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June 16, 2007


Born Here

besides Dr. Mrs. McCarthy and a few old gals from TLSOP, does anyone even like the Kennedys? I can see the "For Sale" signs starting to pop up on Warwick, Murdock, and Clyde.


So, um, as long as we're talking about Prospect Hill, how about the round of gunshots last night at 1:12 AM, followed by another gunshot and yelling 10 minutes later? Or am I allowed to hope it was someone's car backfiring over and over again?

Born Here

the great coverup continues. ALL IS WELL, REMAIN CALM, CONDO's 400,000 and up. I now quote the Wizard of Oz: "play no attention to the man behind the curtain" !! For our Tufts viewers, I believe PT Barnum said "there's a sucker born every minute". Like the former Jumbo mascot, its a fake, just a shell full of filler.


By the time these are available for sale, the market will probably have turned around. If they are smart, they will build townhouse style condo units, not just apartment style, since they have the opportunity. I fail to see how this is going to be bad for the neighborhood. Right now, there's an abandoned eyesore, and teenagers hang out in and around it. When the property is developed, its presumably going to look good, otherwise they wouldn't be able to sell the units. Increased traffic and parking will be a downside, but there will only be 65 units on the clyde street side, and presumably those will all have parking.

Ron Newman

What does that have to do with MaxPak?

Billy Blass

Hey, these must be the same ellites secretly behind the Condo Ordinance. Pass a condo ordinance on the middle class and let the rich get richer off of new developments. Why does the middle class get screwed so much?


The for sale signs went up as soon as the long time neighbors found out SOD bought a house on Warwick Street.


What does SOD stand for?

Ron Newman

Sean O'Donovan, alderman for ward 5.

Bill Shelton

I'm not sure why postings regarding my column have become commentary on personalities. Or why anyone should imagine that I am "insinuating" anything or "making sweeping charges."

Instead, I'm trying to get away from the us-versus-them charictures and personal attacks, which I believe only breed more of the same. I believe that a lot of people in Somerville are struggling to stay in Somerville right now. But in the next few years, Somerville is going to face greater challenges than it has in my memory.

If we don't realize that what we all share is more important than our differences, if we don't figure out how to work together to protect the values that we do share, then I sincerely believe that we can expect a future that most folks who post at this site would prefer not to live through.

I don't believe that there are any evil people in Somerville political life. Maybe I'm wrong.

I imgaine that I'm trying to describe how historical forces stronger than any individual or local group have created our present situation. I imagine that this might encourage us to view ourselves as sitting on the same side of the table and searching for creative solutions to solve our problems, rather than using them as opportunities to gain advantage. Maybe I'm wrong about this too. Or maybe I'm not very good at it.

If someone has evidence that I've missed, or a different understanding of how we got here, then I would like to hear it. As I said, we're on the same side of the table.

Bill Shelton

Jamie, I'm sorry. I intended to post the foregoing under "Where have all the legislators gone?" Some people need a seeing-eye dog. I need a computer literate ten-year-old.

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