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July 16, 2007


Ron Newman

Was he a Somerville resident? Did he live in or near these buildings? How was he killed?

Somerville Resident

Perhaps he was not killed. Just dumped after he died of natural causes that would have created trouble for everybody else involved.


yahoo people search -

one john meaney lives
on 138 highland ave.

may or may not be same man, but probably. common irish


yes he was a somerville resident and he was my father.

Somerville Resident

Sorry to hear, Cassie. Can you tell us something more about him?



Sorry for your loss.

Remember, you don't have to answer anyone's questions regarding your father in here. They are only looking for gossip.

Unless of course you want to.

Take care of yourself, our prayers are with you.

Somerville Resident

Brick, show some respect to Cassie, please. Keep your sexist paternalism (duh, I'm sure Cassie knows she does not have to answer and certainly does not need your to remind her) at your place and out of this thread.

Go Figure

It's well established here that you are an imbecile so take your "sexist paternalism" and go back to bed.

How do you know brickbottom is a man? An assumption on your part, I'm sure. Whoever brickbottom is, he/she is using this forum to be kind to somebody. You're using it to be a jerk. Grow up!


GF, leave us alone. I AM a man. And she is right I can be a sexist pig at times, my GF says that all the time.. That's my problem, you don't need to defend me. 'K?


Somerville Resident,

To use my name for your sick little amusment speaks volumns about your mental state. I think it's time to take your medication and go nightie night. You are one sick twisted moron.

Go Figure

SR sucks. Never to be taken seriously.


Yes, what a psycho you are, GF.

Go Figure

No, you are, brickb. What's wrong with you? Why are you insulting me?

Ron Newman

Are these comments all posted by the real brickbottom, or are some of them fake?


Who knows who's real and who's fake anymore? Difficult to keep track. Can the REAL brickbottom please stand up?


I dont think his body was put there after dying of natural causes, are you retarded clearly you are. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard yea OJ's wife died of natural causes and he just put her there to avoid problems.

Manna from Heaven

OJ's wife died of natural causes?


SR is one sick puppy. To go around using other people's names to attract attention to her hollow little life is pitiful.

This hairy armpit can use my name all she wants, but if people don't realize by now how I write then then she will achieve her sick little game of stirring up sh!t.

She needs to seriously reconsider taking her medications, because the "real" her is just one step away from a straight jacket.

Good luck with your shallow little brain and if it ever recives an original thought please inform us.


Good try, SR... Brickbottom would never write the way you wrote in your last message. He would never write "hairy armpit" or use swearwords, for example. So, SR, stop trying to imitate brickbottom, your writing skills are way too limited for that.

my shareee

Why do people have nothing better to do than these kinds of posting it did not solve a thing beside have people act from the devil within go to church.

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