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June 21, 2007



Jamie your too funny. If people like Rocco still had power in Somerville the dark clouds that once loomed over the city would never have lifted. Your either too young to remember the truth- or worse maybe Rocco has decided to run a few ads or give a listing or two to you all?


Perhaps Mr. Antonelli's vision has faded some over time, if he's the same Antonelli who owns the building that the Halloween store keeps popping up in every October. I don't know what's he thinking of when he's talking about a grat square, because there's also been a Buck-a-Book and a low-grade liquor store in that same space over the last 15 years. Who's he waiting to rent to?

In addition, better traffic mitigation and the need to build hi-rise buildings and hotels in the immediate area of Davis Square are two parts to an unsolvable equation.


To the contrary Tricky ... Its always been about Rocco ...

I wont dig up the dirt but you dont need to have much of a history in Somerville to know this guy is a first class dirt bag.

Ron Newman

I seem to recall that way back in the 1970s or early 80s (before I got here), the people of Davis Square prevented a high-rise development proposal on Rocco's land. The neighborhood has a 50-foot height limit that most of us are very happy with.

The former Buck-a-Book is supposed to become a Chipotle restaurant, but when is construction of that going to start?

truth it is

to say Rocco and family have a dubious and questionable reputation would be to elevate their status...

These people are what had been wrong with SOmerville for many years... and Rocco is the mastermind of take everything you can no matter what the legal or ethical issue at hand.


Yeesh, Chipotle. Yet another step towards the mallification of Davis Square. Perhaps Mr. Antonelli's spent too much time in that Woburn office of his. Although maybe there is some genius in locating Chipotle right across from Starbucks - perhaps it will concentrate the Uber-Yuppie Somerville wannabees in one place, and keep the lines shorter at Anna's. Yum.


Maybe some Somerville Historian should devulge the other side of the Antonelli story for the readers of this site .....ask Rooco about his relationships with Paul haley Sr and jackie "rockport" Havigan who bought the land and built the house he and his family own with somerville funds,,,,, Oh and dont for get the Piro's vinny "walk around" and peter "Football cards" ... oh and what about Bobby campo and dennis "the senator" (huh) Mc Kenna" all illustrious public servants doing right by the somerville tax payers.......oh and hey rocco how is that ex register son of yours still doin crack ? doing........any time? antionelli what a F ------ joke.......what a disgrace to the Italian heritage god bless america

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