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July 06, 2007



From article:
"...perceived by some as being racist and discriminatory."

Isn't the largest Chicano organization in America called The Council of the Race, and don't they support the quota system, the systematic and massive discrimination against whites?

Bill Blass

Why don't we take a stand against the illegal employers and illegal hiring? These are the people that are exploiting the system. The whole reason we are in this mess is that the corporate party people put a huge loophole into the last amnesty bill in 1986. This loophole was big enough to drive a bus through because it allowed employers to hire illegal aliens. They could only be convicted if they "Knowingly" hired an illegal. Now is anybody ever going to prove that. Once the Cheap labor corporate party got this loophole in place they systemically started recruiting more and more cheap labor. they got the benefits of the cheap labor and the middle class Americans got stuck paying for English lessons and hospital bills.

I am all for human rights and illegal immigrants are not the reason we have an illegal immigration problem. Shady Americans who want cheap labor are the reason we have this problem. And it is not fair that tax payers pay the burden so that certain people willing to bend the law can get rich. It is a redistribution of wealth from honest tax payers to cheap labor exploiters. the net effect might arguably be good for the economy here. But does that mean it is fair and better for everyone? No. It only helps the people with capital to invite illegal immigrants and illegal hiring into their community. It certainly won't help the victims of gentrification!

So why are we working at becoming a sanctuary for illegal immigrants? How is that going to force the federal government to change things?

Bill Blass

Oh, and it is the corporate party folks that rile up the racists like JoeMorgan in order to confuse and stall progress on the issue. They radio controll these idiots with rush limbaugh and the rest of conservative talk radio to make sure that their supply of cheap labor is not affected. How ironic is that?

Mary Lewis

When are people going to wake up and realize, it is not the 20 - 30 million illegal immigrants of TODAY, but the 80 - 100 million that will be destroying this country in 10 - 15 years? Doesn't ANYONE CARE ABOUT THE FUTURES OF THEIR CHILDREN AND GRAND CHILDREN? Look at what is happening in California. The illegals have turned huge parts of that state into barrios, are overwhelming the states finances because of education and medical care and even the prisons. Citizens are leaving the state in droves.
DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT adding 100 million people will do to water supplies, additional garbage to dispose of, social services (not to mention social security @ $2.5 TRILLION dollars), natural resources, using up land in urban spread, etc.
You think gas is expensive now?
For the love of God, do your research! Don't listen to the liberals who don't care about America and whether it is sold down the river to Mexico. The SPP and NAU are real. SO IS RECONQUISTA! You ARE losing your country.....the country that so many have fought and died for. To allow this to happen, shames them.

Ron Newman

What's the SPP? What's the NAU?

Much of California was formerly part of Mexico, so to a large extent, the 'illegal immigration' there is simply families returning to a region where their ancestors had lived.

A century ago, lots of Yankees didn't much like the local influx of Irish, Italians, and Jews. But guess what, our region absorbed and assimilated them and turned out just fine.

Ward 1 Voter

Irish and Italians trying to get into Somerville?!?! Not on my watch! Let's burn down that convent!!! In the name of his holiness the Archbishop of Canterbury, death to all papist scum!!!

Ron, you just don't get it!

There is one major difference with the groups you mentioned - they came here legally. They respected the process that the US set up allowing them to come here. They did not disregard the process and then demand entitlement to citizenship.

Ron Newman

There was much less of a process back then, and how do you know which ones came over legally, and which ones had forged or borrowed passports?

Ward 1 Voter

P.S. Mary Lewis, you need to stop going off your meds.

P.P.S. There are only about 100 million people in ALL of Mexico (and far less than that in most central american countries). If they ALL come here, we'll just go down there, because it'll be empty.

P.P.P.S. I'd rather live surrounded by illegal immigrants than surrounded by people who voted for Bush (i.e. Mary Lewis and the rest of the hysterical dittohead dumbasses). Turn off Rush and Savage, Mary, and start thinking for yourself. 80-100 million in 10-15 years.....whoever told you that should have actually checked populations so they could have at least made their lie believable. Those numbers just make you look like even more of a idiot.

HL Menken

I think that many of us have a tendancy to focus on symbolic gestures, while those who are fouling up our reality are getting away with murder. The flow of immigrants into Somerville was in no way affected by the Sanctuary City resolution, and it won't be by the ones being discussed.

Jack Conolly, that profile in courage, says that he, "does not want to create a perception of Somerville as being 'a city with an open door policy.'”

Yes, I'm sure that the word would spread like wildfire throughout Latin America. I can just see potential evil doers in Guadaljara reading this on a bathroom stall door: For a good time, go to Somerville, Massachusetts, a city with an open door policy.

That's about as funny as Bill Roche saying that there has never been an arrest based on the anti-gang ordinance because all the gang members were intimidated by its mere existence.

Yeh Ling-Ling

Your article, "Immigration debate reaches Somerville," prompted me to respond. I used to prepare amnesty and other immigration applications.

If another amnesty is granted, millions of adult naturalized citizens could vote in future elections and could add within years millions of U.S. and foreign-born relatives to the United States, who will become potential voters (and will use energy, need education, health care, welfare and many other costly social services.) Even if most newly naturalized citizens do not vote, it is highly unlikely that President Bush or future presidents will seriously secure our borders. So President Bush or other advocates of virtual unlimited immigration should not mislead Americans with their "comprehensive" reform, which will only lead to an explosion of legal and illegal immigration.
The real, comprehensive reform should consist in enforcing our immigration laws as strictly as Mexico does, and using Mexico's legal immigration policy as a model, which does not allow extended families to immigrate. Mexican citizen Carlos Slim has replaced Bill Gates as the richest man on this planete. So Mexican can and should improve life for its own citizens, like all other countries.

Yeh Ling-Ling
Oakland, CA

William Hurst

When my ancestors entered the US they did so "legally". They did this by going through customs with the proper identification. They had to have a sponsor, someone willing to put a roof over their head and they had to have a job.
Today they cross from Mexico into the US "illegally". They have no jobs, no place to stay. Californians pay for free healthcare for "illegal aliens" every taxpayer in California pays. Californians who do not have healthcare or cannot afford to have health care pay for "illegals" to have it. These are facts, not "Rush Limbaugh facts". Rush and his ilk would taken off the air if the "Progressives" had their way. Am I wrong on that one Mr. Ron Newman? Mr. Newman and his band of "Progressives" would like to see the elimination of free speach and replace it with their own brand of "Progressive free speach"
"Reconquista" is the Mexican dream of one day taking over the American southwest and returning it to Mexico or keeping it in the hands of both Mexicans and Mexican Americans. SPP and NAU I am sure you have looked them up by now Ron.
On to our brothers and sisters from Brasil. They fly into Logan, show their passport and student visa and off they go. Funny how everyone from the ages of 6 to 80 have student visas.
Can we boycott companies employing "illegal aliens"? I doubt it, every company in this state and across the US that employ help through the use of "Temp Agencies" are using "illegal aliens" for workers. Companies that hire through the use of "Temp agencies" do this to eliminate the workforce that they would have to pay taxes, insurance, social security, healthcare, paid leave, holidays and vacations and so on. But now, when we give them citizen status why are these companies going to go out and hire them? If forced they will go out and hire the people they eliminated the first time around or still employ workers through a Temp Agency which now has a "Newer batch of Illegals" they can use. Nice, 50 to 100 new Americans headed to the unemployment line.
When the first wave of the 50 to 80 million "Illegals" that are here now and are given legal status, what happens when they turn 66 or 67 and are now eligible for Social Security and Medicade/Medicare? What happens when their elderly parents arrive creating another 100+ million Americans? They have not paid into it, yet they will receive both Social Security and Medicade/Medicare. Every day politicians from both parties speak of the collapse of the Social Security system and we can afford to let a potential 150 to 200 million people just have it?
Public housing is another door that will be open to these new "Legal immigrants". How much will this cost us? In this state it is against the law to ask someone what their immigration status when they apply for housing. So, whether it is people living in the projects or your next door neighbor living in a home provided by the Somerville Housing Authority they could be here illegally.

Ron Newman

I don't favor taking anyone off the radio. I have no idea why you think I do.

Cat Stevens

"For the love of God, do your research! Don't listen to the liberals who don't care about America and whether it is sold down the river to Mexico. The SPP and NAU are real. SO IS RECONQUISTA! You ARE losing your country.....the country that so many have fought and died for. To allow this to happen, shames them."

Do you means liberals like george bush and the corporate republicans who want more cheap labor?

"P.P.S. There are only about 100 million people in ALL of Mexico (and far less than that in most central american countries). If they ALL come here, we'll just go down there, because it'll be empty."

The Pope and George Bush are pushing abstinence only. And to one of the most catholic, poor, and least scientific societies. Do you think that will keep numbers down? Realistically? Do you?

Don't get me wrong, I am for giving the ones that are here a path to citizenship but only after I see enforcement of the illegal hiring and respect for a legal process.

Mr. White

Have to say that it is probably time to toss the old brakes on as far as illegal immigration goes. Figure out a way to get the ones who are here illegally out of here or get them legal. I don't care if they stay here legally or go, but let's tighten up the borders as this influx can't continue much longer. Don't get me wrong I've enjoyed quite a few brazilian women, but time for them to head home.

Oh... for the progressives: think about what has been said about the cost of social services for immigrants and the effect immigrants have on wages.

Toby Boy

"When the first wave of the 50 to 80 million "Illegals" that are here now and are given legal status, what happens when they turn 66 or 67 and are now eligible for Social Security and Medicade/Medicare? What happens when their elderly parents arrive creating another 100+ million Americans? They have not paid into it, yet they will receive both Social Security and Medicade/Medicare."

You see that is the kind of bile spewed from talk radio. All hate and not fact at all. no wonder you racists are so ignorant. I guess the two go hand in hand. The truth is that illegal aliens have been paying social security for a long time. With fake SS number. Yea they pay a lot of it, but they can't collect it. They pay a lot of taxes and even your right wing coin operated think tanks will you tell you that they are good of the economy.

But to be so stupid as to not know that the estimated seven million or so illegal immigrant workers in the United States are now providing the system with a subsidy of as much as $7 billion a year.

It proves you get racists facts from talk radio. Hey, are you taking your kids to the creationists museum this summer?

Somerville Resident

Mostly false and trite arguments and counterarguments. Obvious wedge issue to divide and distract the public from the real domestic problems we are having (such as outsourcing and health care).

Randolph Scott

Well the insurance industry, Libertarians, conservatives, Republicans and other pro-corporate apologists have nothing to worry about from Moore's films if that is where you are going.

Let's look at his batting record thus far:

Roger & Me didn't shame corporations from exporting America's manufacturing base to China, Bowling for Columbine didn't inspire anti-gun legislation, and Fahrenheit 9-11 didn't cost Bush re-election.

As much as the American public might be inspired to reform the system, there is no political lever to make it happen.

Billy Blass

IF you think Liberals and Democrats are easy on solving the issue you should look at what the current Democratic Governor of Arizona just did.

"Expressing frustration with the lack of a federal immigration law overhaul, Gov. Janet Napolitano of Arizona signed a bill yesterday providing what are thought to be the toughest state sanctions in the country against employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants."

Quit stalling and take action America!

Ron Newman

That just shows that some Democrats too can act in ways that are wrongheaded and xenophobic.

Billy Blass

How does enforcing and creating laws against exploiting cheap labor make somebody xenophobic.

Are you trying to say that it is ok to just open the borders and let everybody in without a legal process?

The fact that they are allowed to hire them gives them the free reign to treat them like dirt and exploit them. When Americans can hire exploited labor we end up paying for some real American to collect benefits because he is out of a job. We also end up paying for the cheap labor because they don't get medical benefits in their new American jobs. This means that we are exploited too. But not by the poor immigrants we are exploited by the people who hire them.

Mexico is a rich country with lots of natural resources. The richest man in the world is now a mexican telcom - cable person, he just past Bill Gates as the richest person in the world. Mexico needs to solve its internal problems and we need to force them to do so without subsidies in one hand and backroom deals for oil in the other. The fact is that the inequality in Mexico is spreading to the United states because the people with the power and money use it to gain more power and money.

Is your position that Mexicans should be able to cross the border and automatically become US citizens? Or do you think there should be some sort of legal controlled process? My guess is that you want a controlled and fair process. And I am all for allowing the ones that were lured here and exploited to have full citizenship so that they can't be exploited any further. But you will never have control over the process as long as people can hire and exploit illegals (and many work visa programs for that matter). There should be an equitable road to globalization. Right now, the path has been paved for the elites to gain more and more while the middle class and poor loose more and more.

Frank stein

"A New poll finds that seven in 10 Americans believe that “discrepancies between income levels are too large, a sentiment voiced by nearly two-thirds of those from households earning at least $80,000 a year, the survey said. Three-fourths of people earning less than $80,000 agreed. Eight in 10 said the gap between the rich and the middle class has worsened over the last 25 years."

Does having a cheap exploitable work force contribute to this?

William Hurst

Toby, why is it racist to be against this amnesty bill? What racism do you see here? This affects people from Africa, Europe, North, Central and South America etc etc.
The cost of this is not talk radio BS. How long Toby have you been working for the Federal Government?

Toby Boy

What part of the bill are you against? Most Americans support giving them a path to citizenship but only if they know the root of the problem and enforcement issues are going to be addresses

It is racists (or at least xenophobic) because so many people find it a lot easier to blame all their problems on the immigrants themselves. People are focused on poor immigrants breaking the law.
While they are breaking the law, that is not the whole picture. Immigrants are not the source of the problem. The real source of the issue are the greedy Americans who worked so hard to hire and recruit and lure so many people here in order to exploit cheap labor. The source of the problem are the Americans who lobbied to weaken laws in order protect employers who hire illegals. The source of the issue are the Americans that stall any progress in this area.

Mr. White

Toby, no one is disagreeing that one of the problems is the employer who lures illegals here to work for low wages. It's an issue - for sure. Those employers should face jail time and big fines. Though many illegals come and don't work anywhere or if they do have some work (house cleaning, laborers) don't work on the books (no SS, taxes out, etc).

NOTE: The debate is whether Somerville should be a safe "haven" for illegals not your hatred for all things American. That is a seperate issue you need therapy for (self-loathing, etc).

IMO: If the cops pull over someone - for anything! - and they're here illegally than INS should be called and the person deported if no valid reason for them still being here is given. I don't care if they're from Brazil, Africa, Ireland or URANUS. Get 'em out -- END OF STORY.

Solh Zendeh

I'm pretty liberal, so my inclination is to allow poor people from other places a shot at what I was lucky enough to be born with. *However*, this assumes that, going forward, America will still be a land of opportunity for all. This is not the case. Our economy is based almost entirely on expending enormous amounts of oil and natural gas - either directly in manufacturing, shipping and building or indirectly in corporate mega-farming and trading. The ability to absorb immigrants is *directly tied* to the ability to "grow" this economy. I hope we can all agree that if we can't grow the economy, we shouldn't be importing poor unskilled workers.

The supply of oil and natural gas appears to have plateaued world wide. What that means is that the greatest gift of almost-free energy the world has ever known has peaked, and will soon begin to decline. It won't disappear overnight, but that doesn't matter, the decline is the thing. Things will be a lot better if we face the facts squarely - our way of life currently depends on the growth of a resource that is *not growing* for the first time ever in history.

We can make adjustments to accommodate this major change, but adding huge numbers of unskilled people to our population seems like a ridiculous effort in societal suicide. We've already got too many people here - we don't need more.

Somerville Resident

I agree with Sol's analysis... Besides, we have PLENTY of domestic unskilled/uneducated people already, given that our high schools teach the average kid close to nothing...
The way I see it, beyond the ideological debates there is only one side that is going to benefit from anything like this: companies who cannot outsource certain jobs because they have to be carried out locally. These same companies would not give a damn about immigration if they could outsource these jobs as well...


Mr. White - "Don't get me wrong I've enjoyed quite a few brazilian women, but time for them to head home."

What a disrepectful statement. What does that have to do with what is being discussed. Sounds like you're a stud, in your own mind. They probably didn't enjoy you.

Somerville Resident

Don't worry Astrid. Most likely, the only times Mr. White has enjoyed Brazilian women were in the bathroom of his rented condo while flipping the glossy pages of PlayBoy!


In reference to people's earlier comments about California, I looked up statistics for economic growth for both CA and MA, available since 1997 from the Commerce Department's Bureau of Economic Analysis. In that period CA growth has outpaced MA growth 90% of the time (every year but 2001), with an economic average growth rate of 6.1% in CA and only 4.8% in MA.

It's a complicated issue, but clearly increased levels of immigration, both legal and illegal, have not hurt California's economy according to this statistic. Furthermore, many economic analyses have shown that immigration of any kind is a net gain to the economy, and that theoretical understanding matches this data.

The issue of taxes is more complicated. It's uncertain whether illegal immigrants as a group pay more or less in taxes than legal residents with comparable incomes. Many undocumented workers have taxes withheld from their paychecks, which they usually do not recover in refunds because they usually do not file income tax returns. Farm workers and day laborers are an exception, since they are usually paid in cash. I would expect the local Somerville residents on average to pay a significant amount of tax, since they are more likely to work in restaurants or service industry jobs where they must provide a false social security number.

Mr. White

Easy solution: Ship them back home. Illegal immigrants are criminals once they start staying here *illegally*. The ILLEGAL part is the tipoff.

Though maybe should keep the good looking women as a compromise.

Just saying....

Somerville Resident

Dream on, Mr. White, good looking women are interested in good looking men, not saggy old farts in a wifebeater and underpants!

Trustfund liberals

Your never going to talk sense into most of these people who support Amnesty. Many of the community activists and policy people I have met in the Boston area all seem to prescribe to one ideology, the idea that we are all Global Citizens. Sad reality is that they keep on supporting this nonsense because it really doesn't affect them. I used to think like these people, I used to think because its liberal it must be right. I used to think idealistically but never thought about the reality of it all. Unfortunatley unlike many of the people on the left, I was born into the wrong caste. My father was a construction worker, a hard working man who taught me to aim for higher. He killed himself for thirty years so my brother and I could go to UMass so we woduln't live his life. One day about two years ago he was laid off from his job. He told me it was because these illegals work 60 cent to the dollar without any benefits. Its been two years and he can't find work, and its putting a burden on me because I have to help him with bills to survive. You see alot of these rich kids who went to Tufts, Harvard, BU and other schools come from a different caste, they are the sons and daughters of bankers, doctors and lawyers. Many of them have never even had a real job and have no concept of struggle. Their parents won't lose out to cheaper labor, they won't lose out because daddy will never let it happen. Come on, look at these jackoffs Davis Square who drive a hybrid, pay 2000 dollars a month in rent for a former slum, go to Deisel Cade everynight and have some bs organzing job. They won't lose out at all, we do. Come on, when was the last time you saw M-19 hanging around Harvard Square, Brookline or Davis Square, they don't live in the middle of this. Even worse, most of these brats have never had to fight for anything. Just last week I was at a bar with a friend of mine who did two tours in Iraq. Some rich liberal got wind and came over and lectured him about how unjustifiable the war is. I agree it was, but buddy boy people like you will never see combat. Your parents were the hippys of the 60s whose parents kept them out of nam only to ruin the lives of all those who came back and sacraficed. Alot of these people don't get to live like the rest of us, that is why its so disrespectful when they come into our lives and tell us what to do and what should be. In this case, illegal immigrants, they see no problem with them coming here despite the fact that they are taking jobs that Americans do want to do and need. Go to a construction site and see for yourself, ask the unemployed trucker at the bar, asked African Americans. Blacks are losing out the worst because they are competing with all of the illegals for the low wage jobs. Not to ramble on anymore, my point is that alot of these people have no concept of how the illegals are hurting the average American because it doesn't effect them. In their land of make believe, everyone is a happy global citizen sitting around a camp fire hugging one another.


Trustfund - it is our fellow citizens, employers, that play a large part in perpetuating this propblem. These employers need to be forced to stop hiring illegals. Your father was treated disrepectfully, by a company for whom he worked very hard. Have you reported your father's former employer? You should call INS and report the company - you will have to give your name when filing the claim, but so what - do it proudly.

Stop the Insanity

Of course the employers are at fault, but they are simply exploiting a situation caused by our own government. The federal government has ignored this problem for years and has allowed it to continue. And please don't put all of the blame on employers. It is certainly the fault of those who choose to break our laws to come to this country, regardless of the reason (can I rob a bank and get away with it because I'm 'looking for a better life'?). We need to crack down on employers and illegals and eliminate the incentives: jobs, health care, food stamps, WIC, free schooling, citizenship for 'anchor babies', free school lunch and breakfast. Illegal immigrants receive more help from the government than my family does. When kids enroll in school, if they have a spanish-sounding name, they're not even required to fill out a 'free lunch application' - the school assumes they qualify and they receive it, while other families are denied because they fill out the form correctly and actually tell the truth. By the way, do some research and look at how Mexico treats its' illegal aliens!!


"Of course the employers are at fault, but they are simply exploiting a situation caused by our own government."
Well, who do you think I'm referring to as being the one's to stop them - of course, the government.

"(can I rob a bank and get away with it because I'm 'looking for a better life'?)."
That's twisted logic. Come on, how can you equate illegal immigration with robbing a bank.

"And please don't put all of the blame on employers."
Oh, what - we should forgive employers, because they just can't help themselves from taking advantage of a chance to make a larger profit? It's greed that drives these employers to break the law.

"We need to crack down on employers and illegals"
Uh, you're talking in circles.

"health benefits"
The majority of illegals are not offered health benefits, most of them are working 'under the table'.


Have you been to a hospital emergency room lately?

Mr. Blonde

I think it's time that we citizen patriots start rounding the illegals up on our own. Seems the cops are too busy and our politicans too unwilling to do what needs to be done.

It's time to go door to door and find out who is naughty and who is nice! If they're illegals we drive them to INS. END OF STORY!

Yeeeehah! Who is with me! Let's roll!

Ron Newman

Yeeehah indeed! Why bother with the INS? You sound like you'd love to carry out a lynching party.

Mr. Blonde

We're only going to lynch the liberals, Ron. I mean, what kind of sicko do you think I am? We're not going to lynch real people (non-libs).

Stealth Avenger

The kind of dumb public statements that can get one fired. People get fired for less these days. What a shame.

Paul the American

Now that amnesty has failed at the federal level, more states and cities will be passing harsh laws. Not long from now, I bet the leaders of these "santuary" cities will regret their current decisions. ILLEGALS will head for these cities in droves overwhelming the social services and welfare handouts. And as soon as the economy takes a downturn and many of these low skilled workers are unemployed watch out for the "social unrest" just like we saw in France a couple of years ago in the muslim neighborhoods. I am SOOOOOO glad I don't live in a sanctuary.

Jose the American

I don't think that people understand what this ordinance really is all about. This is just a symbolic ordinance, it really does not change anything in the way that the city, mainly the police, will treat illegal immigrants. Ask a cop if they enforce federal immigration laws and you will see that their response will always be the same. They do not enforce those laws or act as immigration enforcement officials. If they did, it would ruin the relationship that they need in order to protect all of us. Most illegals are law abiding (I know that they are technically breaking the law by being here) and will help local law enforcement as long as they know that it will not get them deported.

Fool on the Hill

Yeah, Paul. You're really a deep thinker. I'm SOOOOOO glad that you don't liver here too.

The Patriot

How symbolic will this ordinance be if ICE reads about it in the newspaper. Another New Bedford in the making?
So a few "illegals" are deported to Texas and beyond, so what? As long as the "progressives" have maryters whose fate they can exploit, they can reach out for more political power for themselves. How are these "progressives" any different from the employers of illegals? Just a different form of exploitation.

Bill the Butcher

Funny story about a friend of mine in Weymouth. His wife and him just moved to a new complex down that way and since the rest of the place is still being built, the place is full of illegal construction workers. One day they get home from work and the notice their 400 dollar girll is gone. The next day, my friends wife comes home early from work and see some of the workers sitting on their porch eating hot dogs. She asks them what they are doing on the porch and they day "F*** you B***" and started laughing in their face. She decideds to go back outside after they leave after work and she peeps into their truck, there is the grill. When my friend gets home he calls the property manager and tells him about what happened. He threatend to bring the police and INS in unless they get the grill back and reprimand the workers. Of course the workers get fired but this isn't done. Two days latter they wake up one morning and their cars are defaced and someone spray painted we are going to get you on their front door. My friends wife is pretty scared because there is no documentation of these workers, no one knows who they really are. At anytime they could return, hurt them and then get away since they wouldn't show up anywhere and no one really knows anything about them. They even went to the foreman and he admitted that they pick them up in a van for the day in Brockton so they don't know where they live or anything. So my liberal friends, what should my two good friends do. I am sure you will say it was their fault for wanting their grill back right. I have an idea for everyone. Lets all go over the these people who want amnesty and just walk in their house and stay. We can sleep in their bed, eat their food and take their money while were at it we can slap their kids allowance and use it to better ourselves. When they ask us why we are there, we can just say well you have a nicer home then me, I am here to make my life better and how we want to buy something for our kids, so we needed to take their kids money. Lets see how they react, ;);).


Why didn't your friends call the police immediately upon 1.) learning that their grill had been stolen 2.) finding these guys on their porch and getting sh_t from them and 3.) finding the grill in the company truck. They have a responsibility to all of us to call INS and report the company.

If you can't do the time......

I agree. Trying to be nice in a situation like this never works. I'm sure it's hard to think clearly in this situation, but the wife should have smiled sweetly, driven around the corner, pulled out a cellphone, and had the police come WHILE they were on her property and WHILE their truck was there with the grill inside. Unfortunately, this may not have prevented the later vandalism. But it still would mean that these 'workers' may have been apprehended and dealt with.

Solh Zendeh

Any business that brings undocumented laborers into their work force is a danger to the communities they work in. They should be fined or shut down. If the workers happen to be illegals they can be dealt with.

That said, who finds their stolen property and then *doesn't call the police*? Are you sure you aren't taking some artistic license with this story - I doesn't add up as told.

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