you may want to include the disclaimer:

My name is Anthony D. Galluccio and I endorse this message!"

Just sayin'......


LOL! Hi Ignatius Reilly, I promise this is not Anothony speaking, just someone who knows.


One can only assume that you are not a member in good standing of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.



Awe, one should never assume anything about anyone...I don't condone drunk driving...however people do make mistakes...and Galluccio has done a lot of good in representing the people of his district, sorry I cannot say the same for Flaherty.


Galluccio may have made a serious mistake by drunk driving and got caught, he must not have had the strings to pull that Flaherty has because there is no doubt that Flaherty has been pulled over for drunk driving more than once, so although he denies a record, and maybe he indeed doesn't have one, he has abused alchohol on numerous occaisons and got behind the wheel. I worked with him 10 years ago and still run into him from time to time, out and about in boston, he is not serious fellow and is not the person for this political job.


Leo your statements lack any factual reliability regarding Tim Flaherty. If he got bad reviews BC wouldn't keep him on the faculty year after year to teach-that makes no sense! He's been teaching the class at BC for many years and the reason he is called back to continue to teach every year is that he actually gets the HIGHEST reviews of all the professors! I'm sure there are times he has had a trial or things come up that require him to cancel or dismiss class early when real people's LIVES are at stake (he may joke about the Red Sox in class - but rest assured it's not because of the Red Sox). He enjoys being a professor and takes his reputation and the responsibility as seriously as he does his law practice. As far as flirting with girls -there are ethics and standards BC Professors must adhere to and again I'm sure they wouldn't keep asking him back if he weren't upholding those standards both as a professor and lawyer. He is a sharp, charismatic, friendly, happy-go-lucky and great looking guy who I know goes out of his way to make sure he doesn't come across that way. Regarding the BC Football Games - most people drink at college football games/tailgates. I go to just about every BC game and have never seen him "DRUNK". I've seen him drinking socially, having a good time, being himself on enjoying his free time with friends and family. He's done a lot of good for a lot of people's lives as a private citizen as PJH said! 90% of Tim's time is spent going out of his way to help people get their lives back- like PJH. I know that Tim very well! He is the best candidate and despite you trying to make some up, he doesn't carry any of the huge personal baggage that Galluccio has! He is gaining HUGE momentum and he's had only 6 weeks vs. Galluccio's 5 years! He is obviously a far cry from what you describe given what he has already accomplished - he's got that special something! Tim Flaherty DESERVES to win!


OMG! did you get the info about him being one of the best professors from him, you had to have because I read the reviews myself a couple of years back. Find any senior or recent graduate and they will tell you he cancelled his night class many times when the red sox won it big a few years back! he has taken a semester off here and there for years because it was suggested, and dont' forget his father worked at BC for years and there is a reason why tim stays on the staff there NOT because he is a great professor by any means. I am not going to continue to argue with you on this guy, not worth my time, we'll see what happens in a couple of weeks. He lost big in the DA race and I suspect a similar defeat this time too


Galluccio. Working class, practical and progressive on social issues. Wins by 5 points on September 11th


FLAHERTY. He's the one!


Kudos to Galluccio!


No Coverage of the State Senate WIN by Galluccio?

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