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July 19, 2007



Moccia will be in business for a week or two. Not much longer unless Mom and Dad slave away in the breakfast place too.


Dreamer - what makes you say that?

get a copy editor

"Moccia said close competition does not resulting in negative feelings."

"does not resulting in negative feelings"?

this sentence doesn't make sense to me. it was a good article, keep an eye on the little things though.


He has no idea what a business or a breakfast place is..
Let mom & dad do it!


Dreamer - Nevermind,I didn't expand and read the entire article. Now I understand your comment.

moccia, might be in over his head

Moccia might be in over his head. Ball Square needs another breakfast joint like a east somerville more illegal immagrants.

Somerville Resident

We don't need more people who cannot spell correctly the simplest words on this blog, either.



I think the best breakfast places are in ball square

William Hurst

The competition for your dining dollar is definitely heating up in ball Square along with the attitude of a certain restaurant proprietor. It seems that this owner, who has "friends" very high up in the city, does not like competing for our dollars. Having their "friends" harass the competition is a unique way of selling food. I wonder if Mickey D tries to have a city or town shut down every new BK that moves in next to them.


William - is the proprietor in question a member of the family that owns a place that rhymes with Chicktor's Belly?

Go Figure

Nice point, William.

I was eating breakfast last week and saw the harrassment first hand. It doesn't matter though, people are going to choose the best breakfast available and vote with their dollars. I think its obvious who they're going to choose.

And Kate... yes...


Go Figure - Thanks. Can you elaborate a little, on what type of harrassment was/is involved?


Come on folks, make a little effort; it's a simple word: It's spelled "harassment" (one "r").

Anyway, Harassment? What are you talking about?

William Hurst

Democracy please stop, one r or two? I think we all know that the word is spelled wrong but to point it out, not priceless but childish. The HARASSMENT as it shall now be known as happened on more than one occasion. Complaining about tables and chairs being put in at a new establishment. Which has excellent food, no breakfast but much better than what is being served at the "whiners". Also, taking photos of someone power washing a sidewalk and running to his "friends" saying that you cannot do that. Complaining about the noise due to the remodeling of his old eating establishment. No one complained when his new eatery was being remodeled. You will not hear from me about the situation with the lease, you will have to get that information from someone else.
Oh by the way, I am the real William Hurst.


Why don't you guys eat breakfast at home? It's cheaper and at least you know what you are eating.

Go Figure

Oh William, we're not on the same page. The whiner is at the older establishment and so is the churlish behaviour. And if you think the food is as good at the deli then you are certainly in the minority.



The old "Harold's" had the best breakfast in the city hands down!

Truck Driver Special Please!

William Hurst

Go Figure, how can you compare an omelette to a calzone?
The restaurant with the fantastic food I was talking about serves seafood, not eggs and bacon.
As far as churlish behavior is concerned, that dimwit is not the one with friends at the "hall" & the "yard".

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