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June 30, 2007


Somerville Resident

Yup, we got it. Another term for the Mayor cuz of the fireworks.


What a waste of taxpayer dollars! The only thing we gained from this is celebrating our nation's heritage (don't we do enough of that already?), creating a community event for everyone to enjoy, and putting childhood wonderment in one child's eyes in the picture about.
4th of July celebrations, Memorial Day parades, who does Curtatone think he is? Next thing you know he'll want to put a Christmas tree up at city hall. But you're probably the type to complain abou that too.

Somerville Resident

Well, the little child may not know it, but she'll probably have to go to a crappy school somewhere and not have adequate health care when she grows up because our society keeps ignoring the real problems and getting distracted with this superficial crap... She'd better remember this little bead of happiness because there is a lot of pain coming up as our society unravels.


You are one petty, bitter person. Relax buddy, the world will exist tomorrow even if we choose to have a celebration every now and then. All the healthcare and education in the world will be for naught if she comes out with such a cynical outlook of life such as yours.
Take a day off from the soapbox and enjoy life for a minute.

Somerville Resident

Hmmm, actually, I'm in the open right now, with a wireless connection. Enjoying the sun and all. I don't even have a soapbox or a car. You may think I'm cynical, but I'm a realist and a humanist and can spot demagogues from far away.

Sure, you relax, Curtatone will take care of things for you and your kids. Just wait.


Well, there is an election coming up. You should run on the platform of stopping July 4th fireworks. See how far you get.


Well, there is an election coming up. You should run on the platform of stopping July 4th fireworks. See how far you get.

Cambriville News

Sunday Edition
July 1, 2007


Cambriville - The city officially kicked off the summer season with a great display of patriotism, nepotism, idealism and phoneyism this weekend. Starting with the Mayor's birthday party on Warwick Street, continuing with the fireworks brought to you by NStar and the residents of Cambriville and culminating with the well attended Family Fun Day at the disasterous looking Trum Field, the residents had a lot to do this weekend.

We attended all three events and can honestly say that the birthday party made us want to throw up, the fireworks were great and the family day at Trum could have used a little more entertainment.

We here at Cambriville News would like to thank all the city workers who worked the events(including the birthday dud on Warwick Street). We also send a big thank you to the taxpayers. After all kids, you paid for it. Including we hear, portions of the birthday party.

Next week in Cambriville News...........

A complete round-up on Dr. Mrs. McCarthy's weekend in Kennebunkport with her good friend Barbara Bush, Bush I, Bushwhacked, and Vlad Putin. We hear she'll be giving a full explaination on the small accident involving the fishing pole and the current Presidents rectum.

....and in "Cambriville Religion Today", the Honorable Ron "Butters" Newman will discuss Scientology with John Travolta and Tom Cruise.

Somerville Resident

Ahahahah! That was funny! :) Any more details on what parts of Curtatone's bday party were paid by the taxpayers. Seriously, this should be widely reported and investigated.

Somerville Resident

Another type of fireworks in Somerville! Thank you Mayor!!!

Bomb squad detonates a package near a store in Somerville

SOMERVILLE, Mass. -- Cause for alarm near a store in Somerville.

The bomb squad moved in to check out a suspicious package. Crews found a drink bottle that appeared to have wires coming out of it.

It was near a Target store on Charlestown Street.

The Cambridge Bomb Squad was called in to detonate the package at the scene.

Police are looking into how it got there.


Born Here

too bad the city couldn't bury that report. "ALL IS WELL" is the theme. Just like the crime that gets "sanitized" before it hits the newspapers. Hey, gotta sell those overpriced condos.

Ron Newman

Not an explosive device, according to the other newspaper.


Often times people develop such a dislike for a someone that anything that person does is seen as negetive. This hate is so powerful that they burn other people out on their complaing that individuals otherwise open to listening shut out the dissenting opinion.

On that note, how is a suspicious package discoverd the mayor's fault?

Say what you want...

Yah, I was wondering the same thing. Why is everything always the mayors fault? This thing next to target looks like it had nothing to do with him.

Ron Newman

I was wondering the same thing. I'm glad the police responded effectively, and that it wasn't a real bomb.

Somerville Resident

Clearly because the mayor wants to take credit for everything, even when he had nothing to do with it. Then he has to take the blame too. And while he wastes time and money organizing fireworks to entertain the city crime in the city is out of control.
But, obviously, it's not the mayor's fault. It's the fault of the folks who elected him!

William Hurst

Many years ago we had Fireworks at Trum. You could sit in the stands opposite the basketball court and ooh and aahh to your hearts content. As children we loved it.
We did not have "Universal Health Care", we had what was called the "Pay your hospital bill HMO" You know, where you went to the hospital and paid the bill or set up a payment plan.
Our schools did not have computers, only books you had to read and tests you had to pass in order to graduate. Not today where you get passed from grade to grade. Of course we also had what was called "Parents" these people blamed their children and not the school or the child's teacher for not learning what was taught. Children did not have ADD or ADHD or whatever new "D" comes along. What a novel concept, maybe it is my child and not the system that is failing.
Can you imagine how difficult it was to come from a prehistoric time like that? A time where you held yourself responsible for what went on in your life and you did not blame others for your shortcomings.
Bill Hurst

PS: We still hated our government.


Ah, yes, Mr. Hurst. I remember it well!

Somerville Resident

"D" ? Are you insinuating that some of our kids may actually be DUMB and not just victims of the system? Ahahah! Love it, that would be so NON PC! :)

fake resident

"Somerville" resident,

Did the mayor kill a loved one or something? Your rants are very child like. A suspected bomb was discoverd, dealt with promtly and ended up not being a bomb at all. And you want to use this as a political weapon? It is people like you that make it impossible for people with valid dissenting opinions to be heard. I'd choose your battles more carefully, then people might listen when you have a legitimate gripe.

Somerville Resident

Nah, childish rants about religion and personal issues are just fine. I'm just following the national and MA trends in politics, get up to speed.
The Mayor was bragging about the glorious Somerville fireworks. He got a few unexpected ones: He should not be falsely modest and he should go ahead and get credit for these extra ones as well. Or perhaps, the robot should get credit for these?

i'm out

I am so sick of you, Somerville Resident, that I am not reading this thread anymore. Ever heard of beating a dead horse? well you have been beating that poor horse for like 2 weeks. For all you know i agree with everything you say...but the way you KEEP ON IT is a complete turn off.

Have a good summer, y'all

I'm out.


hahaha...i hear ya on the dead horse thing...

Somerville Resident

Awwww, c'mon, you guys say people should have kids so they'd learn about life and wahtnot, but then complain about childish rants. Some consistency, please.


i'm trying to figure out how what you just wrote makes sense...

Seriously, though, fake resident has a point, did the mayor pick on you in high school or something...? youre starting to come across that way...

Somerville Resident

Of course what I wrote makes sense, rachelfromtheville. Recently, despite knowing nothing about me, you inferred I do not have kids and advised me to have some so then I'd be more tolerant or something (Who knows? Perhaps I have kids... Perhaps I'm a woman who cannot have kids...). So, I infer you have kids and ARE tolerant of kid's behavior. Thus, you should be used to childish rants! :)
I don't care about the mayor & buddies. I just think they're doing a lousy job.


well, as long as youre admiting to childish rants I suppose I will leave you alone. I do have kids. And there is a limit to the amount of whining i put up with may it be a child or an adult. I sincerely didnt think it made sense. Now that u have explained it, I do see what you were saying.


Sunsetter 2007

why are you such an ass somerville res.

Somerville Resident

Well, Bryan, wait until you see me on Monday and you'll change you mind. Asses are not very pretty and charming... You're better be good on Monday! :)

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