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July 28, 2007



Joey Cakes will pick Bradley if you think any other way you are a fool. When he was an Alderman he could not stand him. He then voted not to take the chief out of Civil Service. So just think the man who cannot be trusted will ever keep his word?

Ms. Murphy, English 101

"Taking the chief’s job out of civil service allowed the city to conduct to a broader applicant search."
"He is a graduate Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Fla"
"“It gives you another perceptive,” he said."
"Curtatone is not offering any hints as to who has caught it eye."
~I understand that some computers now offer grammar check as well as spell check. Go to
~Seriously, though, I hate to sound like a nit-picker, but for a newspaper to publish this many erros is really inexcusable. Was there a rush to go to press, or does this simply show the sad state of our country's current educational system?

This Says it All

Dear Ms. Murphy,
You said, and I quote directly, "...for a newspaper to publish this many erros is really inexcusable."

Did you ever discuss the meaning of the word "erros" in your English class? Perhaps you were referring to 'Eros,' the god of love. Most likely that's not the case. Even if you were, you still made an error in the spelling.

I can only assume that you meant to write the word, 'error.'

Now that you see how difficult it is, just remember that you are also a part of "the sad state of our country's current educational system..."

Please stand in the corner and hang your head in shame and never correct anybody here again.

Ms. Murphy, English 101

I don't really think that a comment tapped out quickly on my keyboard to be added to a blog site(and, might I add, without the assistance of spell check) rises to the same level of expectation as a news story published in what is purported to be a widely circulated, well-read, local publication.
Please go back to studying for your MCAS exam.


Not to beat a dead horse... But there is an embedded spell checker on this site. Each time you misspell something while writing a post, a red line appears under your text.

Excuses, Excuses

Ms. Murphy,
Hey, you made a mistake in your post. No big deal. But, as you say, "Was there a rush to go to press?"

Correct your mistakes before you correct others and then insult their intelligence.


Hey! I dont get a red line under my misspelled words when posting to this site!

Who else gets red lines?

Ron Newman

I gett redd lynes undder misspellt wordz, but I'm using Safari on Mac. I'm not sure all browsers do this.


Using Firefox on XP. OOps, XP is misspelled! Damn.

Get a life

Please, get a life oooooh you are a bad speller your parents don't love you.

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