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June 18, 2007


Bily Biker

There is way too much pass through traffic in Somerville. Lets create more Bike lanes and walking paths. Instead of improving traffic flow, lets cut off. Send it somewhere else. We don't want it here! It causes pollution!

If you are serious about getting a green line, you will start making it harder for cars and delivery trucks and easier for walkers, skaters, and bikes.

This is the place to do it. What is stoppping us? does someriville get too much money from the states and feds to build roads? Is this all about keeping city employees employed? Why do local political machines run things in town? Wake up people.

Brian Toups

Why don't all the Bike groups flock over to help their friends in East Somerville? Or would the yuppies rather run these people over?


So bike advocacy groups are holding back East Somerville?

Ron  Newman

If anyone from East Somerville or anywhere else in the city wants to join the Bicycle Committee, we meet on the third Tuesday of each month in the basement of City Hall. (That's tonight.)

A good argument could be made that Somerville should also have an official Pedestrian Advisory Committee.

Ron Newman

oops - forgot to say we meet at 6:30 pm on the third Tuesday of each month.

Mr. White

Ron, as long as the silliness doesn't cost more of my damn tax money then I'm ok with it. Though we all ought to get real here and understand you ain't rerouting I-93. It's been a dump over there since I was a kid and hasn't gotten any better. Never will.

Ron Newman

No, we can't move I-93. But we can certainly make it easier and more pleasant to cross under I-93 from East Somerville or Winter Hill to Ten Hills or Assembly Square.

Ron Newman

Also, a crosswalk needs to be painted across Route 28 from Stop & Shop to Foss Park -- and it would also be helpful to open the Foss Park fence at that crosswalk, so people who live west of the park could walk across it to the supermarket.

Solh Zendeh

Mr White, I agree that we should stop using our damn tax money on silliness. We need to stop investing our money in a transportation and economic paradigm with no future. If you don't want to spend any more money on bike paths and sidewalks etc, I'll meet you halfway and say fine, but divert 25% of the money we are currently pouring into the highway system into passenger and freight rail systems. As the car economy crashes due to peaking oil import supplies, the rail system will allow our city to continue functioning economically.

This would require no additional funds, and it would allow our city workers to keep their jobs. A side effect would be less traffic through our city with all the benefits that implies.


"and it would allow our city workers to keep their jobs."

Why would we want to do that. Better they find work in an efficient field anyway. Once we start making the right policies and giving the efficiencies back to the people there should be plenty of new wealth and business to go around.

Although it might require a little retraining.

Of course none of this will work if the Repugs increase the work permits to import more cheap labor and redistribute wealth from the middle class who pay the cheap labors hospital bills to business that profit from driving down the cost of labor.

Solh Zendeh

I guess I was saying that this switch would not *require* us to eliminate city jobs, as we would switch from building and maintaining an economic and living infrastructure with no future (cars required) to one that does (electrified rail, cars optional).

If you are suggesting that in the future we will need no one to do the work of maintaining our infrastructure, I don't agree. If you are suggesting that that infrastructure could be built and maintained privately I am willing to listen. But my impression is that relying on the private sector to provide the basic infrastructure for daily life has a history of spectacular failure.

In any case, I do agree that the idea of importing dirt poor people from other countries to do our work is ridiculous and a total dead end.

Bill Blass

"But my impression is that relying on the private sector to provide the basic infrastructure for daily life has a history of spectacular failure."

I would like to hear more about that! In fact i will when I see sicko on the 29th.

it *is* funny

I hope they can make some progress over there. I've had a few close calls with people trying to cross from the Stop and Shop towards Assembly Square -- it's a dangerous situation and I'm surprised more people haven't been hit. I don't understand what this awareness-raising activity will accomplish though. Are they making recommendations to the BOA, does anyone know?


maybe Ikea will build you some walking an biking bridges?

Why don't we make it harder for people to drive through McGrath Highway and route 16 and Somerville Ave?

Lets make it easier to walk and bike so that we can enjoy our own neighborhood.

Is the local democratic machine too entrenched? Is it too envolved with developer and other insiders to really care about the people? Or is self preservationa and profits become their biggest goals?

Truth Fan

I'm looking at a summary of the deal that the Mystic View Task Force neogtiated with the Assembly Suqare developers, Federal Realty Investment Trust. It requires FRIT to build pdestrian connections within five years of beginning their master plan. I don't know whether they have begun the master plan or not.

The pedestrian connection thing was one of a lot of smaller things that got lost in reporting the big concessions that Mystic View got--$15 million for the Orange Line, 5 million square feet of office space, a cap of 50,000 trips per day, etc.

But there were lot of smaller things too, like the pedestrian connections, $150,000 to plan and begin water access, more usable open space, and so on.

Moby Dick

speaking of waterfront, can the somervillenews do a story on the scam Winter Hill Yacht Club. Prime Real Estate at a criminal deal. !! They should be the first to go.

Tom Brady

There are some nice trees by the yatch club. Think they will be saved?

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