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June 23, 2007


concerned resident

Maybe the Mayor, etc. should start paying attention to what is happening in Somerville and start taking action before someone gets killed. The gangs are out of control.


Nothing to worry about folks. Chief Bradley and Mayor Joe in charge here. Move along now.


ive lived on perkins st for 11 years.
what's next - shootings on broadway?
maybe even in broad daylight?

A city totally out of control.

This city is totally out of control. I believe this city has had more shootings in the past year than in the previous five years. Thank God Officer Shackleford wasn't hurt or even worse shot. My thanks go out to him for his courage and determination.

It is amazing that during the night this city is patrolled by seven one officer cars, a supervisor car, the traffic car and maybe some detectives ( if I am wrong then someone please correct me ). There are probably more meter maids giving out tickets at night than we have police officers protecting our city. This in a city that is 4.2 square miles with a population close to one hundred thousand people, legal and illegal. This is a formula for disaster. I don't know how these officers are able to barely keep the "lid on" before all hell breaks loose.

Punks are taking over a our parks or as some in this city like to call it our "green space". They have no respect for anyone or anything, drugs are running rampant all over the city, gangs are walking the streets unchallenged, good kids are hesitant to use their own neighborhood parks for fear of being harrassed or even worse attacked. During the many years I have lived in this city I have never seen our city in such dire straits.

The Acting Police Chief is totally in over his head, the Mayor is spending money on items that should come a distance second to public safety. There has to be some innovative way that we can hire more police officers, if it was true that this administration is running on a "bare bones" budget then I would be happy to pay more taxes for the safety of our citizens especially our children. But we know the payroll is loaded with political cronies and money being spent needlessly on programs like the "arts" and "artist colonies" are being earmarked for low income housing and other benefits. WHAT A JOKE!

The first step to correct part of this problem is to hire a new Police Chief from the list of the private consulting firm we paid for that is an outsider with no ties to anyone in the Police Department or City Hall who could maybe bring some fresh and tested ideas to the police force.

The powers that be need to get their collective heads out of their arse and actually walk the streets of this city at night time to really see what this city has become.

it *is* funny

Totally agree -- the Acting Police Chief has had little effect on the real crime problems facing this city. Please people... go to the public hearing on the selection of the police chief and make it clear a lot of people are watching. The first thought I had when I heard about this major drug bust was "nice timing" for Bradley. It cannot, absolutely cannot, come down to Bradley as Chief in the end. Please. Get a grip .... the city is going downhill on crime. What do we need, the guardian angels in here?


SOMERVILLE is turning ( has) turned into the :WILD WILD WEST".......Howie would never have allowed this type of behavior in his CiTY......Oh for the "GOOD OLD DAYS"

Ron Newman

Howie Carr?


LOL-Ron, I think they are refering to Howie Winters....not from around here, are ya? ;)


atta girl rachel u kno the players. ya kno howie c is from theville but he doesnt tell anyone.

howie winterS

Howie WinterS? I think newmie was trying to be funny, but now we know rachel's not really from the ville.

Bytheby, I'd hate to hear the whining on this blog if Somerville ever really had a serious crime problem (it doesn't pinheads, look at the statistics per capita instead of making sweeping and rash overreactions based on one or two events). You people are a bunch of pansies.


haha...oh..I'm from here, lol. what makes u think I am not?

hahahaha...laughing all the way to my SHS reunion....hahahaha.

Where'd U graduate from?

Jamal Jordan

I think it all started with those shootings on temple street by the bricks (mystic projects) and then from there on almost every week there's been shootings in da ville


Jamal Jordan - do you remember the approximnate date of the shooting on Temple St.? Thanks.


Jamal - Nevermind, I remember the shooting.



lifelong res

Are people aware that there were two shootings this weekend? Both on the same day only minutes(?) apart. Both "alleged" shooters were arraigned in Somerville District Court yesterday. Things are getting out of hand. Also, anyone realize one of these shootings is connected to Mr. B's. That makes 3-4 connected to Mr. B's. Why should only Good Times get all the bad press?

Ron Newman

Please say more. When and where did these two shootings occur?



I were refering to my typo.



I don't know why you all are blaming gangs and clicks. The gangs aren't responsible for the shootings, even the police officials and people that know what's going on in the streets will tell you that the main gangs/clicks/crews in Somerville are MS13 in East Somerville which had some members still in Somerville but overall the gang is inactive. The most active gang in Somerville is H-Block in Mystic Projects and they are very closely aligned with blood gangs and in the past they have been involved in violence such as shootings and stabbings but recently they have been quiet and they have been involved in narcotics sales but they haven't been involved in violence in the city. The smaller gangs in the city such as the TRG a.k.a Tiny Raskal Gang and the Avenue King Crips have not been involved in any type of violence such as shootings and law enforcement and people familiar with what's going on in Somerville streets will tell you the same thing. Its drug dealers and in MOST cases, non-gang members. There's only one solution and I hope mayor joe is listening...HIRE MORE POLICE OFFICERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE NEED MORE POLICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

are you serious?

hey WINTER_HILL_VILLAIN..... are you for real? the drug dealers are GANG MEMBERS!


People always automatically think just because you are in a gang you sell drugs and that's just not the case. Alot of people in gangs are in a gang for other reason such as protection. Do some gangmembers sell drugs, YEA but the majority of gang members IN SOMERVILLE are not known to be active in narcotics distribution and trafficing

AL Baldasaro

Dear Readers,
I want to explain to you that the shooting at Mr. B's was after 1:30 AM, Mr. B's was closed and the shooting happened outside.

The 1st shooting at Mr. B's, a year ago happened outside with the shooter chasing the victim into the bar.

Both incidents happened outside of the restaurant and we were fortunate that nobody got killed. Twice we contacted the police and they were there doing a great job as usual. We at Mr. B's are very satisfied with the quick response by the Somerville Police.

Unless you have some type of Neighborhood Crime watcher program in place, you can not blame the Police. The bottom line is whether you have 10 cops or 100 cops patrolling, a program has to be in place in high crime neighborhoods.

We have closed our doors to Mr. B's for good. We do not want this to happen again as our employees life is more important than making a few dollars and worrying whether this could happen again. We catered to the senior population with our delivery service and we gave it our best.

We have made many donations to the community sports programs and help fundraisers throughout the city to be neighborly.

We had the best food in the city at a reasonable price and now we are looking for a safer location to do Italian food once again.

I want to thank all the loyal customers for your support and hopefully who ever moves into the Cross St. building will have better luck than we.


MR. "B"

richard kondracki

mr b's was a place for hoodlems and it was common hangout place for criminals.when you put that much criminal mentality in one place,things are bound tgo get out of hand..


alot of you people dont understand. Half the stuff that happens in somerville is NOT gang related. Many of the violence is to do with drug deals gone wrong or a set up. The gangs such as H-Block and MS13 violence is now and will be taken care by SPD. Many other gangs such as AKC aka Avenue King Crips and TRG aka Tiny Rascal Gang have in deed been in many violent siturations like H-Block and MS13 but SPD haven't spoke of there criminal activities. All four gangs have commited murder not in somerville but in many other citie's and towns. But from that in mind none have done so much to destroy somervilles communitie except for a few siturations. Such as recruiting younger kids into there gang life. But none have really killed or done serious in somerville except a few stabbings but never no shootings from them in somerville. The point is look at the facts and dont just blame a gang for you'r poor communitie blame the mayor and his efforts to not better the communitie with more police officer and more money for parks and schools.

Yet another.......

How many shootings have happened in the past three years???


While this is an older post, I live in Somerville and I just have to say to Mr_X and Winter_st_Villain and a few others here who say gangs aren't THAT bad... just a few stabbings... and they didn't do their murders HERE... GET REAL!! "Just a few stabbings"? Like that's not bad enough? Where is the love? We want to live in cities where "love your neighbor as yourself" is truly practiced. These kids just don't love themselves, and that may be because they were not shown love from their parents... and the cycle continues. Yes - let's love them. But I am choosing to leave so they don't kill me in the process. Good luck with the town I've lived in for only 5 years. Bye, Guys!

PS: When you decide to let love in, then the city will grow and flourish. Until then, the hate spawned in most "projects" is incredible. "Projects" without love just don't work. Training of what's correct, moral, and socially acceptable can be required when giving people a house. Let them know that they are getting the house out of love, not by some "right". Start with the kids at the park who are just messing around with others - this isn't acceptable. Stop it there before it goes all the way to stabbings. We as collective neighbors set limits about what is acceptable or not. The mention of a community crime watch program is awesome. I'm in. Anyone else?

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