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May 25, 2007


The Mole

What's going on over there at the SN. YOu're printing the story 1 1/2 times by repeating yourself.

The last few days, spelling, grammer and now repeat paragraphs. What't the real story.

The Mole


I don't understand the purpose of a separate walk down Highland Ave by politicians and veterans groups at 8 am. Why isn't this incorporated into the parade, since these people will assumedly also be taking part in the parade.
Also, why does Curtatone find it necessary, when promoting the parade to say the following:
“Whatever our views on the current conflict, all of us stand united in admiration and gratitude for the dedication and heroism of our military personnel.”
Why does it feel he should start his statement that way? Does he think that people will think less of him because he's promoting actually honoring those who have served this country and bought the freedoms we now enjoy? This is not the time nor the place for such comments, and as the member of a military family I am offended by his comment.

Looking for Trouble Where None Exists

Dear Offensive:

Curtatone asks people to honor those who serve no matter what their views on the current war . . . and you take offense? Really? Memorial Day has become an occasion to honor our troops AND support King George's miserable millitary adventure?

What was Joe supposed to say? Maybe you would have preferred to have him issue a nice, crisp-sounding order like "You are hereby directed and commanded to appear for military apprecation duty tomorrow on Highland Avenue, Holland Street and Broadway from 1400 to 1800 hours zulu."

You can be a patriot without being blind. Intense dislike for the Iraq war is a fact of life here in Somerville and across the country. You can't ignore that.

But here in Somerville, most of us can separate our feelings about the war from the pride we take in the courage and sacrifice of our military.

This mayor and Board of Aldermen have worked together to make this the biggest military appreciation and patriotic celebration in the region. They have recreated and periodically awarded a special medal that recognizes those who, like Jimmy Roderick of the DPW, have given both military and public service.

And now you're taking offense because Mayor Joe suggests to the moonbats that maybe they should turn out tomorrow even if they don't like the war? You gotta be kidding me.

On behalf of all those who think this war sucks and will still show up, rain or shine, to cheer our troops, let me say, "We thank you for defending our freedoms."

If you want to take offense at that, go ahead.

Yes, it was offensive

The point is, it was an unnecessary comment, and does nothing to serve or honor our troops. In fact, comments such as that are demoralizing to our troops. On the 4th of July does he say, "Come and enjoy the fireworks even if you disagree with the Declaration of Independence"? No, he doesn't. This type of comment fuels anti-war sentiment the same way the media has fueled it. Again, this is not the time nor the place for such a comment. What's wrong with....."all of us stand united in admiration and gratitude for the dedication and heroism of our military personnel.” The additional comment detracts from this statement, which is all that is needed. Save the sermon for the appropriate time and place.


Maybe not that big of a deal, but "whatever our views on the current conflict ....." in this context very unnecessary and rather uncomfortable to read.
Real Americans don't need to hear that kind of phrase from the Mayor of a City that has given many lives to protect the freedom of this country.



I'm thrilled to hear that our mayor has the same views on the Iraq War that I and many other Americans have. He's asking people to remember those who have served for us and separate our feelings about the orders they're given from the sacrifice they make. I'm sure that many real Somerville residents found the statement quite appropriate.


Cambriville News

Saturday May 26, 2007
Cambriville, Massachusetts

A Word From the Editor In Chief........

Cambriville - I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a most joyous, safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.

Memorial Day to me is a time of celebration, reflection and rememberance. I celebrate living in this country and I reflect and remember all those living and dead, military and non-military, who have helped to make it safe and free.

Celebrate, reflect and remember.


Dr. Mrs. McCarthy
Editor In Chief
Cambriville News

........and Mayoral candidate in 2007!

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