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July 26, 2007



Here is what Ignatius Reilly posted:

Use this to lodge a complaint when it happens:


Whois a jumbo come on Jamie you soon will have to book two seats.

Somerville Politics

Great article Jamie. The Journal and The News did a good job of getting this issue to Somerville residents. Now it is up to our elected officials to do something about it instead of just paying lipservice to the issue.

Providing a link to the Aircraft Disturbance Report page would be a great step for The News. We will put one on our site. (Let's face it, though, 80% of the people who visit our site come from The News site).


Well, today it's been another noisy planes day in Somerville... It's been like this over the last few days, actually.

I just found this site to check on wind direction and speed at Logan. It has archives too. When you complain, please remember to check the wind direction and speed at that time. You'll get the usual "strong NW winds" explanation in your reply from them. But it would be good to keep an eye on it.

This link below gives you winds graphs at Logan for the last 7 days.

Hope you find it useful.


Just by looking at the last week, it seems that Tue-Wed-Thurs should have been no-plane days (South winds). I did not keep track, but I have been hearing a lot of noise this last week...

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