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June 15, 2007


Let's discuss the real problem

Is this really a serious discussion? The people from the Health Department and Somerville Cares About Prevention don't seem to have a clue. Sure, go ahead with your plan, and old ladies with diabetic circulation problems will be hobbling down to their local drug store or 'neighborhood kiosk' to dispose of their 'dirty' needles. And you'll still find just as many needles in city parks, and on city sidewalks as before. Why? Because noone wants to deal with the enormous drug problem right now in this city. Noone even wants to admit that it's happening. And noone will come up with a comprehensive, affordable, effective, treatment plan to save the kids all over this city who are using heroin and other dangerous drugs.

the REAL problem

This problem will never go away, as long as the police refuse to arrest the dealers, and the city refuses to make real treatment available. Why are we discussing the minor side issue of finding discarded needles in the streets when we have kids dying and robberies going up because of the drug use itself?
I can't wait to see junkies all over the city collecting their used needles and making their way to a drop-off site to safely dispose of their needles!
Here's an idea.....besides giving them the cheap needles to begin with - to ensure that they continue their habit - let's give them a stipend every time they return a needle! That will work, and then maybe the neighbors living around the drop-off site won't get robbed, because they'll have money for their next fix! Oh, Marty, where are you when we need you????????


Nothing to worry about here folks. Chief Bradley and Mayor Joe in charge. Move along now.

Where's Denise?

Wasn't Denise Provost hot on the trail of 'improperly disposed-of' needles about a year ago? Why is she silent now? Did she support the new law making needles so accessible and so cheap that they are virtually 'disposable'?

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