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July 05, 2007


The Mole

"Keep the Tradition going" SOMERVILLE PRIDE"

A. B. C.

The Mole


I'm not much of a Gerwitz fan, but this "Princess Rebekah" stuff is getting pretty tired. Time to come up with a new shtick.

Max Warwick

SOD was hosting the Mayor's birthday bash on Warwick Street, then we spotted him at the pre-fireworks show at Trum. We saw Lynch there working the crowd. Seems like a natural with people. SOD then took to the mic and appologized for the "inconvenience" of demolishing the field house during the baseball season. Then he vanished.

We also saw Trane, Heuston and Taylor. Where were the rest of our illustrious leaders? The Mayor was there, but nothing intersting happened.

The fireworks were great. The crowd was happy. Nice night.


Does anyone know why the Mayor did not renew his license to practice law? Check the website for the Mass Board 0f Bar Overseers

Ron Newman

Max - I ran into Jack Connolly on Cedar Street while walking towards Trum Field.

Truth Fan

There are a variety of legitimate crticisms that can be made about our local progressives. And there are a lot of funny things to say about them too. These Newstalk items are neither. They are petty, mean spirited, and tedious. They make you wonder if The Nose is writing Newstalk.

Somerville Resident

Yup, petty, mean spirited, and tedious. Yawn.

Herb Vargas AKA “Secret Squirrel” is like an Old  Mother Hen!

I can just imagine how much Herb Vargas AKA “Secret Squirrel” moaned and groaned about getting his car towed! I can see it now! He must have mentioned every politician that he could think of including John F. Kennedy and FDR to get his car back! Oh well that's politics! It's just who you know and “Secret Squirrel” is just lucky to know the family that owns the tow company!


Somerville Resident,

Careful, you might get banned by James 'I make the rules' Norton.

William Hurst

To the Editor,
In the Somerville News July 5th edition, under the "Comments from" You have me as saying "NO HEALTHCARE, NO TECHNOLOGY, NO TEACHER ACCOUNTAILITY? THAT SOUNDS GREAT?
I take offense, read my blog. I talk of the day when people had to pay for their healthcare. Whether you could afford it or not you paid. There was no free ride. Healthcare is not a constitutional right, pehaps it should be but it is not. You had a child you paid the doctor, heart attack samething.
Newton, Curie, Drew and Einstein please tell me what computer they were using. Was it a Dell, Compaq or a Mac Powerbook. Have you ever handed a clerk a 10 dollar bill for a purchase of say $8.13 and once the sale is wrung up you decide to hand over 13 cents and the kid is scratching his/her head trying to figure out now what do I do. You try to explain "just give me back 2 dollars" and they say thats not what it says here. So in order to not confuse the poor child any longer you take back your 13 cents and he/she gives you back $1.87. Nice, high school grad and he/she needs the "computer" cash register to make change. This what happens when you allow calculators in the math classroom.
Teachers should be held accountible, along with the administrators and parents. You have children going into the High School lacking basic math skills, basic reading skills and have a difficult time spelling. Now whose fault is that. Is it just the teachers fault or could it be the school administration wanting the graduation "numbers" of the K to 12 grades looks good. If the numbers are high everyone is happy from the Mayor to the School Board. But, where are the PARENTS. Are you saying they have no idea their children are failing? Or could it be they want their children passed along so the children can stay with their friends and not having to go through the stigma of "being kept back". Or maybe the parents do not care.

Hello from Ward 6

From reading these articles in News Talk, about the one Herb Vargas. Isn't that same Herb Vargas that ran for public office so many years ago as alderman. hmmm if thats the same Herb Vargas he is kicking his heels up in ward 3 and get his car towed it sounds like he might run for public office. see you in union square Herb. Please stop by the subshop now and than and say hello, and yes don't be a stranger

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