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May 21, 2007


Ron Newman

Do you mean Munroe Street, and the Prospect Hill Tower (singular) ?

Sorry to nitpick once again, but the News prides itself on knowing our city better than the Farm Team Paper, and the Prospect Hill Tower is one of Somerville's most prominent landmarks.

I'm sad to see so much violence in such a beautiful, quiet neighborhood. I hope the victim fully recovers.

Janine D.

I live a half a block from the first shooting and a block from the second. This is getting crazy. I thought we lived in a safe area of Somerville but I guess I am wrong.

Settle police contract

The somerville police dept. should be the last union to work with out a contract. these brave men and women put there lives on the lione day in anday out. there has been 3 shootings in the last month. Pya the police officers what they desrve. If the city is not safe what good does it do to live in somerville. Public Safety should be the highest paid workers in the city.

Settle police contract

The somerville police dept. should be the last union to work with out a contract. these brave men and women put there lives on the lione day in anday out. there has been 3 shootings in the last month. Pya the police officers what they desrve. If the city is not safe what good does it do to live in somerville. Public Safety should be the highest paid workers in the city.


Are you kidding that you made this into a contract issue??? Whoever you are... obviously an officer.. you should be ashamed. That is an absolute disgrace. No wonder the police have absolutely no support by the general public. I am disgusted by that post.

Snow Man

Is this shooting and the prior one in which one victim was murdered up around the Prospect Hill area? Does anyone deem they may be drug connected?

If these are in that area, is it in close proximity to the Mayor’s residential rental unit?


Three people shot within a couple of blocks from each other, a couple of weeks apart, in a neighborhood that hasn't seen this kind of gunfire since the Revolutionary days.

If people are under the illusion that this part of Somerville is "safe" then the neighbors and police haven't been paying attention. For a good year now more scum and lowlifes use this area as a cut through from Union Sq. to East Somerville. I know as I have chased them away from breaking into cars and going into neighbors backyards. I hear them on a nightly basis ( at all hours of the night ) coming up my street cussing and being all around arseholes.

The police are quick to use our neighborhood as a cut through to get to the police station instead of having to wait at the lights on Highland Ave. It would be nice if they maybe slowed doqwn a little and actually paid a little attention to the Tower and it's surronding area.

Ron Newman

From Davis Square LiveJournal today: "I heard a series of gunshots early Monday morning (May 21, after 2AM) in the Prospect Hill/Union Square area. Eight of them, I believe, in a 2-3 second span."

Close By

It's not too early to be concerned, but it is too early to jump to conclusions.

We've seen crime problems before on Prospect Hill, usually annoying but penny-ante stuff like car break-ins. I remember about seven years ago when we had some homegrown hoods who used to to break into people's houses right after they'd moved in to steal their VCRs. They'd do it just once, and wouldn't take much else. Sort of a "welcome to the neighborhood from the bad seeds."

The police knew who it was and, when they arrested them on other charges, the problem went away.

More recently, we've had the car break-ins, with the thieves targeting GPS devices and IPODs. Once again, local punks at work.

That stuff falls under the category of "life in the city" (but you get plenty of it in upscale suburbs, too).

We need to hear from the police on these two shootings and I have no doubt that there will be some sort of community meeting. There should be one.

In the meantime, there's no point in trying to find some local family or faciity or address to scapegoat.

I also agree with "settle?": it's despicable to turn this into a police contract issue, and I'm sure no self-respecting police officer thinks of it that way.

And, as for the dickweed who wrote "is it in close proximity to the Mayor’s residential rental unit?": who CARES whether he rents or owns? It's his HOME, you idiot! It's where his wife and children live. Whether he owns or rents is irrelevant.

Honestly, sometimes the people who use this blog are so twisted it makes me sick!


i took the "residential rental unit" to differentiate any other property he might use, rented or otherwise. ie, the house that is really, really close to prospect hill.

move on

if you're reading this, you should also read "Boston man arrested..." since when is getting your car broken into "penny ante"? lose some time from work, replace a broken window, your work stuff, gym bag, radio, etc. and then come back and tell me penny ante. Cars on Walnut are getting broken into left and right. fixing a house up is great, but 10 drug addicts out on the porch smoking all day does nothing for my view.
i'm agreeing with someone on the other thread. this stuff has escalated in the 4-5 years since we opened a group facility home for substance abuse. Talk to anyone near Central Hosp., and they'll say the same. Atherton, Harvard & Spring have all had meetings about the spike in break-ins, car breaks, etc. My kids used to walk up Central from skating, now i pick them up after they were approached by some odd characters. It stands to reason that all these homes bring in dealers looking for customers. Of course, i think the whole city should take a good look at Good Time Emporium and what they've brought on this city.
Oh, yeah, Newman, you're a real hoorses ass. please get back to me with the correct spelling. knock off the petty crap.

Ron Newman

To "move on" -- the story was corrected after I posted my comment. (It originally said "Prospect Hill Towers", plural.)

move on

not the point, i figured out what they were referring to-how many times do people have to ask you to knock off the know-it-all petty corrections?

Ron had a point

Ron did have a point with his comment. If they are claiming to be reporters for a SOMERVILLE newspaper then they should get the spelling of the street and the landmarks correct. I mean, DUH!

Give Ron a Break

If Ron corrects the spelling of a poster...well okay. But if Ron corrects the spelling or grammer or a fact that the actual reporters for this paper post, he is totally justified in correcting. They are the reporters and editors of a newspaper. They should be corrected from being sloppy. It isn't professional to put out a sloppy product with such errors.

If they edit their story and make Ron's correction then fine, delete Ron's correction comment. But readers....give Ron a break. He is right.

Bob Dole


Ron Newman

About nine hours before this shooting, I was part of a walking tour group sponsored by the Historic Preservation Commission, admiring the fine old houses of this neighborhood. We walked right up Munroe Street, past the tower. So this crime is quite upsetting to me, even though I don't live in or near Prospect Hill.

I hope the neighbors and the police can cooperate to solve this crime quickly.


Friends and neighbors. I don't find 'settle police contract's' statement so outrageous. It always bears repeating that police officers have a dangerous job. Three shooting in one month is a lot.


The original article had 4 errors. Only 2 have been corrected -- Munroe is still misspelled twice.


I woke up to the last 5 shots being fired...anyhow it woke me up right about 1AM or five past one...I've been in this neighborhood for years and nothing like this. It's not the kind of sounds you want to hear in the middle of the night! But i will say for the record, five cruisers showed up within 3 minutes of the shooting.


I was awake and heard the shots, sounded like about 10-12 rounds. I'm glad to hear the person wasn't killed, but its definitely freaky that it happened so close. I just wish we would hear more about the motivation behind these recent shootings.

4 shootings actually

In the second homicide two ( 2 ) men where shot. So, in fact, there have been four ( 4 ) men shoot in the last three weeks. Thanks you all. Please chew on that one!


Move On,

Like I said on a previous post there are over 40 "short term treatment centers/ halfway houses throuout the city and have been for years and years. Where have you been? I guess it's easy to point fingers at alcoholics or addicts, but at least these ones are trying to get help. There are way more active alcoholics and addicts roaming the streets then there are ones living in these establishments. And of course "Move On" there isn't a single person in your family who has some kind of addiction, is there? I guess you don't believe in second chances.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


My, my, my. Looks like the Mere can't get a good nights sleep even in his own neighborhood.

Someone please tell me again how crime stats are falling in our fair hamlet. And tell me again that Chief"I'm only Acting"Wawbutt Bwadley is the best we can hope for in a new Chief.

I'm going to bed. Hope I don't get shot.

All is not well in Cambriville tonight.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Let me make this clear....I am not a cop.

But to see this city being patrolled at night by seven one man/woman ward cruisers, a supervisors car and maybe the traffic car or wagon is a total disgrace.

This is a city of at least a hundred thousand people, legal and illegal, being protected by what, is it now 85 patrol officers.

This "slip" in police personnel has been going on for the past twenty years and it is finally biting us in the arse.

Keep funding the arts community and other nonsensical groups and watch our kids getting shot on the street. It is only a matter of time but some innocent kid or some cop with no backup is going to get shot!

Another Prospect Hill Neighbor

When the issue of the problems in the Prospect Hill neighborhood was raised on the other thread (and I might add that those comments came before this recent shooting), Brickbottom and others, balked at the idea of increased problems related to the increased number of substance abuse facilities in this city and neighborhood. By the way the treatment facility (and that is what it is classified as) on Walnut St is not the only one in the neighborhood, it is just the largest. If you do live in the Prospect Hill neighborhood, perhaps you should leave your house more often and take a walk up around the tower and see the kind of activity that goes on there day and night. Groups pulling up in cars, meeting others, walking down the slope behind the tower for a few minutes, then leaving in separate vehicles. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what is going on, day and night. Just walk by and see the groups sitting in cars along the tower. Another regular activity is older men (in their 40s or 50s) behind the tower drinking and smoking pot. These are not the teenagers who have always used the tower as a drinking spot. These are people of an age where they could indulge in that type of activity in their own home, unless of course they are not living in their own homes, at least temporarily. I have been in this neighborhood nearly 30 years, and have seen the very recent changes. I know you don't want to believe it, but yes neighbors have left as a result. The time to cash out on these homes has past, many have been on the market for some time. Many parents no longer let their kids up near the tower, day or night.
And yes, I am familiar with addiction issues, and know the system pretty well. That familiarity only confirms these beliefs. As anyone in the field will tell, success with addiction is extremely limited. All of us who have addiction issues close home know how desperate addicts can be. They will steal, etc... from their own families, certainly they will do the same to strangers. I agree that such facilities need to exist, and we must provide treatment, but not in the middle of a residential neighborhood where our quality of life is affected.


You tell them Jamie it's tough very tough.



You Say: "The time to cash out on these homes has past, many have been on the market for some time."

The only house in the Prospect Hill area that has been on the market for some time is the one on the corner of Boston and Prospect Hill and that is because the asking price is way too high. Other than that where do you see houses that have been on the market for "some time"?

A one family on Stone Ave. just sold for almost six hundred thousand, not bad.

And for the rest of your post....welcome to the city. I do walk by the Tower on numerous occasions and yes there are those types of activities going on but not on a daily basis like in other parts of the city. And when they do occur I call the police. It is quiet up there compared to when I was growing up in the 60's and 70's, that place was really hopping then!

it *is* funny

I think brick's approach -- see something say something -- is the best thing to do. With 311 or the non-emergency police line, can't a dime be dropped on suspicious activity very easily? I'm not saying walk around looking for trouble to report, but if something smells fishy, call the cops.

not surprised

It appears that the two men shot on Walnut were mixed up in a drug deal gone bad. Apparently they were there to purchase a gun, and a previous customer "filed a grievance". Previous comments on that incident were made about the victim being "such a sweet guy" and "caring about youth". I'm sure he was both. At 26, many of my highschool friends are "moving product". They are for the most part good people, some have families, they work in the community. They also choose to sell drugs. Its easy to see the draw, huge profit, room for advancement, perks (free drugs, attractive young women, tax free). But with this "career path", you accept a lot of risk. Which is why its lucrative. Being murdered, arrested, shot at, mugged, stalked, it all comes with the territory. While I feel for his family and friends, and agree that any loss of life is a tragedy, his choices increased the odds of this being his fate.


The funny thing is I came here to see if there was a shooting last night, as in Tuesday 2:44am (exact time due to that i immediately checked the time for record) I woke up last night/this morning to what I thought was 6-7 gunshots. I live in Union and was sure that was what I heard out my open window, but it could have been anything really, but it sounded like gunshots, still in light of this it makes me think. Anyone else hear anything??

make that 5 shootings

To the poster who said 4 shootings you forgot the facts of the one outside Good Times-there was a second person shot in that incident too so that would make the grand total of 5 people shot in Somerville in less than a month!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ron Newman

A question: Are any of the shooting victims or the alleged shooters residents of Somerville? Or are people from other cities bringing their problems here?


Founds this in the other paper, Re: the Walnut St. shooting.

Somerville - A drug mule was reportedly led to his death wearing surgical gloves on Walnut Street with the promise of buying a gun from his boss.
Police sources say Jean Roy, 24, shot John Micelin, 23, on any early Sunday morning because Micelin had delivered him low-quality drugs.

Micelin, a Boston man, had allegedly been sent to New York City with several thousand dollars to buy drugs for Roy, who sources say is a Boston-based dealer. When Micelin delivered the goods, they weren’t the quality Roy was looking for and he demanded his money back, police sources say. After paying back some of the money, the source said, Micelin and another man met Roy on May 6 to allegedly buy a gun. By 4 a.m., Micelin was dead and his partner had taken numerous gunshots to the head, but managed to run for help.

Somerville police responded to 57 Walnut St., where a silver Cadillac was parked with Micelin’s dead body in the passenger seat. His partner had been driving.

According to a report filed by Trooper Bruce O’Rourke of the Massachusetts State Police, the driver called a man known to him as “Dreddy” around 3 a.m. and arranged to pick him up in Boston. O’Rourke’s report said the victim’s phone had logged a call to a phone registered to Roy around 3 a.m. that day. The driver told police he was directed by Roy to drive into Somerville and eventually park on Walnut Street.

A police source said the men were buying a gun from Roy and they were wearing surgical gloves during the transaction; presumably to not get fingerprints on the weapon. After examining the gun and handing it back to Roy, he allegedly shot them both in the head, killing Micelin and leaving the driver for dead.

The driver played dead, the source said, while Roy got out of the car, shut off the engine, and then took off in a get-away car. After the shooter fled the scene, the driver ran up Walnut Street to a house where he called for help.

The driver identified Roy in a photo line-up as the man who shot him, O’Rourke’s report said. Roy was arrested on May 10 and charged with first-degree murder. He was arraigned the next day in Somerville District Court and was ordered held without bail.

Janine D

I heard the "shots" early Tuesday morning (05/22)(around 2:45am) and then heard cars zoom down Vinal Avenue. I have no idea if they were gunshots or fireworks.


Jean Roy should rot and die in Jail.. He killed someone that was dear to my family and my community..

Winter Hill, Prospect Hill.......

Locations do not matter!

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