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June 26, 2007


Somerville Resident

Way to go! I voted for Tony in 2003. I'll vote for him again. I'm not a yuppie, Latino or an old guard Somerville resident. Tony just makes sense.


Of course the question here now is, if Tony's a viable at-large candidate (and I suspect he is), who's going to feel the squeeze? Bruce Desmond? Jack?

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Good God! I just got in from the pool at Foss. Me and the girls have special priveleges because we know Carlos the lifeguard. We get to stay late and ........never mind. Well I just checked with my answering service and there it was. A message from my old pal, Tricky. Saint Bernadette honey I missed you. Well the trip to the South of France was great. Except for that little altercation with a certain smug Gendarme. What a creeep.....story for another time.

I hear the political scene is getting hotter that the pavement on the Joseph A. Curtatone Concourse.(soon to be renamed for a really good guy, Tony Fedele. I'll miss him) Well let's see.........

Joseph has two possible Mayoral opponents for the primary..........

Bob has a young whipersnapper at his heels in seven.........

Rebba has two looney toons vying for the crown in six(that poor ward)

The brawling Irish, Lynch and O'Donovan have each called in their relatives from the old sod(no pun intended)

and one of the lucky contestants for alderman at large will be going home a loser(again....whoops did I just say that). Now now boys. Before any of you have a sleepless night, think before you say I just intimated you. The at large folks include: White(lost in the Senate race) Desmond(lost in the county race) Sullivan(lost his pants at Casey's) Lafuente(lost in the Mayor's race)Connolly(lost in six) and Berman (lost in space). So you see boys, it could be any one of you.

Now Tricky, let's catch up on the goings on. As you know I'm all but a shoo in for Mayor. I'm thinking you might like the Communications Director job. I know you expressed some interest in the DPW commish's job, but I promised that to my second cousin from Worcester. He's the only one in the family, or in Cambriville for that matter, that has never been indicted for voter and insurance fraud, money laundering, evidence tampering and witness intimidation. On second thought, maybe he's not such a good choice.

Anyway........let's start the ball rolling this summer. With a cast and crew like this, we'll have volumes of material to fill a hundred editions of Cambriville News.

Now that the Tricksters are out of school, I will expect to see you at Trum for the fireworks. Speaking of that, who the hell had the brilliant idea to begin tearing down the fieldhouse in the middle of baseball season. Let me take a guess............uh, nevermind. I think I know.

See you on Broadway(Baby),

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

James Norton

Good to have you back my love - shall we dance this summer? My kids just got here from England but I will make time for you in the land of Cambriville. I even bought and redirected it here so the naysayers and the sycophants can get here with little disturbance to their drool buckets. Smoochies lovebug.


Help himself

Yeah he wants to help, help himself. Just another bored Millionaire Republican. Go back to your sweatshop AKA Flag factory. We already have enough Millionaire Republicans trying to help.

Bill Shelton


Brilliant move!

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