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June 28, 2007



Ron's an intolerant jerk and his comments prove it. How can you take him seriously when he talks about intolerance and then shows such intolerance?

Solh Zendeh

Hi, I just want to comment that I haven't found Somerville Resident's comments to be rude per se. A little snarkey, but as far as I've seen, she's not resorted to the name calling or other lame character attacks that are so common on many posts - including some attacking her here.

She's brought up some points that you could legitimately debate, but saying she's rude for doing so seems weird to me considering the vicious posts I've seen on this site before.

My opinion is that it's cool to have fireworks etc, but if you think they are somehow "building community" that is a very sad commentary on what you think a community is. We need an actual real-life community, and that starts with locally owned and operated businesses - anything else is just make-believe and/or hucksterism.

SR's Racist Comments

"You just insulted a young minority woman... Be ashamed now."

So Somerville Resident, we can't engage in any typr of disagreement with minorities? Because you'ree 'AA' you're above reproach? What a true racist you are.

Somerville Resident

Sure you can (possibly in a more articulate way than you've done in your little post above). But talk instead to the other esteemed members of our community who have argued that disagreeing with a "kid" is not allowed, not with me.
Other than that, buddy, I'm sorry that the white male ego is rapidly disintegrating in this society. It sucks when it happens to you, huh? Have a nice 4th!

Ron Newman

I didn't say it was not allowed. I just wanted everyone to realize that a Sunsetter is a teenager. They will soon come to everyone's neighborhood this summer, and I always enjoy their shows.

Somerville Resident

Thank you for allowing it. Much appreciated. Nobody has a problem with the Sunsetters, as long as they don't suck.

Antoine Walker

There are many definitions of "community". A block party or fireworks are just fine for many people. Locally owned businesses for others help define what is a community. For me, I just like a neighborhood where I know my neighbors, we hang out, our kids have fun together, and I feel comfortable and truly at home. Why should I care whether it's a Starbucks in Davis Square or Local Joe's coffe shop? Again though that's just me--others have different priorities.


"I'm a young AA woman... Oddly, doing pretty well for myself too... So, there, you just insulted a young minority woman... Be ashamed now."

the person posting as a Sunsetter, actually is a Sunsetter.

"How about yourself?"

I am a single working Mom. Lived in Somerville for 31 years. I'm an adult, feel free to insult me instead of one of the kids.

How long have you lived in Somerville, Somerville Resident?

Good for you for being a young woman in AA doign well for herself. Do you want a prize now?
Sorry, I'll save the prize for the Sunsetter who does not suck.

Don't care if no one else thinks you're rude, I am entitled to my opinion. You broke a cardinal rule in my mind...dont mess with kids or the elderly. You seems very bitter. And that, my friend, is a tough way to go through life...;)

Somerville Resident

I was born here. So, is that your son who posted as a Sunsetter? Otherwise, how would you know?
Exactly, "in your mind".



Somerville Resident

These are decent fireworks!!!! Not the lame Somerville ones!


i have a great idea. why dont we just let som res post and no one respond. its obvious to most all the bloggers that she is a total loser,has no tolerance for anything or anyone and is the most miserable, unpleasable,lonely,rude,despicable down right bitch that this site will ever see.i love a good fight but this blogger doesnt know whether to wind her ass or scratch her my old grand dad used to say,talking to her is like talking up a dead horses ass.....and to all the rest....happy birthday america

Somerville Resident

.. And now the true nature of thenoseknows, the man with the big one, comes out! After a few drinks. I would not want to be his wife or daughter, that's for sure! Happy bday, and don't forget your koolaid.

Go Figure

Careful Nose, she's AA... you can't talk to her like that!


cheers to some of that nose...the no responding part especially.

BTW-How damn LOUD were those fireworks tonight! I dont ever remember hearing them that loud!

Somerville Resident

Well, no wonder. Those were REAL fireworks! Don't worry, now, all is well in Amerika.

no way

AA must stand for Alcoholics Anonymous because there is no way Somerville “resident” is black. The progressives could only dream of getting minority votes!
Well, Ms. “resident,” you must be quite proud of you ability to break stereotypes. You’re a black woman who spends countless hours on the internet making posts on small town newspaper web sites.
Keep living the dream!

Ron Newman

From Davis Square, starting around 8:55 pm, I heard (but didn't see) loud fireworks from some nearby town. Perhaps Waltham or Newton?


morning all, especially my new buddies go figure,rachelfromtheville and no way.i feel liberated this fine a.m. i am not usually THAT opinionated but sometimes it just is what it is, and this was that sometimes. i trying to be open minded and tolerant and to be receptive of others points of view..........but..........we all have a limit. remember, freeze it out,no response. the silence will be a little slice of heaven. peace out somervillians


i'm with ya nose.

William Hurst

Cry, Cry, Cry is that all you people do? The fireworks display was excellent. The children, along with the adults all had a good time and that is what this is all about. Who honestly believes that having fireworks will get someone elected to a public office?
The totalitarian secular progressive democrats are out to take over our little city. For some, watching fireworks is an enjoyment and a pleasure. Under the rule of the progressives, no one is allowed to have any fun. By having a good time we may be offending those who choose not to seek enjoyment but choose to be miserable instead. With progressive rule, we must all have the same thoughts and move in the same direction. Someone else started this very same movement in the 1930's. Thank God he was defeated. I am sorry for using "God" in my post, I did not mean to offend the non believers out there.

Ron Newman

Say what? I'm a 'progressive democrat' and I thought the fireworks were just fine. (I have no idea what 'totalitarian' or 'secular' have to do with 'progressive', though.)

Solh Zendeh

Holy... Ummm, what is the matter with you people? I definitely do not agree with some of what Somerville Resident is saying, and especially the way she is saying it. But the degree of venom directed at someone who has thus far refrained from calling people names, and has continued to provide actual reasons why she doesn't like what she sees in Somerville is striking.

Calling her a bitch is just ridiculous - shame on you.

On the other hand, SA, *please* stop baiting people. For god's sake, you are just driving people away from your own arguments.

Antoine Walker, thanks for posting. I do understand where you are coming from - believe me I would rather not care about those things myself. The problem is that when you allow the local merchant class to dry up and blow away, you remove *the core* of why people first had social interaction. They didn't just get together to say "hi", they got together for protection and to trade.

These were our communities, and the basic nature of our social interaction still depends on those old interdependencies. When you outsource the protection part - you get people "minding their business" instead of intervening when they see someone being victimized. Then, when you outsource your merchant class, you're left with just a shell of a community in my opinion - a place where people just happen to live next to each other, with no real relationship besides proximity.

I personally enjoyed the fireworks, and I am really happy to see people getting together - it's fun! But the idea that these kind of interactions somehow add up to an actual community leaves me with a sinking feeling - it doesn't add up to me, and I hope you will reconsider your position down the road - it's going to take a lot of will power and work to restore our communities. I hope you'll be a part of it.

Antoine Walker

William Hurst, i am not that familar w/Somerville history. Who was the one that you referred to who started the Progressive movement in Somerville in the 1930s? I am curious to hear more about this.


William Hurst

As a "Progressive" Ron then you know that in your Totalitarian world, you allow us the right to "vote" but deny us the right to participate in our government. You believe that the "Progressives" shall decide what is right or wrong and not the will of the people. "Secular"? This is your belief that a seperation of Church and State is an absolute and ignore the fact that our Founding Fathers felt otherwise.
Toine, what I am referring to is not a Somerville politician from the 1930's. Far worse than that, this individual ruled his country with the belief he and his "Progressives" new what was right and wrong. He gave his countrymen the feeling that all is well and safe. That they were free people with the ability to govern themselves. Like todays "Pogressives" he took that away. Free speech and thought became dangerous to ones health in Nazi Germany. How dare I compare Hitler to todays "Progressives" you ask. True, the violence is not there but taking away our thought process has begun. They do the thinking for us, they stopped listening to us as voters. Ask Pat and Denise when was the last time they sucummed to our will and did what we the voters wanted and not what they want. If our thoughts differ from the "Progressives" it is because we are prehistoric and out of touch with the "Real World".
Bill Hurst

Somerville Resident

WH, I suggest you look up the meaning of the words "Totalitarian" and "Secular" before you insert them into a sentence as nonsense fillers :)

Somerville Resident

SZ, as usual, I agree with what you have to say.

Ron Newman

William Hurst, your post makes no sense as written. The 'Progressives' want to expand citizen participation in local government, not reduce it. See, for instance, their ongoing initiative to encourage people to apply for vacant or expired seats on various city boards and commissions.

I'm unaware of "separation of church and state" ever being a significant issue in Somerville politics during the last few decades.

William Hurst

SomervilleResident, perhaps you should look up the meaning of "sorry" because it is obvious you did not look anything else up. Ron got it, but it is apparent that you did not. Ron, I and the majority of voters in this city disagree with you. You and that merry little band of "Progressives" want your small minority of voters to be able to increase their role in Somerville government. Your idea is to shut us out of what happens in this city. Yes, citizen participation will increase and vavancies on various boards will be filled by "Progressives".
I cannot get into the religious aspect of this debate today. I have a migraine from the pablum you and your ilk generate.

Somerville Resident / Sunsetter 2007

So for those who dont believe me that im actually a sunsetter. My name is Bryan and ill be more than happy to meet you..

I have a show on MOnday at 7:00pm on Putnam Rd. so you are alwelcome to come and watch.

And to answer your question i met alot of new people they came up to me shook my hand and said great job you guys did an amazing jobs every thing was great.

and lay off of "somerville Resident".. It like your so focus and the negative things that you dont care about anything else.

really what is wrong with you?

And to believe that this is coming from a teenager...
that you probably think doesnt care about what happens to the city...

So dont forget if you think im one of the mayors "lackys" im not...

Come meet me have an actually conversation with me...
on Putnam rd. MONDAY at 7:00pm.

Ill be wearing brown shorts black shirt with a sunsetters shirt.. Just ask for Bryan they'll tell you who i am..

I dont have to fake my identity to get my point across...

Somerville Resident

Bryan, not sure if I'll be able to make it next Monday, but thanks for the invitation. I'm 21 year old, slim, Afroamerican (my mother's side, I have slightly brown skin), longish hair. I'll probably wear jeans. Hope to see you there.

Ron Newman

Hi, Bryan. I'll look for you either Monday on Putnam Road, or later in the week on Burnham St or Cherry St. It would be fun to meet you too, Somerville Resident.

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