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June 14, 2007



Any more details? When does construction start, what is the final nature of the project, etc?

Ron Newman

This is just rezoning. The developer still needs to apply for permits for each phase of the project.

As a member of the Bicycle Committee and Friends of the Community Path, I am pleased to learn that the developer must remove all tracks and ties from the railroad right-of-way before building a temporary construction road there.


How do you know that the developer must remove those tracks and ties. Is there a document somewhere?

Also, how does one get involved with Friends of the Community Path?

Ron Newman

My understanding is that the final version of the covenant document requires the developer to remove the tracks and ties.

For Friends of the Community Path, see , or give Joel Bennett a call.


This is another example of playing into the developer's hands. Why re-zone an entire neighborhood so that a developer can come in and destroy it with this enormous development? Why not require it to be sold/developed as single or two-family home lots, just like the rest of the neighborhood. Then maybe you'd get some family housing, and not housing for more young adults, most of whom will never become part of the 'community'. And for Joe Lynch to say that the streets can handle the traffic caused by 199 units is disingenous. Have you ever driven down Cedar Street between 7 and 9 am now?
'I weep for the future'

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