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July 20, 2007


So Chief........

as you promised and boasted;

"He stressed community policing and a tough approach to gangs and violence.He said he would make an effort to build relationships with leaders in all segments of the city while reaching children through the schools to educate them on drug abuse and introduce them to officers. He also pledged that if he is chosen by Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone to be the city’s top cop he will ride the city streets with every single officer on the force."

“You can’t command from behind a desk,” he said.

Responding to a question about how to combat gang activity, Holloway said, “We have to show them our gang is stronger than their gang.”

Well Chief, it looks like "your gang" is losing the battle!

Residents of Ward 4 and 5 are crying out for your help to combat these gangs and punks shooting up our streets, nevermind the problems in the rest of this city.

Where is the community policing?
Where are the promised sub-stations?

Wouldn't it be wise to hold a community meeting with the public so they could voice their concerns to you?

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