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July 12, 2007


Somerville Resident

The Boston Channel (Newscenter 5) are ridiculous in talking about the Winter Hill Gang. Boycott that dumb ass reporting as they are trying the Fox type sensationalism approach.


For once we agree...

somerville resident

I want to know if there are any follow ups on this story. What killed him? What did the autopsy reveal? Can't find anything online. Anyone know anything?


Word on the street is this guys in a city worker, DPW maybe. Now is it really that ridiculous that they are talking about Winter Hill? The word out here is that the guy got shot in the back of the head, and had his pants down to past his knees. Sounds like a familiar calling card to me. Could this be the case of a rat getting guned down? I know what I'm writing is only rumor, but this isn't the first time the street had the word before the news.


I heard the same rumor.


its more than ridiclous that winter hill has anything to do with this story. i know one thing, if it was so easy to get the police off the tract as dumping a body on winter hill id be stepping over bodies on a daily basis.

'hood watch

I'm looking at areas of Somerville to live in, and Winter Hill was on my list. Should I take this as telling me that I should take it off?


hood watch,

While you are at it you might as well take Newton, Brookline, Conway NH and every other city or areas of cities off your list.

Unless you have your head in the sand this stuff happens everywhere!

Somerville Resident

Yup, bodies dumped on a busy street all the time in Brookline and Newton...


"Somerville Resident",

So how many bodies have been "dumped" on Somerville streets?

Somerville Resident

You're the one who says that this stuff happens everywhere!


See if you can stretch your budget to Davis Square and maybe Ball Square and Powderhouse. The rest is pretty much pretty rough around the edges.

it *is* funny

Safety in Winter Hill hasn't been a huge problem for us, and we love living here. It seems to go street to street, however ... as to the shabbiness of the upkeep and associated crime and poverty. I'm lucky to have mostly responsible neighbors and I love the diversity ... Irish and Mexican immigrants to the right, young hippy couple renovating their place to the left. I'd look in Winter Hill if I were you, just try to get a feel of the street (visit various times of day to see what it's like).

'hood watch

So was the street where the body was found one of the rough around the edges spots?
does anyone know if the property values are going up in the area compared to other parts?
and what about the whole T extension? I heard that isn't ever going to happen...

A Relative

He wasn't a DPW worker. He was a postal worker. He also was not a rat. This is why rumors are called rumors.


i grew up in newton -
no dead bodies there!!!
pattern or no pattern,
unrelated to other killings or not - we're getting sick and tired of bodies turning up here!

mystic ave walnut st now this!!

we do/did have a history, remember...
i question the competency of the police and city hall.

who else? was this poor man shot or stabbed?
to leave a body on the street is leaving a message - i thought
the winter hill gang was gone..

howie carr is gonna eat this one up!!!


btw ive lived here
since 1993.

do we have to worry now when walking the streets?


The Winter Hill Gang has been gone for many years, never to return. This crime has no connection to any figures from that era.

Wait until the story comes out before you jump to any conclusions.

Howie Carr always had an ax to grind against Somerville even when he worked for the local rag and lived here. Especially when the late Senator Denis McKenna spit in his face in front of City Hall many years ago.

Ron Newman

> So was the street where the body was found one of the rough around the edges spots?

Broadway? It's a major thoroughfare from Sullivan Square to Arlington. I certainly do not look over my shoulder when waiting for a bus there, or walking down it from Winter Hill to Powderhouse.

Not So Fast


"i grew up in newton -
no dead bodies there!!!"

Try this link:

You may remember the headline from the herald:

"Mystery murder rocks America’s ‘safest city’: Police probe ‘execution’ in Newton parking garage."

brickbottom's point was that murder happens everywhwere... even in cities that are far more wealthy than Somerville and don't have nearly the same population density.

Somerville Resident's response to brick's point shows just how smug she is.

Not So Fast

On second thought, brick deserved it. Sorry, I had not read the thread carefully. SR, you are cool.


"not so fast"

You say:
"On second thought, brick deserved it."

Deserved what?

Believe me SR or even yourself will have to do a lot better than that to try and outwit me. Know the fact's before you open your trap. Amateurs!

Not So Fast

What trap?

Not so Fast

Not so fast, big guy. That wasn't me that wrote that post attacking you. I suspect it was SR or one of her lowlife friends.

As for amateurs... well amateurs get conned easily. Compare my post with the other, "On second thought, brick deserved it. Sorry, I had not read the thread carefully. SR, you are cool." Quite a difference. What the heck are they talking about when they say you "deserved it?" Pure nonsense just to cause problems.

You got outwitted there but I won't hold it against you. You're one of the few voices of reason on this thread.

Some of these clowns have used your name to post in the past, but I know the difference between an authentic brickbottom posting and a fraud.

What do you hear on the Chief's position? What is the timetable for it?


Was he shot? Why the secret? Why not tell us what the autopsy found if anything?

What ever happened to that asian college girl that went missing several months ago? Was she ever found or do we just forget that ever happened?

Somerville Resident

I'm wondering too about that asian college girl that went missing a while back.


ok that was some lovers quarrel he lived
in westboro or near there worked in newton.

but we never had 3 murders in 2-3 months time!!!
i do know a guy here who was a postal worker a former marine i know him well -
i hope it wasant him!!!

i know the gang is gone but what about city corruption?? i know a few folks here who grew up here all their lives.

and who is using that old body shop on
marshall st?

i like it here and feel fairly safe but this shit is putting everyone on edge!

good job on that drug bust on pearl st.
and at least we scared away the ms13 gang.

but the anti gang law is wrong! what is a
gaang member supposed to look like? the city will get sued.

enjoy the nice weather everyone


I am surprised the missing Asian girl was a lovers quarrel victim? Where did you learn about it? She totally went missing for a long time with no leads from what I remember. I think I would have remembered the news if something real turned up but maybe I missed it. Are you saying that she was ok? what happened?

Somerville Resident

BB, NBoy was referring to the guy shot in Newton last year. Not to the Asian girl. I think.


not so fast,

Sorry that I thought it was you. Accept my apology.

Plenty of people have used other peoples names to attack me because they don't have the intelligence or balls to use their own handle. I should know better. SR is a real nut case. I think a few medication times were missed by "it".

As for the Chief's position it's not a matter of who but a matter of the Mayor getting the nerve up to announce Bradley as Chief after this "open process".

Take care.

Not So Fast

Don't worry, brickbottom. Apologies accepted. Perhaps I mentioned this, but I know Somerville Resident, she lives two blocks from where I live and I've known her since she was a little girl. She is a fine young woman now, with considerable potential. But she cannot suffer fools such as yourself!

Manna from Heaven

I smell another infiltrator in the last post!


I hate infiltrators.


I hate infiltrators.

the real brickbottom

It must be a full moon out tonight with all these nitwits
using my name to try and stir up some sh!t.

What a sad commentary on the brain power that motors this blog.

Try to get a grip on yourself, or maybe let go of the grip you have on yourself and keep your hands on the keyboard.

If these posters got any dumber we would have to water them once a week.

the real brickbottom

Also, as they say:

"Imitation is the best form of flattery"!

Ron Newman

Yet another demonstration of why the News should implement a login system here.

the real brickbottom


For once, I agree with you.

Somerville Resident

Agreed. This is confusing. Not only a login system but also a system with real e-mail addressed, not fake gmail accounts.



Please get rid of the new name 'the real brickbottom." We can spot the phonies right away. You're an original and there's no need to change your name.

Keep up the good work!


cmon, man - lets just stop this silly shit
and get on the subject, ok?

anymore info on this poor man? a name?



Reported on this blog:

"John Joseph Meaney, 49, died July 12 and was found lying between 431 and 433 Broadway"

Everyone on the streets knows what will come out soon enough.


yeah well on yahoo
people search there is
a john meaney listed as living on 138 highland ave. common
irish name - same guy?

theory - coulda been tyin' a few on at say,
old magoun saloon and arugued and pissed somebody off so they followed him and shot him?


I hear he was from Somerville but hadn't actually lived here in a while.

Minister Macglaughlin

In today's Obituaries in the Boston Hearld hail "Jay" from Gardner, MA with a relative living in RI. He was a retired letter carrier and veteran.

Not so Fast

Again... not me. The lowlifes are out in full force.

the real brickbottom

Thanks, Not So Fast. You are a really buddy. You are Not So Smart either.

Mr. White

Who was the dude who got blasted and why? Anyone know?


Not so Fast,

I know, they can really ruin a good thing. Good luck to them.
I'm still trying to figure out how they have computer access at McLeans Hospital though.

As I said before....."Imitation is the best form of flattery"!

Take care Fast.

Not So Fast

Brick, you are awesome. I love you.

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