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July 23, 2007


Somerville Resident

I've been wondering about that traffic island on Somerville Av. as well since I drive there almost every day. It took a long time to build it and now, a couple of years later, it's gone because of new construction. I'm with Bremer on this.


While it was wasteful to rip up that island only a few years after building it, the island was actually put in by the MWRA as a replacement for an older one when they redid the water mains in Union Square. I think the City just asked for brick and trees as mitigation for all the inconvenience. Its still wasteful but not city funds that were wasted.

Mole Fan

A-B-C = Anybody But Curtatone

 She is Clueless

So you are running because MWRA rebuils an island in Union Square under Dot Gay and the new Somerville Ave Project tore it up??

You are running because the Mayor wants to renovate Central Hill Park instead of the library and SHS?? Central Hill Park Playground is nothing short of a hazard for the little kids that play in there. It is full of splintering, pressure treated,(dangerous) wood. The rest of the area is being renovated into what will be known as "Veteran's Memorial Park." With all the different veteran's memorials there in a central location.

So far so good Sue. The veterans vote you know. I can't wait for the first debate when there's 100 veterans there booing you. You make the perv Scirocco look good.


Who needs another veteran's monument? Besides, the image of 100 veterans booing is reminiscent of that of a bunch of sheep baaing. Cannot take that too seriously. I sure hope veterans are smart enough to realize monuments mean squat and they are quite offensive, actually.


Good lord, this woman has zero chance of being elected. All Curtatone has to do is roll a doughnut down the street to distract her!

Somerville Politics

It is clear that Mayor Curtatone will win this election (primary and general election), not because of some conspiracy, but because he is a good Mayor for the City.

Competition from a candidate like Suzanne Bremer will be good for the City and Mayor Curtatone. It is healthy to have ideas challenged and have honest debate on important issues facing our City. We at Somerville Politics know that the Mayor receives little push back from the Board of Aldermen, so this will allow him an opportunity to reflect on the arguments against his positions and perhaps arrive at a more informed view.

it *is* funny

Hey Somerville Politics -- you seem to be posting everywhere lately. I had a look at the site and I'm all for more dialog about Somerville politics, so kudos.

I agree Mayor Joe is doing a good job in a very thankless position. And I also agree that a little competition is good for everyone -- it sharpens up the arguments, it clarifies the positions, etc. So while I believe Bremer's chances are, um, phenomenally minute, I'm glad she's in the race.



What veterans find offensive is being compared to sheep and then going on to say that we shouldn't be taken seriously. You must be one of those "I support the troops but oppose the war" folks. Thanks for your support, we need people like you to let us know what is best for us and what we should find offensive.



What veterans find offensive is being compared to sheep and then going on to say that we shouldn't be taken seriously. You must be one of those "I support the troops but oppose the war" folks. Thanks for your support, we need people like you to let us know what is best for us and what we should find offensive.


veteran, a monument gives one the false sense that it was worth for a bunch of people to die for nothing. Also, not that I did not compare veterans to sheep. I compared to sheep the idea of a bunch of drunk veterans BOOING at a serious Mayoral candidate. There is a big difference. I know that veterans are intelligent and would not sink so low as some of the posters implied above.

Ignatius Reilly

peacenotwar, you said "I compared to sheep the idea of a bunch of drunk veterans BOOING at a serious Mayoral candidate." ... huh? Drunk veterans? What? Since when are veterans drunk? Very confused.

Also, monuments are there to show APPRECIATION for the SACRIFICE of veterans. Without that sacrifice you wouldn't have the ability to post what you post. I have no idea where you got your anit-veteran sympathies from, but they're not becoming.


Ignatius, it is not surprising that YOUR notion of supporting the troops by making sure they get killed so you can then build them a monument is very unpopular. The polls indicate clearly that military families do not support the way this war is conducted. National polls indicate 70% of people are against this war. You need to make sure you have enough Prozac in your cabinet because your bubble is about to burst.


Does anyone else think peacenotwar is the one who needs the meds??


I find it really odd that out of all the thing you could protest in the world today that you actully pick war monuments. I understand opposing war, i really do, but dontcha think this is a really backhanded way to do it? not to mention, why would you want to upset veterans, of all people? when you go off to war and come home to a country that is disrespectful to you for doing exactly what its government asked you to (in the case of the veitnam war, were FORCED to do) then you get back to me with your psycho babble about war monuments.


PS...not all veterans are drunks...that was an extremely offensive and bigoted remark.

Born Here

the monuments represent the sacrifice Veterans have made to protect our way of life. Ironically it gives the moonbats the right to say stupid stuff !! So peacenotwar, how long has it been since you moved your VW van from Cambridge to Somerville ? Time to break out the "No Barneys" signs !!


To: peacenotwar

For you to say "veteran, a monument gives one the false sense that it was worth for a bunch of people to die for nothing."

You are below contempt. To disparage many heroes to get a rise out of the posters in here makes you a disgusting little pig who is crying out for attention that mommy and daddy didn't give you when you were a snotty little kid who was bullied by the cheerleaders. Go back under the rock you crawled from under.

Our troops shouldn't be in Iraq, but I would be happy to buy you a one way ticket there.


As I said, folks, keep your supplies of Prozac coming: Bubble is bursting.
That's why you're so rattled over nothing, like little panicked children who are told Santa does not exist. All war monuments should be destroyed. The best tribute to veterans is to make sure we all vote for politicians who understand the real costs of war and care about the lives of American citizens.


I should resist making the obvious statement, but I can't. Last I checked, they're not making a memorial to the war in Iraq. We have several memorials, such as the WWI and WWII monuments, as well as memorials to the civil and revolutionary war.
I'll resist any more statments because I think you are a very dumb person and we'll all waste our breath.

Go Figure

Hey Piece of S,
They didn't die for nothing, they lived for something: The ideal that this country and even crap like you. was worth fighting and dying for. You can run around like Chicken Little and say "the Bubbles bursting, the Bubble's bursting." Whatever that means.

It doesn't change the fact that you're a coward and a piece of crap.


Go Figure, it's embarrassing you cannot post something civil on a public board. Further proof you need to increase the dose of whatever reality-bending meds you are taking.


Veteran, war monuments contribute to the glorification of war. You are proof of that. War monuments make you think that it was worth for these people to sacrifice. It was not worth at all. Wars are never worth fighting. That should be the message, not some pathetic macho hero propaganda. At least, this is my legitimate opinion.


IGnORE peaceofcaca!...he.she is only trying to get a rise out of us.

I know it is our instict (as sane people) to defend veterans of war...but we all know peaceofcaca is just screwed in the head so dont even bother jusifying the posts with responses.

Bill Shelton

Because symbols are open to a variety of interpretations, we often spend more time fighting over them than changing the reality that they represent to us. I have nothing but contempt for those who deceived the nation into this war. I have nothing but admiration and gratitude for the men and women who have put their lives on the line for all of us.

In the early years of the Vietnam War, I supported it. Over time, I came to the view that we were fighting on the wrong side there, and therefore, fighting against what the U.S. stands for.

When I first went to the Vietnam Memorial in D.C., I was overcome with grief. I would touch the names of friends, and then sit for awhile with my back against one of the trees because I was weeping so hard. Being able to grieve that way was wonderful for my mental health. I had come to hate the war, but I loved the memorial and what it did for me.

I see the same thing in flag burners and the people to oppose them. To me, the flag is a symbol of a great vision, a great people, and a great land. I feel grief and anger when I see people burning the flag, while "leaders" who desecrate the vision, people and land for which the flag stands continue to do so unchecked. If our leaders have sullied people's perceptions of that flag in other countries, then lets change that reality.

On the other hand persecuting flag burners undermines the vision for which the flag stands. It's a symbol, just a piece of cloth.

I,for one, hope that there will someday be a memorial to those who died in this war. And I hope that it will be a way, not just to honor them, but to remind us to challenge the kind of lies that led us into this war.


I'm puzzled. HOW MANY war monuments do you need to refresh your memory about the very basic facts that wars are bad and that the vast majority of wars are unnecessary? Cannot you remember these simple facts without having to build massive reminders? Regarding flags, the fact is that they are misused by nations. Look at the US. These days, the US flag is mostly used to spread xenophobia (our flag is better than theirs!) and intolerance, basically.

Bill Shelton

Dear Peacenotwar,

For me, your passionate abhorrence of war and rage against injustice are admirable. But I can’t help feeling that these things are abstractions to you. Not in the sense that you are intellectually unfamiliar with their consequences. But I wonder if you have ever experienced them directly. If you really understand the experiences of combatants and the people who love them.

It seems to me that if you had, you would intuit the answer to your question. That answer is embedded in the question itself, when you use (with some condescension) the phrase, “refresh your memory.”

The fact is, I have no memories of the Civil War or the World Wars. I did not experience the agony of acute moral dilemma in a context of contradictory information from seemingly reliable sources. I did not see the bodies of good and decent young people shot to pieces. I did not experience the gaping holes, emotional suffering, and bewilderment experienced by those they left behind.

I did experience that during the Vietnam War. I experienced how our leaders, often with the best of intentions, distorted the truth to accomplish an end that divided our nation, damaged its credibility in the world, and resulted in the slaughter of 2 million people. So those are the lived experiences that become the raw material for my attempts to make sense of war, how nations come to it, and how their people may become more effective in parsing deception and recognizing their best interests.

For me, the Vietnam Memorial is both a powerful evocation of those experiences and a challenge to make sense of them. Our sons and daughters who are now in Iraq did not experience the Vietnam War. They will have to make sense of what they have experienced. I believe that such sense making will not achieve clarity unless it begins with an understanding that their commitment to serve the nation was good and sincere, whether or not others misused that commitment. I would like them to have their own monument.


This is a no win election for Joe the boy Mayor.

Everyone expects a landslide. If Bremer gets any kind of vote- it will make Joe look quite vunerable- which means the BOA may actually stand for something other than Rubber Stamp- and will likely mean Joe heads in town to work for Deval.

Stan you better not plan on spending too much time in Falmouth. Frankie, put the boat away and get out there. You guys need to show your boy is STRONG.

Have a nice summer and fall.


Bill Shelton, thanks for the thoughtful reply. You are correct, I never went to war and I was a conscientious objector in a country when/where military service was mandatory. But let me ask a rhetorical question: WITHOUT all these war monuments what would be the worst thing that could have happened? Answer: We would have repeated our past mistakes!
This is exactly what happened, DESPITE all these war monuments. The US media and the general population went along with the specious war arguments without an ounce of critical thinking. Shouldn't those war monuments have reminded people of how past wars had unfolded? Of how the truth had been distorted in the past for not such noble goals? Apparently, the war monuments did NOTHING (possibly, they had the opposite effect, by perpetuating some hero mentality and fascination with war).
That's why I'm honestly convinced they are useless.

Born Here

peacenotwar, there is a reason you don't speak German !!


But I do speak German. And French, and Italian. I guess I'm a traitor. What can I do?

I am not a Curtatone supporter, but i have to admit, Somerville has not looked better!

Curtatone is too liberal for me. That being said, the city does look good. I am not part of the administration or have any special intrest. I have lived in Somerville for seventeen years, and I have not seen the city any cleaner. Curtatone is a left wing liberal, and given what we have, I must say he's doing a great job. As I travel along the city I see new streets and sidewalks, new schools, and tremendous programs. It appears that the police department is heading in the right direction. The fire department hasn't changed much. The Department of Public Works appears to be working hard. I am exicited about Assembly square and the future it holds. My only wish, is that someday Somerville will be more family friendly.


To: I am not a Curtatone supporter, but i have to admit, Somerville has not looked better!

Gosh you seem so legit. If your not collecting a paycheck from Joey then one of your family members must be. That said, have you finished washing and cleaning Joe's car out yet? And dont forget to pick up the kids and do the food shopping.


hey observer, are you a g.bush supporter? ill bet my life you voted for that ass.

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