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May 25, 2007


More Facts

Why not just round them up and sling them in jail for a night? A good freaking beating is what they need.


You're really sick.

More Facts

Why? Because I do not think thugs and brats should intimidate well behaved tax paying neighbors. These young pups should be arrested for loitering with intent and made do community service. In fact they should be at home reading and learning something instead of wasting their lives, causing a nuisence and diluting the gene pool.

Not what it used to be..

Did anyone really think this ordnance was going to work, let alone be enforced? How about rounding them up and sending them back to their own country...what a concept.


As one police officer suggested, "that the new law was just another tool" to keep in their tool chest unless it is needed.

It is nice to know that the law has never had to be challenged in court because most of the people that could be arrested for this new law are already being aressted for more serious crimes.

Not that the law is right or wrong, it looks like we will really never know.

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