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June 27, 2007



I'm sorry, but didn't Jolly Cholly Chisholm prove himself to be a complete loon when he ran against Jack Connolly, what, ten years ago? I'm not sure even if the Dept. of Nutbaggery pulled out all its stops that he'd have a snowball's chance in Cambriville against the Ice Queen.

Ron Newman

What I recall is that Chisholm ran a scurrilous anti-immigrant campaign against Jack.


That's probably not going to work in Ward 6 this time around either, even if Chisholm holds around-the-clock standouts in front of Ciampa Manor and McKinnon's every day between now and the election.

Solh Zendeh

"All we can say Rebekah is you’re in for a bumpy ride - with possibly the only primary in the city this year."

I think Joe Lynch is running against SOD this year for Ward 5, does that count?

Also, it's clear that you *are* picking on "Princess" Rebekah. Snide remarks about people that have nothing to do with their policy making or voting record are the definition of besides the point. Not that I care - but call a spade a spade.

Ron Newman

To have a primary (actually 'preliminary') election for a ward seat, there have to be three candidates. I don't think there are three in Ward 5.


People interested in running had till close of business at city hall yesterday to pull papers and declare their candidacy. They have until close of business today to submit their nomination papers for certification. I think Lynch and O'Donovan are the only two to pull papers and submit the required number of signatures in ward five. Because there are only two, that means no preliminary in September. Both names will appear on the ballot in November.

Ron Newman

Someone stopped me in front of the Day Street post office yesterday morning asking me to sign papers for Tony Lafuente. I don't know where else he was collecting signatures.

Only six candidates for four at-large seats. Is that an all-time low?

Solh Zendeh

Woops, I understand now. Thanks for the clarification guys.

Born Here

look for the candidates to be "pressing the flesh" at Thursdays Boss Hogg Firework spectacular !! As an added surprise, the last firework to go off will rain white envelopes down upon the crowd ! After all it is Election season !


Maria, is jealous that she never became mayor that's why she's always in the news. She has nothing better to do than to be a thorn in her brother and entire family's side.

Mr. White

Anyone know how much Alderman make? I'd google it, but it's too hot for any type of exertion.




While you're calling a spade a spade, why don't you admit that Princess GeeWhiz is something of an idiot and in way over her head? People aren't being mean when they point out things that happend on the record (like when she forgot whether or not she voted on something), that's her record. If she can't stand it then move on.

I was at a licensing commission meeting in February when she got up to speak. The board members nicely informed her that they not reached the point of the published itinerary that she was speaking about and asked her to hold her comments until the appropriate time. SHe proceeded to ramble on about how important her comments were and they should be heard NOW as opposed to later until she had to be reprimanded by members of the board. Apparently light dawned on Marble Head and she left the meeting for another meeting, no doubt completely embarrassed. She has no clue what she is doing. The News is being kind when they refer to her as 'Princess.' They could say much worse.


If Scirrocco wins, does that mean under age parties will be leagal?


It also means that under age panties will be leagal as well!

Curious person

I Googled this Rick guy and man oh man so much shit came up that my printer ran out of ink! This guy makes Desalvo look like an alter boy!

Is Somerville being evacuated?

Is Somerville being evacuated? Or does Maria know somthing that we dont know? I noticed that Maria's house on Prospect Hill was on the market! Why would sell your home and move out of the city that your son or brother is the mayor of? Is that Norton's ageny that's selling the $980,000.00 home? Nice Commision!!!!!!!!!

Somerville Resident

I Googled "Rick Scirocco" and only 3 relevant pages came up, all from the Somerville Journal. I have NO idea who this guy is, but if anybody has URLs to relevant articles or information, please share them with the rest of us. Thanks.

Solh Zendeh


I appreciate your examples of why Rebekah may not be a good alder... um, woman. All I was saying is that *most* of the time, all I see on this site is "she's an idiot/princess/GeeWhiz", and no real explanation of how her voting is negativly affecting our town.

I understand people want to vent - that's totally legit, but if you want to call someone a name without any example of wrong doing, don't say at the end you're not picking on her. That's just not an honest statement.

Thanks for your considered response, I was somewhat afraid of only getting "solh, you are an idiot/princess/GeeWhiz" :D


Solh Zendeh

Sorry, just a follow up:

I want to be clear - I actually think that the term "Princess Rebekah" is pretty funny and charming - I really do not object to that at all.

You are right that there are worse things they could call her, and I like when the people on this site come up with funny stuff to say. I really just thought that the statement that it is "far from the truth" that they are picking on her was kind of odd as they clearly *were* picking on her.

In summary: picking on someone=fine by me. picking on someone+claiming not to=weird

Ron Newman

Beyond the one (admittedly disturbing) incident regarding Little League and underage drinking, I find nothing on Google for "Rick Scirocco" or "Richard Scirocco".

Somerville Resident

I posted this in the other thread, but I think it's relevant here as well (not that I'm defending Scirocco or anything, it's just good to have the end of that story known as well):

"Boston Sunday Globe
City Weekly
January 2, 2005

Former Little League president Richard Scirocco was found not guilty last month on charges of selling alcohol to minors and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Last February, Scirocco was arrested after police broke up a keg party of about 70 teens at the former Little League headquarters on Medford Street. "The only thing I can say is that the Commonwealth presented insufficient evidence to support the case even going to the jury," said Alan Tuttman, Scirocco's attorney, of Middlesex District Court Judge Jonathan Brant's order to the jury to return a not guilty verdict. Scirocco could not be reached for comment. "

Ron Newman

Re: "we predict no Primary for the Mayor’s race"

I just called the Election Department, and they said that all three candidates for Mayor returned their papers. It's still possible that one of them does not get certified, or that one of them withdraws, but barring that, we're having a preliminary election.

Somerville Resident

I suspect Scirocco may have to comment on this after all and talk about what really happened.

Ron Newman

If the report on the other newspaper's blog is correct, there will be a free-for-all write-in election for School Committee in Ward 4 because nobody returned papers.


I stopped by Elections a few minutes ago. Sure enough, Charlene failed to turn in a sufficient number of signatures by the 5PM deadline, falling 12 short with 88.

Ironically, the other person who took out papers for the Ward 4 seat apparently demurred and decided not to turn them in. Had she done so, she would have been the only name on the November ballot for that seat.

In order to be successful as a write-in candidate, an individual needs to get 100 write-in votes. Not really a daunting task, but...

Ron Newman

Has this ever happened before in Somerville, to your knowledge? (We should ask Laurinda this question, too.)


Perhaps, but I do not recall a specific instance.

Incidentally, IF no one gets the requisite 100 write-ins, it is considered a "Failure to Elect" which will precipitate--you guessed it--a Special Election.



Are the Little Sisters of the Poor looking to relocate to Winter Hill? Snoop sources indicate that a "heavy hitter" at LSTOP has also placed an order with a local printer for enough stickers to blanket every home in Ward 4 several times over...stay tuned...

School Committee

Perhaps the reason for the dearth of school committee contests is the fact that both local newspapers have historically ignored the races. In the last election cycle, there were several contested races, and I recall virtually no coverage of those races, despite the fact that there were some very interesting goings-on which could have been reported. And now we have a school committee which includes 2 people who know very little about the school system, and actually seem to dislike it. And having to watch the one who chews his fingernails during meetings is a real disgrace. Great news from Ward 4, though!

Somerville Resident

Think twice before you vote for Rick Scirocco. He threw those parties himself and his nephew took the fall for the one he got busted for. There were months of those parties. I wonder what Mr. Scirocco's sister really thought of that one; her son taking the blame for that man... He is not responsible for his actions either. I know of him having 3 kids with 3 different women and never married them. He left during or after the babies were born. Someone else that knows him is saying he has 5 children with 5 women and he didn't really pay child support for them, unless he was forced too. He is not really a father figure. He doesn't see half of the children or women. He lies himself out of that also. He has connections and he will do whatever it takes to get out things. He will go as far as he has to. Please do not vote for him you will be sorry. He does have a backround. You really have to look if you want proof.

Somerville Resident

Whomever wrote the previous note (again, after it was removed by the owners of SN earlier) is spoofing Somerville Resident' username.
In other news, all thorpark's exit points these days are actually NSA computers. They routinely release IP information when legal action is involved.

James Norton

hi there -

listen, contrary to popular belief, i don't sit at a computer all day waiting for chuckleheads to post crazy shit on the weblog here. that being said, you don't own the monkier "somerville resident" and i certainly don't need you or attorney ron newman giving legal advice to the masses inviting every idiot willing to waste 5k on a retainer to some sleazebag lawyer to try and come after a newspaper for silly shit on a weblog, especially our weblog.

please, keep the stupid part of the brain switched to "off".

thanks - enjoy the evening.


Go Figure

Who cares? Somerville Resident sparked the moniker spoofing craze anyway. She's reaping what she sowed.

Go Figure

Sorry if I offended anybody in my post. I just jacked off in front of the Sports channel and now I feel much better. JN is right, we should stop behaving like retards. I should be looking for a job instead. Damn, go figure.

Go Figure

Case in point. If I didn't have a job I wouldn't be sitting around like Somerville Resident, collecting welfare and making up reasons why I shouldn't shower or shave my leags.

Go Figure

Let's see, how many different people can all post as Go Figure?

Go Figure

I can. He's the balls. Don't shave your legs!

The Real Go Figure

I'm so pissed off that I just broke the f*ng remote. That's it, I'm leaving thid goddnam place!

Go Figure

That's beautiful!

The Laugher

There can be little doubt that one of these Go Figure idiots is that clown brickbottom. You know, the punk who traipsed around like a girl throwing shots at Bradley and then cried and left the site when people criticized him. Ass-clown...

Go Figure

Laugher, go screw yourself.

Go Figure

Was that me or you?


People like brickbottom and go figure are what is wrong with America.

Go Figure

Go Figure, go screw yourself!

I guess those shots at Bradley by Brickbottom

were a success! I am not saying that Brickbottom had anything to do with Bradley being left at the altar. But, if JN is correct and a thousand Somerville residents look at this blog on a daily basis then I'm sure Brickbottom's postings didn't help Bobby.

Laugher, get over it, Bobby will still massage your little ego.

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