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June 04, 2007


Skeptic AL

I agree with the above. But, do we know exactly where the high-speed chase took place? What streets did the speeding police car follow? At what speed? Without this information there is only speculation as to what the police did or should have done (or not have done). Perhaps the high-peed chase was legit at the beginning, but Morales kept going even after the police basically gave up the chase (following the rules mentioned above).


Even in the wake of a painful tragedy such as this, this egomaniac Mayor just could not wait to once again toot his own horn. Mayor, if you are really so damn concerned with our safety, why don't you have a "drinkin and drivin" education course with your staff and the BOA. It could come in handy when they're leaving all the upcoming fundraisers.

Hypocrisy rules.

Born Here

did Dirtbag Morales turn off his headlights too ?? I agree with the above posters, lets get all the facts before we hang the police. The bottom line is Morales should have STOPPED.

Ron Newman

I think it's perfectly fine for the Mayor to publicly comment on a tragic event that happened on the streets of his own city. You don't, Somerspeak?

Mr. White

"The primary responsibility for this appalling tragedy appears to rest with the unlicensed Somerville driver who refused to stop...". Huh? Appears? Great job of standing behind law and order.

The criminal here, Morales, was going to injure someone at some point. The line should be "The TOTAL responsibility for this appalling tragedy RESTS with the unlicensed Somerville driver who refused to stop.."

Pay Attention Ron!


Somerspeak was not making an anti-free speech comment, he was making an anti-hypocrisy comment. You should know the difference. You know damned well what his point is. I grow tired of punking you out on this site. Sadly, you grow more and more irrelevant every day.


I think that all of this talk about police procedures is merely to draw attention away from the guilt of Morales. This is someone who drove regularly without a license, who flaunted the law repeatedly by defaulting on court appearances and fines, and was certainly on a collission course with tragedy with or without the help of a police chase! His own pregnant girlfriend was in the car with him on this fateful night! Her father regularly allowed him to drive his vehicle without a license. When will we have toxicology tests back to determine if drugs or alcohol were involved? This person was a career criminal, and the upside to this tragedy is that perhaps he has been stopped for good before he ruins other innocent lives.


"But the questions I and other Somerville residents have raised have been picked up and amplified by, among others, the Boston Globe editorial board, and Boston Herald columnist Margery Eagan."

Why aren't you all raising and amplifying questions regarding the courts failure to do anything about this criminal? 'it appears' that you're having a tought time laying blame were it belongs - with that career criminal who caused the death of 2 people.

Could this Tragedy Have Been Avoided?

Maybe, if the courts had done what they are supposed to do -- given jail time to this career criminal.

Yes, if the father of that criminal Morales' girlfriend had not GIVEN him the keys. Stolen, my a--, the girlfriend's father is just trying to cover his own a--, by claiming that his car was stolen. I'd like to know what the ramifications of his part, in this, are going to be.

Most Importantly - Yes, if that criminal had just pulled over. The blame lies with this career criminal.

Ron Newman

An event can have more than one cause. It does not take anything away from Morales' culpability to also say the State Police might have acted more prudently or responsibly.

J.M. Paz

I'm with Ron - I don't understand why, in this comment thread and the one following the initial crash story, everyone assumes that there can only be one cause and one place to lay blame. Just because Morales is a bad person doesn't mean that better police procedures might not have helped too. I mean, if a terrorist blows up a plane, everyone can agree that the terrorist is to blame, but we can also legitimately ask whether airport security was adequate, right? It's the same thing here: we can agree that Morales is a bad person who did an awful thing; we can probably agree that had the courts been less lenient with him in the past, he might not have had a chance to do this awful deed; *and* we can consider what other factors we, as a society, can change to try to avoid more tragedies in the future.

My opinion

"we can probably agree that had the courts been less lenient with him in the past, he might not have had a chance to do this awful deed"
Might Not??
The reason people have problems with judging the police's actions is because the police always find themselves in a no-win situation. People think the police did the wrong thing by chasing/following Morales. However, had they stood by the road and watched him drive off, with his headlights turned off, and he caused an accident, which he almost assuredly would have, it would have been the officers' fault for allowing him to drive away. After Morales, the fault lies squarely with the liberal Massachusetts Court System which gives a slap on the wrist to people like him, but wants to prosecute people who have committed far less serious crimes. They don't really pick and choose....I guess they just prosecute and convict the criminals who actually show up in court!!

J.M. Paz

Well, in fairness to the court system, the fault probably lies more with the actual laws enacted by the actual legislature. Someone posted his record on the other thread, and I think he had all misdemeanor charges, which means that if he had been convicted of any of those, the most time he could have seen would be two and a half years. So eventually, he would have been back out on the street with the opportunity to do something stupid.

Now understand me - I'm not saying that we should just let everyone walk, or that it doesn't make a difference because they'll all get out eventually. I'm just saying that based on Morales's record, there's really no way he could have been locked up for life or for a very long time already. You might argue that someone should have gone out and arrested him if he had a warrant and a ten-day sentence over his head, but who would have done that? It would have been the police, and I'm sure they didn't because they're overworked, underfunded, and can't chase down everyone who doesn't show up for a court date on a driving-related misdemeanor.

So that's why I say "probably" and "might not." Because it's a complicated question and, aside from Morales's own stupidity (which is obvious), it's hard to say with certainty how this tragedy could have been avoided. It's the same reason I would never say, "the state police could definitely have prevented this accident." There's no way to say that - maybe, possibly, different actions by the SP might have lessened the likelihood that this thing would occur, but we can't know. All we can do is agree that Morales is a bad guy, and try to think of every possible solution that will (a) keep bad guys from doing dumb things and (b) lessen the chance that if they do dumb things, people will get killed.


I also have to agree with Ron here. Mr. Morales is certainly responsible for his actions. He was behind the wheel. I do think it is fair, however, to ask questions about the wisdom of police chases and that's what people are doing. Asking if the officer made the right decision in initiating the chase certainly does not excuse Mr. Morales, who will most likely be found legally culpable for his actions.


How about the asshole ambulance chasing lawyers(some of whom reside right here in Somerville)who make a great big fat living off of career criminals? Drunk driving cases, possessing and distribution of illegal drugs, you name it, they'll defend these guys.

I agree, there's enough blame to go around this twice. The offenders, lawyers who defend, the courts that let them go, and law enforcement not using some common sense, and politicians who use the victims headstones for publicity.

The only innocent parties were the three victims of the crash.

Red Sox Fan

I agree with Ron as well. When the Red Sox lose to the Yankees, you think Francona goes into the locker room to discuss what the Yankees could have done differently to lose? Of course not. The productive conversation is always about what *we* could do differently. We could discuss all day about what Morales could have done, but that gets us nowhere. If you're actually interested in preventing these things in the future, then you have no choice but to talk about how we (the community, police, government) can change what we do.

Uncle Ron

To "somerspeak"
You have some valid points of concern and questions, but I think your comments directed to The Mayor are a bit inappropriate. You have no clue as to just how helpful Mayor Joe Curtatone and his staff have been in dealing with this tragedy. On behalf of the Farris, Hoyt and Chahine Families I would like to personally thank the The Mayor for all of his assistance. Thank you Joe.
Uncle Ron

it *is* funny

Uncle Ron, our hearts go out to your family and the others.

Please don't take any of the inappropriate comments here as an indication of how we Somerville residents feel about this tragedy.

I'm happy to hear the Mayor and his staff has reached out with support. We tend to lose sight of the good things he does due to our frustration, borne out of our sinking feeling that our city's potential isn't being fully realized.

Thanks for posting and reminding us of the human side of Mayor Joe.

Uncle Ron

I Am Concerned - can there be any help?
I think we all agree that Morales is lower than scum. I don't know if a second murder charge has been formalized yet, but I noticed only a $100,000 bail needing to be posted. God forbid he is able to secure these funds - HE RAN ONCE, HE'LL RUN AGAIN!
Uncle Ron

Ron Newman

The other Somerville newspaper quotes Middlesex DA Gerald Leone: "As a result, we will be seeking an additional charge of motor vehicle homicide against the defendant."

This is not a "murder charge", as that would require intent to kill, which does not appear to exist here.

J.M. Paz

Motor vehicle homicide is, in fact, a misdemeanor.

Janine D


As a lawyer myself, I am sure that if you were in trouble you would need an attorney to help you. Lawyers are NOT to blame when it comes to people committing crimes. They are not out there telling people to overdrink, speed down busy streets, etc.

Ron  Newman

I believe the question of misdemeanor or felony depends on whether the defendant is found to have operated under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.


state trooper left 60 feet of skid marks at scene


Janine D.

While I appreciate that you may not be one of the lawyers I was referring to, would you take this guys case in court knowing his record?

My reference was applicable only to those whose whole careers have been based on defending and plea bargaining for this kind of dirtbag.

Better yet Janine, if one of the victims was known to you or a member of your family, would you think differently about all your brethern attorney's that assisted in defending this murderer in the past?

No need to answer, just think about it.

new fact

60 feet of skids marks... so he was going 36 MPH. Hmmm...

Ron Newman

Even the most guilty people are entitled to a legal defense. That's a pretty basic part of the US justice system.


Police cruisers have ABS, no skid marks.


That's right Ron. However, people tend to get more than a bit skeeved out when a defense attorney like JoeyCakes tells law enforcement how to do its job. What would Joe know about catching criminals?


Hmmm . . .
Joe says "The primary responsibility for this appalling tragedy appears to rest with the unlicensed Somerville driver who refused to stop when a state trooper tried to pull him over in Everett."
Joe quotes an actual Somerville Police policy that says: "Pursuits for traffic violations, misdemeanors, and most property crimes, alone, are to be avoided . . . Officers, supervisors or commanders will not be criticized or disciplined for either declining to initiate or deciding to terminate a pursuit."
Joe asks readers to help the surviving victim.
Yeah, on the basis of this article the evidence is clear: Joe is a cop-hating, no-good, criminal-coddling lawyer. Isn't it obvious?
He's got some nerve talking about policies, or public safety, or helping accident victims.
Who the hell does he think he is? Who elected him mayor?

Oh. Wait.


This Trooper did his job trying to get a criminal off the streets in the middle of the night with very little traffic on the streets. Some of you want to play arm chair quarterback and question what he did instead of believing in his training and instincts to protect YOU! Was he thinking of his safety or his family as he pursued this clown? I hope so, but he continued on. For the neigh sayers....I ask you one question, if you were in the Troopers place, what would you have done different? Much easier to answer in a controled environment.

Law Guy

Law Girl asks, "What would Joe know about catching criminals?"

Probably as as little, or less, than he knew about defending them. I don't do criminal law. But a good friend who does told me that he dreaded representing a defendant in a case in which Joe represented another defendent. Every time that Joe opened his mouth, conviction became more likely, and the sentence, more severe.

Since then, he's done well for himself by finding a job where competence doesn't matter.

Janine D


People have a right to an attorney in a criminal case. MOST attorneys do not go into cases trying to get the client completely off. They want to do what is fair for the client. As with this case, a determination needs to be made if it second degree murder or motor vehicular homicide. There is a huge difference in what needs to be proven, what the sentencing would be, etc. We have no idea what the driver's criminal record is (unless you go to the state courts and look that info up). We also do not know what happened with the police - did they go beyond what they were allowed to do in chasing this car? That is an issue I would expect the driver's attorney to argue in defense of his client. I am not a criminal attorney but I did work for a firm that did criminal work. Defendants should be charged for the crimes they committed-not what crimes the public feel they should be charged with.

My opinion

Turning off his headlights before taking off would indicate, maybe not intent to murder, but certainly extreme negligence.

Ron Newman

Recklessness, definitely. Intent to endanger, possibly. Intent to kill, probably not.

occasional poster

Are you implying that Joe is incompetent? Just checking.
One thing I have to say, though, is that Joe should replace that ugly mugshot at the beginning of this thread. He looks like a smug mouse in that picture. He must have a better photo of himself.

J.M. Paz

We don't need to speculate. Morales is charged with motor vehicle homicide, not murder. The DAs apparently don't believe there enough to convict him of the felony charge, and I guess there's no evidence that he was driving under the influence.


I think the ploice did the right thing. This scumbag was wrong. But the officer did not back off as he said.I'm on the side of the police but I was told by an inside sorce about the skid marks.

Ron Newman

There are lots of skid marks at that corner, but I have no idea which vehicles made which marks. One of the vehicles slammed into the bushes at the southeast corner and took down a No Parking sign in the process.

Uncle Ron

I really wish some of you would "back off" on the Mayor. The issue "Police Chase" is and has been hot and very controversial. They are at least a bi-weeky events out here in LA LA Land (California)where I am from. They are actually filmed for hours at a time on several TV stations as they are taking place. I have actually seen many where innocent parties have been injured or maybe killed. We are now discussing another police chase that has resulted in two innocent victim deaths and one critically injured young woman - This appears to me to be a no-win situation, but clearly something that must be further investigated/addressed and some changes of policy made in an attempt to prevent future tragic events such as we are discussing.
Uncle Ron

Joseph David

The problem with defense attorneys is not that they assist a defendent with their constitutional right to a defense. It is that these defense attorneys are also the people elected to the State's General Assembly (legislature) and as mayor. Melanie's law (OUI law) is sold as tough on crime, but it is worded in secret lawyer speak. Defense attorneys have a field day in court. Criminals like Morales have no fear running from the police. Our attorney/legislatures have made sure fines for fleeing the police and resisting arrests are no more expensive than running a red light.

As another posted, no one knows the huge decision it is for a police officer to decide if he/she should pursue.

There are many times a PO will not know if the routine traffic violator is a danger to society until he is caught:

-Timothy McVeigh mass murderer: PO stopped him for a license plate violation.

-YuKikumura, a member of the Japanese Red Army: Caught by NJ trooper w/ 3 bombs in a MV.

-Walid Nicolas Kabbani, Georges Fouad Nicolas Younan, and Walid Majib Mourad (members of Syrian Social Nationalist Party): Vermont PO caught them transporting a bomb in a MV.

-Michael Wagner (member of terrorist group): Iowa PO stopped him in a MV w/ "flight training manuals and a simulator, documents in Arabic, bulletproof vests and night-vision goggles, a night-vision scope for a rifle, a telescope, a 9mm semiautomatic pistol and hundreds of rounds of ammunition."

-Sami Ibrahim Isa Abdel Hadi (linked to terrorist group): NJ PO stopped him for tailgating. On watchlist and had a standing deportation order.

These are only a few of the many that committed only a MV violation. Each time the PO had no indication prior to turning on the blues that they were men intent on mass murder. I guess now with mayors like Curtatone, they will have save places free to flee police

Uncle Ron

An Update on Katie from Paul's dad. (June 6,2007 am)
"Hi all,
I just spoke with Carolyn. Kate was just heading into surgery for her pelvic injuries. The surgeons have told Carolyn that it’s probably a 4+ hour operation.

Carolyn also spoke with the radiologists about Kate’s brain MRI (done yesterday AM) There is damage, but they weren’t particularly clear in their explanation of the extent. They did say they were surprised (pleased) at how she was doing but that it could be several months until a truly thorough assessment can be made. The docs have clamped off the drainage tube, and if Kate tolerates that they’ll do another brain scan tomorrow and probably remove the tube."

The Farris-Hoyt Fund is growing slowly thanks to many generous donations, but is way short of covering the HUGE MEDICAL EXPENSE the Hoyt Family is facing. I, again, remind you all that your donations are desperately needed and thank you all for your consideration. Below is the address:

Farris-Hoyt Care Fund, TD Bank North, 95 Highland Ave., Needham, MA 02494 or drop off at any TD Bank North Branch.

Thank you all for caring.
Uncle Ron

Uncle Ron

Map of Chase


Uncle Ron

Ron Newman

Thank you. That map was very helpful. Was the taxi stopped in the middle of the intersection of Highland Road and Kidder Ave when Morales hit it?

Uncle Ron

In answer to your question above:
The MAP LINK was sent to me. I also noticed there was this recent link, I think, in the Boston Hearld. I have no idea just where, or if, the Cab was actually stopped. Judging from the skid marks at the corner, and the pictures that show the cab pushed up over the curb, it is hard for me to tell just what the postion was before the impact. We will have to wait for the formal Police report.
Uncle Ron

Uncle Ron

Katie's Mother Speaks...

Carolyn Hoyt’s television interview today...

We are still seeking donations for Katie's Medical expenses. There is no insurance!

Thank you for your considerations:

Farris-Hoyt Care Fund, TD Bank North, 95 Highland Ave., Needham, MA 02494

or: C/O Ron Farris, 6885 Lennox Ave., Yucca Valley, CA 92284

Bless you.

Uncle Ron

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