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June 15, 2007


The Mole

“I first ran for mayor against an incumbent and I’m not going to take this campaign lightly. I look forward to allowing the voters to scrutinize my record,” states Mayor Curtatone.

Why else would Joeycakes have a $20 shake me for some cash for us local yokels and then have a $250 breakfast for all the heavy weights, Attorneys, Developers and all the rest, at the Medford headquarters of Century Bank.

What Joeycakes, you can't mingle us locals with the almighty buck people?

What does that tell you about our fearless leader putting us to the curb?

The Mole

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

A Tufts librarian? Born in France? A Progressive? A woman?


Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

PS. And what is this I hear that a classmate of Curtatone(what school I wonder) took out papers today and is challenging the rest of us?


Hes not taking it lightly ,sounds like fear to me .Hows it feel .You go girl//

in mourning

somerville let's face it nobody is going to take on this misfit dictator, noboby has the b---s. our city is being run by a man with a good education, some say good looking, and i say he has a dark side the average citizen knows nothing about he's going to leave this city in ruin. wake up and find a candidate with character and class and dump this man before it's too late. SOMERVILLE DESERVES BETTER.



When Joe first ran for mayor it was an open seat. Joe lost the three way primary and Dorothy Kelley Gay became Mayor. I guess Joe forgot that time because he ran but there was no incumbant. Mayor Capuano left to go to Congress. Then next time Joe ran he ran against then incumbant Mayor Gay. Then Joe won.

Ward 1 Voter

Bill White a "man of integrity"? The only BOA member likely to have voted for George Bush in the last election who then turns around and campaigns for Marty Martinez? I see a political opportunist who badly miscalculated the power of the progressives in Somerville - and when they finally have enough power I doubt they'll be anointing a former republican.

Novice Noob

Whomever came up with this title for the little article must think s/he really clever at stealth candidate trashing. Let's see, "Novice" come before "Progressive", conveying the, oh so subtle, message that the candidate is clueless. Nice job.


Leave the librarian alone. Everyone can dream to be somebody.


If this librarian was with Mary Martinez she is obviously a complete nut. Anybody who would waste their time trying to get that phony jerk elected should be run out of town. She belongs on the same bus as Tony Lafuentez, The Pint Size Plumber, Billy Bianco, Becky Gershwitzberger, Abe Lincoln Look Alike and the rest of the stinky, liberal anarchists and deviants that are trying to take over our fine city.

Pat for Mayor

I think Pat Jehlen should run for mayor.

ward 5

I would love for Pat Scrima to run for Mayor!! Would you not love it?


I think being a State Senator is better than being Mayor. You represent more people.

A Mayoral Primary???

What's this I hear of a third person taking out papers to run for mayor? A guy named Rick Scirocco is shown in the Farm league paper's site up at City Hall Friday . I think that's great news. This might actually be a fun election season after all if all three people follow through. Pat Scrima? I'm not sure I know her. Is that the kindergarten teacher at the Kennedy School?

William Hurst

"BILL WHITE MAN OF INTEGRITY"? Look I am "Republican" no wait I am a "Democrat". Bill "What party is running things because that is what I must be" White is not a man of integrity. To change party affiliations based on what party is in control shows a lack of integrity, but not a lack of cowardice. Also, I would not be suprised if there are more "closet" supporters of the President in city hall. After all, telling the public you voted for the President would be enough not to get you elected in this state no matter how good of a politician you are. Are we hypocrites or what.

Jane Gilson

I've known Suzanne Bremer for a few years now and she is her own person. And if you take a moment to hear what she has to say, she is more pragmatic than what I am reading in these notes (she worked at Price Water House for goodness sake). She's also actually lived here for more years than anyone else I know and actually knows the issues that a Mayor should care about. Pot holes, education, and did I mention pot holes. ;-) Frankly I don't care who is elected if they can fix the roads without bringing in the mafia. She can't be any worse than the blow hards we listen to today. Let's give her a chance. We might be pleasantly surprised.

it *is* funny

Can someone please dig up the real facts regarding Sciracco's serving underage kids booze? Can't find the drudged up post any longer.

Unkle Buc

Sciracco? Take away the "serving of underage kids at his private club" and you still have a complete zero. Curtatone and his band of traveling thieves look like Mother Theresa compared with Sciracco.


Wake Somerville thank GOD for new blood wanting to be in ciy government. I've seen it all in the last 30 years. PLease Somerville needs help before everyone is moving out because they can't afford to live there. Keep Somerville the best city in the Commonwealth.


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