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July 12, 2007


Somerville Resident

I have no intention of leaving Somerville.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


"Cambriville ambassador to Moultonborough"

"chumming the waters"

I love you more and more...............

As for the affordability of Cambriville for the Trickettes??? See if you can get them jobs at DPW. I hear the OT is fabulous. It's enough for some of them to even buy a place on a NH lake....say Moultonborough???????

Chumming the waters.......

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

PS. Hello Charles. 'member me???? NO? Well I never! Then again some say you never did either.................

Take that Newman!

I'm so happy to be doing this. Ron you wrote, "a lifelong Someville resident." Surely when posting about the city you live in you should be able to spell it right, no? I feel like I just threw cryptonite in Superman's face. Take that Newman! Full disclosure --- I actually do't mind Newman's grammarian antics but I'm always happy to catch a man.


I think Ron meant to write "lifelong Cambriville resident" but flubbed it.

Nice catch, by the way, but is "do't" supposed to be pronounced like something Homer Simpson would say?


Ron Newman

You got me there. (But surely you meant Kryptonite? ;-)

Somerville Resident

TIE! Good game though.

Take that Newman!

Damnit Newman!

No Friend of Princess Rebecca

The suggestion by "Ron Newman" that I am, in reality, Charles Chisholm, is as absurd as my saying that "Ron Newman" is really "Newman" from "Seinfeld". Mr. Chisholm is more than capable of speaking for himself; and I am sure that he will in the days and weeks ahead. Former House Speaker Tip O'Neill once said that "all politics is local". In those few words he summed up the very essence of politics and the art of governing. He was a political master who knew how to get things accomplished, not only for his constituents, but for the nation as well. I too believe that all politics is local and have many concerns about the current Ward Six Alderman's ability to represent the ward effectively. The residents of Ward Six expect their alderman to work hard for their ward in a professional manner, and with civility and respect towards others. Alderman Gewirtz has not done this. In fact, she has done just the opposite. In many ways, she is the typical sterotype of the trendy and faddish political operative who moves into town and lights up the sky like a roman candle. She lit up the sky very bright at first, but has now burnt herself out, leaving nothing tangible to show for her first term in office. In many ways it is very sad. Progressives, like myself, initially had high hopes for this alderman. Those hopes have been shattered and replaced by a feeling of emptiness at the specter of her dreadful performance. The complaints that I have heard run far and wide throughout the ward. Yet she has not, and apparently will not, recognize that like Tip O'Neill once said..."All politics is local". Whenever an elected official fails to heed Tip's sage advice, that official does not deserve re-election. Accordingly, "Princess Rebecca" must go. This progressive will vote for CHISHOLM for a change in the fall.

Somerville Resident

No, it's not as absurd. It is entirely plausible that you are indeed CC. It is not plausible at all that Ron is Newman from Seinfeld. The mere fact you bring up this ridiculous analogy indicates you have something to hide.
If you are CC you would not reveal it, obviously... So, please remind us: A compelling reason for us to believe you is....

Antoine Walker

Does anyone have opinions or thoughts on Bob Adams, who is also running for Ward 6 Alderman? I don't know much about him.



All politics is YOKEL!

Somerville Resident


No Friend of Princess Rebecca

In response to "Somerville Resident", I would like to repeat, for the second time, that I am not Charles Chisholm. I am certainly a lot younger than the good professor and I don't believe that I write as well as he does. However, "Somerville Resident"'s writing bears a surprising resemblence to that of Senator Patricia Jehlen. Could it be that "Progressive Pat" is writing anonymous blurbs under a false pseudonym in the Somerville News to save her faltering protege's campaign? I would have to concede that it is probably more plausible than Ron Newman being "Newman" from "Seinfeld".

Somerville Resident

Yes, if you don't watch it you got the Pulitzer prize coming your way. Talk about wannabes in Somerville.


My (No) Friend, although it is clear you are not Charles Chisholm, you've got a certain flare for political rhetoric.

It's pretty obvious that even if Pat Jehlen was posting here that she would have uncorked the immortal "If she sucks so bad and you have good evidence for it, then she'll lose."

It's also seems that in referring to our state senator as "Progressive Pat" that
you've got an axe to grind with her as well. Why in God's name do you identify yourself as a Progressive when it's perfectly clear from your writing that, indeed, you are not?

No Friend of Princess Rebecca

With all due respect to "Tricky"...I am a liberal progressive...not a phony some of those who use the "progressive" moniker to advance their own political careers. There is a difference..but it not always clear to the casual observer. And as far as Senator Jehlen is concerned..we agree on a lot of issues. But there are areas in which I don't her support of incompetent cyphers like "Princess Rebecca" who embarrass and hurt the real progressive social and political agendas.

Solh Zendeh

Hey 'No Friend of Princess Rebecca', I think you have brought up some interesting points. But there is no way to refute people or really even take offense at their accusations if you use a pseudonym when posting. I'm not saying you have to reveal who you are in order to make an impassioned plea. I'm just putting in perspective why - even if I'm inclined to agree with you - I personally can't take your posts with the seriousness you clearly wish them to be taken. Kind of the price of anonymity.

Wake up Sohl

Most of the good posters on this site use pseudonyms. Two of the worst (you and Newmie) don't. I take the anonymous bloggers far more seriously because they bring the best stories to the site. Kind of the price of Narcissism.

Truth Fan

I don't live in Ward 6, and I don't really know Ms. Gewirtz.

I tend to assume that people who say things like, "she is the typical sterotype of the trendy and faddish political operative," do so because they can't describe specific examples of actions or behaviors that they object to. In the same way, when I hear someone say, "she (or he) is doing a great job," the only thing it tells me is that the speaker personally likes that person.

Mostly. what I read in this thread is a lot of back-and-forth puss flinging. I would be interested in hearing specific evidence from people who believe that Alderman Gewirtz is doing a good job, and from those who believe that she is not.

I also want to appreicate Charles Chisolm for objecting to the kind of name calling that's taken the place of dialog.

No Friend of Princess Rebecca

I agree with the comments of Truth Fan. There does tend to be a lot of back and forth puss flinging that goes on with these commentaries. However, we do live in a democracy and spirited debate over issues and candidates does occur in many ways and on different forums (i.e. newspapers, television, candidate forums, political rallies, internet chat rooms, cyber cafes, and even myspace). It is important to remember that we will never see "all of the people agree all of the time". There are those on this forum who will disagree with what I have to say and vice versa. However, I will never accuse those who disagree with me of being "evil people" whose voices should not be heard. What we are doing with our commentaries in this forum is the very essence of democracy and freedom of speech. Some of us choose to identify ourselves publicly by supplying our real names. Some people supply either false names or pseudonyms. One need only look at the interesting commentaries posted on the Somerville News over the years to understand what goes on here. But this is democracy at its core. I may not agree with what you say...but I will certainly defend your right to say it. That having been said, I believe that the current Ward Six Alderman has failed miserably in her position. We, the taxpayers of Ward Six, pay this alderman $30,000 each year to represent us. Yet, "Princess Rebecca" is more interested in mouthing pithy slogans like "Free Mumi" than providing essential services for the residents of Ward Six. She might be thinking globally, but she is not acting locally. As it stands now, she can't get a street light fixed. And what about her nose in the air look that she an impudent snob who is too important for the "little people" of Somerville. I have spoken with many people in Ward Six over the past several months. They are not only not impressed, some of them are appalled. Everything this alderman seems to do requires an apology letter to her constituents. The only problem is, the apology never comes. He recent meltdown with the President of the Board of Alderman was the final straw. "Princess Rebecca" is not only dysfunctional, she is radioactive as well. This year the voters of Ward Six need to elect a real alderman; not a vacuum. We need to elect a doer; not a talker. I urge everyone in Ward Six to vote for a change in November and give Charles Chisholm a chance. And should Alderman Chisholm not respect the will of the people in Ward Six...we can vote him out of office in 2009 as well. After all, this is what democracy is all about.

Ron Newman

What is a "Mumi" and which merchant is giving it away free?


Mumi is more often Mumia. He's a man in prison by the name of Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Somerville Resident

What does Mumia have to do with Somerville politics?

solh zendeh

'Wake up Sohl', I take it as a compliment that a coward such as yourself wasn't even able to spell my name correctly. Having the stones to identify yourself when you are insulting someone has nothing to do with Narcissism, but in your case, it obviously has to something to do with base IQ.

Solh Zendeh

You know, I made a mistake posting what I did this morning. I'm not interested in getting into a pissing match with anyone on this board - it's really not enjoyable for me, and it's not what I personally read and post for.

That said, I stand by my statement to 'No Friend of Princess Rebecca', which is that even if I'm inclined to agree with what you are saying, it's not reasonable to expect total trust when you post anonymously.

Somerville Resident

Well said, Solh. Especially from somebody who brags in the same posts that in politics all is permitted.

Go Figure

Solh, Sohl, or whoever you are,
Relax Francis. It's not unreasonable to get attacked on this blog after you attack someone. The guy was probably just trying to get your goat and he succeeded. Take this site for what it is, a general discussion on topics.

Somerville Politics

We at Somerville Politics feel that Charles Chisholm would probably be a good ward alderman. But the real question is, "Why replace Ald. Gewirtz now?"

Ald. Gewirtz has had some slip ups, most noted on this blog. But, if one views her record over her first two years as Ward 6 Alderman, one must conclude that she is doing a pretty good job.

Ald. Gewirtz in coordination with Davis Sq. businesses and the Mayor's Office, holds meetings in Davis Sq. to discuss issues important to both residents and businesses. The most notable success of those meetings has been the Burren being granted a 2AM liquor license on condition that it reports to these meeting for a certain period of time. Such a condition allows for a dialog between the Burren, other businesses, and residents in the Davis Sq. area. Ald. Gewirtz responds to constituent concerns. Ald. Gewirtz is furthering the work of the Mayor to bring green technology to the City. Simply put, her accomplishments far outweigh her blunders.

Ward 6 voters should recognize that they have a committed Alderman in Rebekah Gewirtz and should give her another term in office to grow and continue to better Ward 6 and the City.


If I were Rebecca, I wouldn't be saying too much about how I extended the Burren's operating hours until 2 in the morning or how I fought on behalf of the Someday Cafe. Most of the other supposed accomplishments that she's had are meaningless fluff as far as I'm concerned. Furthering the work of the mayor to bring green technology? Gimme a break. I'd like to see the 3 of these candidates debate. I definitely want to hear from Mr. Adams since I already know Charlie from his past campaigns in the Ward and I don't think he has much more to add to his play book.

Somerville Politics

We at Somerville Politics just posted our prediction for the Ward 6 race. It is available here. Check it out and tell us what you think! (But, after that, come back to The Somerville News).


Let me guess, before I even click (gotta help their little "hit counter" they're so proud of, no?): 1) Continuation of the smear campaign against Progressives (perhaps more of the "is it just me or candidate X looks awkward?" type of observation; possibly camouflaged among other innocuous stuff. 2) Reasons why the more rational and deserving Charles Chisholm candidate will win.

On your little site, you forgot to add "I'm Charles Chisholm and I approve of this message".

Ron Newman

I thought repeatedly advertising another website here was not allowed?



Somerville Politics

Remember Mr. Newman, We link to The Somerville News as well. We know JN's rules, but hope that The Somerville News will allow links to our site if we continue to link to The Somerville News site.

What is your issue with us anyway?

The issue with you...

Ron and other already pointed out the issue with you: The fact that you keep yourself/yourselves anonymous is highly suspicious. As a result, nobody will take any information you post seriously.
The funny thing is that it is quite obvious somebody associated with CC (if not CC himself) is behind it.

Somerville Politics

CC means carbon copy. Who is carbon copy?

Go Figure

Actually, "cc" means carbon copy, not "CC."

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