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June 13, 2007


Ron Newman

Good Times Ballard? Who's he?


"the usual rumor mill working in high gear - even had us convinced that there was going to be a 3rd candidate in the race for Mayor. As soon as we heard the name we laughed and knew it wasn’t serious"

You know you guys are just going to invoke the wrath of a certain individual with quotes like line with the website policy, I won't mention any names but her initials are Dr. Mrs. McC.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

"Four Winds Bar and Grill"??????? How appropriate!!!!

Speaking of fun-drainers, the Committee to Elect the Dowager Mayor of Cambriville will be throwing a fundraiser tonight at the 6:30 Bingo session in the Community Room at LSOP. Mrs. Gagliardi, Mrs. O'Leary, and Mr. Dubczeck will be hosting.

See you all there. Free samples of Ducolax will be handed out at the door.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

PS - Who the hell is this Brimmer chick anyways??????? Someone needs to cameraphone a picture of her to me. Running for Mayor. Indeed!!!!!!!!!!

Ron Newman

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Memo to Campaign Staff:

From: Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Re: BlueFriends of McCarthy

Make sure that there are at least four of our "friends" posted outside the HI on Wash tonight. At $20 bucks cover at the door, there will be plenty of walkin around money left over for a good time to be had by all.

Please instruct our "friends" that no one is off limits. That includes the "BeachMaster".

Fool on the Hill

"Everyone who is anyone will be" at the "Kickoff Party for Mayor Joe at the Holiday Inn."

Well of course. As the Somerville News editorialized during the last election, the best announced candidate so far is Nobody. Nobody has kept his campaign promises. Nobody has brought honesty to Somerville government. Nobody has fixed the city's financial problems.

The anyones who need the mayor's favors will be at the Holliday Inn. The somebodies who understaand that Nobody will win will be staying home.

The Mole

One has to ask the question, Why is Heuston having a fundraiser in Boston for a local election? Could it be due to Joeycakes bringing in some always flowing developer, attorney and contractor free cash? Or could it be so Joeycakes can get his next installment?

Something that makes you want to think, Hmmmmm!!!

The Mole

Dominic Santos

In my sunny new home on the West Coast, I wish there was a publication like The Somerville News here.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

So do we Dominic, so do we.

Enjoy your sunny new home on the sunny West Coast.

All the Best,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Hey I heard that Maria Curtatone has pulled papers to run against her brother/

Ward 3 Voter

Well well should we have a going away cake for Mrs Bauer for leaving the school committee after 10 years. no i don't think so she doesn't deserve one..

Maria for School Committee

I think Maria Curtatone should run for school committee in Ward 3. She has the knowledge and is well known and has kids of her own in school I think. She would be a very good candidate who would work hard for all the children in the community and she speaks a few different languages. It would give her an entry into elected office too so she could eventually move up maybe since she was interested before in being mayor senator etc. Time for a new face and thank you Roberta Baer for the excellent job you did and good luck. Your doing the right thing. Stay in there for a while and then either up or out. Thats the way it should be. Go for it Maria.

William Hurst

I missed the Mayor's fundraiser, was Deval there to show his support for the Mayor?

Ward 3 Voter

Hey William Hurst i was there and the governor didn't throw any support for anyone just he was supporting himself

Ward 1 Voter

Hey Ward 3 - if the Governor was headlining the mayor's fundraiser it's safe to say he's supporting him. Just like he was supporting Sen. Jehlen when he attended her fundraiser.

Barney Fife

Hey, any Cops get arrested in Laconia this weekend ? I'm sure some of the "brothers" will offer up some cheese!

Deval Hearts Joe

Ward 3:

You were there? I guess you missed the part where the Governor talked about how Joe had helped him fight for better transportation and healthcare and a better relationship between the state and cities and towns. I guess you missed the part where the Governor said "I need this man by my side" and hugged Joe.

Are you blind, deaf or just a liar?

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