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July 30, 2007



Yum! Love Thai food. I'll try it out sometime. I like Tamarind, just off Porter Sq.

kimberly moblem

Hey I just love thai food THANNK GOD FOR THE PERSON WHO INVENTED IT! hehehehehehehheheheh FORSIZLE

Mrs big fat butt

hi im mrs big fat butt and i live in the town of fannie i love thai i love it any way im off catch ya gurlfriend... xx wb


Very nice idea! I'm glad it is working for you! Someday I want to make a Thai restaurant in America with my husband. Now we just do internet thai food, but maybe in a couple of years? Very good to see you are in success! :) Joy


hmmmm...going there right now!!


I AM THERE! Posting on my tiny laptop. Let's see if I can guess who you are! :)


Congratulation!!Benjapon.I interested in your success.
Could you please tell me how to start the business Thai fast food,management and send me e-mail. Thank you in advance.
I live in Long Beach CA.

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