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July 11, 2007


Another Set Up

Come on SN, another State Ethics Investigation? The only results from these investigations are those that are given to them by this Administration.

Throw the bait out and see what you grasp. Now all will be wondering when you have this type of info then why not disclose "WHO" they are investigating.

One more way to get the ticker counts up on the web and papers out of the boxes.

Danielson Wong

What wonders a paycheck does for people. Boss Hog was spotted just by the Malden/Medford line this afternoon, just after the DPW got paid, with a tall slender gentleman in tow. As they sat down to the table to put on the feed bags, Boss Hog threw away the offered chopsticks to use more modern utensils, a fork and large spoon.

When the Oriental waiter brought over the volcanic food to the table, Hog dove into the tasteful rice and noodles like no Oriental person I had ever seen. It looked like Stankely didn’t miss a stroke as he also swallowed his fork.

I guess you can seize more with a spoon and fork than chopsticks huh Stankley? I wonder who picked up the tab for this feast?

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

NewStalker..........oh if they only knew what we know..........

And by the way, you're only half right. There are two ethically challenged being looked at.

Off to where the hell did I put that bathing cap?

The Hot Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Rugs are Oriental. People are Asian.


I was thinking the same thing, Geraldine...

Not an Island

Rachel and Geraldine,
"Oriental" is of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the Orient, or East; Eastern.

The usual objection to Oriental—meaning "eastern"—is that it identifies Asian countries and peoples in terms of their location relative to Europe. However, this objection is not generally made of other Eurocentric terms such as Near and Middle Eastern. The real problem with Oriental is more likely its connotations stemming from an earlier era when Europeans viewed the regions east of the Mediterranean as exotic lands full of romance and intrigue, the home of despotic empires and inscrutable customs. At the least these associations can give Oriental a dated feel, and as a noun in contemporary contexts (as in the first Oriental to be elected from the district) it is now widely taken to be offensive. However, Oriental should not be thought of as an ethnic slur to be avoided in all situations. As with Asiatic, its use other than as an ethnonym, in phrases such as Oriental cuisine or Oriental medicine, is not usually considered objectionable.

Similiarly, "Occidental" is of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the Occident or its natives and inhabitants, characteristic of countries of Europe and the western hemisphere.

If you don't like what other people say, wear earmuffs.


"However, Oriental should not be thought of as an ethnic slur to be avoided in all situations. As with Asiatic, its use other than as an ethnonym, in phrases such as Oriental cuisine or Oriental medicine, is not usually considered objectionable."

did you read this part of your little dictionary copy-paste job? Sorry, i just think Asian is the correct term.

and if you dont like what other people have to say about your comments, then dont post them.

Ron Newman

I wouldn't necessarily say 'Oriental' is an ethnic slur, but it feels antique and outdated when used this way. Like calling Jews 'Hebrews', or Muslims 'Mohammedans'.


Oriental vs Asian?

This is totally ridiculous!

Does anyone complain when they call in the "Paddy Wagon" when an arrest is made?

Give it a rest!

Ron Newman

Some Irish people do, yes.


i love the paddy wagon ;)

Got to go!

After all this silly talk now I have to take a Ron and wipe my Newmanator!

Danielson Wong

Figure it out. Fourth of July was just last week and the DPW got paid yesterday. Boss Hog with a "Top Dog" at DPW with lots of overtime.

A quiet, out of the way eatery where no Somervillians might be, to see what was seen.

Am I White or Wong?


How about the classic line from "Caddyshack" ... "Hey Wang?!"

Craigslist reader

Here's a rant about the phantom dog-shit-leaver of Sycamore Street. Beware, trash collectors and pedestrians!

it *is* funny

I live in the general area and MOST people are great about picking up after their dogs. This guy is not. I suggest you print the rant out and pop it in his mailbox. I doubt the cops will do anything about it but neighborhood pressure might at least guilt him into being a decent person.

Weird forum to post it on here, though.


I will never understand why people don't clean up after their dogs. Its people like that who have ruined it for the rest of us responsible dog owners in Somerville. It is a major reason why dogs are not allowed in most of the parks in the city.

That was a pretty funny Craiglist post, though. I only hope the jerk reads it.

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