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June 21, 2007



well we knew this was coming...looks like Bobbie boy is on the hit list after all. I guess running your mouth and make deals can get you in trouble after all.


Bye bye Bob. We hardly knew ye.

City Hall Nose

There will be more white envelopes passed this year than in 2003 with all the new comers jockeying for incumbent seats.

These developers covet to keep the "Status Quo" and vessel straight.

So boys and one girl, hang your stockings out for the shroud man. He will be coming soon to a Ward near you.


So I guess Rebecca and Bob didn't really make up. Now the mayor might have to plug holes in the dike in two wards. Joe Lynch will deifinitely gain momentum and give Shawn a run for his money in ward 5 I think and Bob T. might also need the help of the mayor too. I heard a rumor that the third person to take out papers for Mayor said he'd pull them if he got a city job. I wonder if thats true? And still nobody is running against the ward 3 and ward 2 alderman I see. Thats sort of a surprise especially in ward 2.

its coming

Monday is the last day to pull papers. Dont think that Mrs. Curtatone, otherwise known as Maryann Hueston, is getting off that easy. She is on the list and the Mayor will not be able to save them all.

give me a break

Has anyone ever met this young lady? Where is she from and how long has she lived here? Come on Somerville News, we want more information. If I was to place a bet I would see Marty Martinez and Rebecca No Clue Gerwitz were behind this mystery unknown candidate.


GeeeeWhiz...Do ya think so???

You don't need to be a betting person to figure that one out. I'm sure she's being put up to it by Geewhiz and the progressive possie. So who do you think is going to show up at city hall from ward 2 looking for papers? I think that its coming is right though, someone is waiting to run against Maryann. And also, did the person who took papers out in ward 6 ever turn them in yet?

truth it is

Challenges to the BOA who are mere rubber stamps without any ideas or agenda can be nothing but a positive for Somerville.
As for Bob Trane... nice guy and all ... BUT lets be honest... do you want him making decisions for the city? And Maryann sold her seat to Curtatone the moment her s.o. took a plumb with the mayah.... Moving both into retirement would be a significant step forward for Somerville. (Sorry Bobby)

Ward 3 Voter

Wow where are all these progressives coming from. thank heavens there are none of those barneys here in ward 3. Alderman Trane i wish you every success in your re-election note don't take the BS stay by your good record on the BOA. Note of interested Senator Tucker is a State Senator from the Andover area

Ward 3 Voter

ps this is a a question for you Ms. Rachel Heller, how long have you lived in Somerville?

Mr. White

Bob better get his ass out of PJ Ryans and start doing something. Though I have to believe Ward 7 is in the best shape of any. No thanks to Bob.

give me a break

do any of you posters actually live in ward 7?

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