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July 27, 2007


The Mole

Well Mr. Mayor, Boss Hog and the entire BOA, if you had a person that knew what to do as Superintendent of Lights & Lines you may not have the problems you have with Nstar.

After resigning due to alleged reasons as to why his resignation was submitted, "White Envelopes", JV was the man to take charge when problems surfaced regarding just like this. There is no one at the helm that can deal or has the knowledge to deal with type of problem.

A huge project like this should have the expertise within the city Management to handle this problem and others that will surface. We the citizens are going to suffer and all we hear from Boss Hog is, "I feel disgruntled with the relationship the city has with NStar when it comes to the Somerville Avenue reconstruction project".

Get a person who is qualified to do the job at hand. Not someone from MWRA that has experience on tank removal, plowing and grounds work. You get what you put in place that is inexperienced to do an important job. Stop complaining and get it resolved.

The Mole

Somerville Resident

NStar cannot be that bad! They sponsored the fireworks!

it *is* funny

Not to be all Newman here, but I think you mean "poles" not polls.

gotta agree

Gotta agree with Mole. The city did a hiring process that resulted in the current new hire being on the job weeks before the job posting closed. Ethical? No. Effective hiring? No. Once again, it's who you know, not what you know.


Yes, Mr. Stan Koty, stop whining and do your job! Why do we need to pay you if you are not effective? What do you expect? That NStar will take care of things out of generosity? If they ignore you, then do something to make them NOT ignore you. If you are not up to the job then RESIGN!.

“They ignore you. They ignore you. They ignore you. They’ve been holding up the job,”

Ms. Murphy, English 101

Also...."cars still need to make THERE way....". Unfortunately, not an error that spell check will fix! And I think Newman gets criticized for correcting the spelling/grammar of posters who are simply tapping out a quick message, often without a lot of regard for accuracy. It's a lot different to find blatant, elementary errors in a reporters' piece!


Another common error around here: "Your" instead of "you're"


Folks, if you are attacked on Somerville Av one of these evenings/nights, or if your house gets broken into, just think about suing the city and NStar. That will get them going on fixing the problem.

Fool on the Hill

Hey Somerville Resident,

I hear that the East Massachusetts local of the Muggers and Rapers Guild has a new program. For every dollar that they rob from you, they give you a $.02 cash-back bonus. Those Muggers and Rapers " cannot be that bad," can they?

Yorktown Street

If you think Ron Newman has a keen eye for abuse of the English language, check out

John Travolta and Tom Cruise, Scientologists

Ron Newman is closed minded, he hates my religion Scientology. How dare he question the dogma of the most beutiful, amazing and correct religion this world has ever seen. I bet he is just jealous that he can't be as great as L. Ron Hubbard. Continue the hatred of my people, we will overcome and show the world that Scientoogy is real and the ONLY religion out there.


Scientology is a for-profit enterprise, not a religion. It appeals to the feeble-minded such as Travolta and Cruise. Why should Ron be jealous of that?


There have been at least SIX power outages in
West Somerville alone, over the past three weeks.

Yet not a PEEP about them from our vaunted pols!

NStar campaign contributions make for great hush
money, eh?


As others have pointed out, NStar sponsored the fireworks a few weeks ago. And probably they also sponsored our Mayor's birthday party. So, be grateful and shut up.


Why not blame Dot Gay she has been blamed for every thing else. I guess they don't need lights in Italy or Poland?

Spider Jonez aka Evan Seinfeld

I think Travolta and Cruise got off their meds and got let loose on the internets. John, I thought you were kind of cute in hairspray and Tom, move to Mass, its ok we except your lifestyle here. No need to run and hide anymore guys, its all cool, we respect your lifestyle bros.


I live on Bow St. and I'd say it's plenty light enough there. In fact, the street light outside my home is so bright it lights up my whole apartment almost as light as day all night long with an orange color. Maybe they can move that street light to Somerville Ave.

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