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June 25, 2007



ITS good to get new blood in the system. Somerville needs more minorty in the chambers .The times are changing and its time for term limits for these rubber stamps .God bless somerville.


Tony Lafuente is an affluent white man. How is he a minority?


I think that it is good that we do have options. If you want the same old yes people then vote for the rubber stamps. If you want someone who will have a fresh perspective on things and not be beholding to the mayor then vote for any of the new faces.

stamp act

From the Someville Journal:
“I’m not going against the mayor because I got beat," Lafuente said. "I want to contribute to making the city a better place, rather than go against the mayor. If I’m elected hopefully I’ll help him."

What is with all this "rubber stamp" garbage? I'm no Curtatone supporter, but I hate when people make a clever phrase and keep repeating it in the hopes that it becomes true. What are these rubber stamp laws the board of alderman are approving for the mayor that everyone hates?
Tony Lafuente is not a progressive. He will be just like any other alderman, for better or for worse.


Tony Lafuente, like him or not, is a Portuguese immigrant. That is usually considered a minority. Is it different because he's successful??

Finally, Lafuente can be accountable if elected!

I think democracy is great. If Lafuente wants to be considered a player in Somerville Politics, here's his chance. Lets figure out who the real Tony Lafuente is. If elected, the public will get an opportunity to examine his voting history as an elected official. Mr. Lafuente will no longer be able to flip flop like Mitt Romney. All of Lafuente's decisions will now be accountable for. Lafuente will no longer be considered "the outsider/ affluent businessman".


If you're from Europe, you aren't a minority in my books. This isn't a knock or praise for him, I'm just saying how you gonna credit someone with being a minority if they haven't gone through any of the struggles of being a minority? He is sucessful, good for him. Use that to promote him. But if he wins and they take a group picture of the BOA, take that picture and ask someone to "point out the minority." He's white, call a spade a spade. Curtatone looks more like a minority than Lafuente


Just remember Joey Cakes that "To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved" I guess thats why they love you?
Go get him Tony.

To Minority

To Minority......this is actually great news! Can we now stop spending our tax dollars on all of those 'Portuguese Minorities'? How about 'latinos' who are from Spain? This will save a bundle! Thanks for the info.


"Latino's" from Spain are considered a minority? Damn, who isn't a minority these days? No wonder white men are always complaining about being the new minority, anyone who doesn't claim heritage from the Mayflower is a minority.

Just the facts

Portuguese is not a minority group, but why should that make any difference at all? We are all American citizens that is tie that binds us, let us not forget. When voting let us put our prejudices aside and vote for the best possible candidate. Yes I believe that Mr Lafuente is a Millionaire. Let us ask did he earn his Millions by exploiting workers, or by paying fair wages and supplying his employees with adequate health insurance a fair retirement plan and a safe place to work. I don't know the answers to these questions but they should be asked. One cannot make Millions from the hard work of others and not share the wealth.

Say what you want...

You people who think Tony LaFuente exploits immigrant people ought to take a look at who works for him. Mostly its the same people he started with years ago. Can you say the same thing about the people who work at mcDonalds and any of the other sweat shops that pay minimum wage. And also, lay off the bashing of Portuguese people. They come here to WORK and most of them do more in 10 years than many native born Americans do in a lifetime. I don't care whether you want to vote for Tony or not because he used to be a Republican, but don't try and desparige him for the way he treats his workers. He treats them better than the city treats its public safety workers, I guarantee it!

Why do you hate Americans?

Why would you make such a disparaging comment about the American born workforce? If you hate Americans no one is forcing you to stay here. What a ridiculous absurd comment, are implying that Americans are not hard workers? If you are, maybe your a hater! It is obvious that you love Tony, that is fine but don't let your allegiance blind you. Remember it is American to ask questions of people seeking political office.


I love that even bringing up the issue of race automatically implies you are bashing something. Unless of course you are praising it. The first poster said the BOA needs more minorities. I said Portugese is not a minority. Now I hate Portugese. If your ancestery is from Europe you are white. You can read into that any way you want, but it is a simple observation.


to say what you cant guarantee ANYTHING. period.

The Patriot

LaFluente is a John Buonomo stand in. Buonomo never made Mayor and neither will LaFluente.

The Patriot

LaFluente is a John Buonomo stand in. Buonomo never made Mayor and neither will LaFluente.

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