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May 10, 2007



Your reasoning does not make any sense. Helping at risk youth is what Martinez was suppose to be doing. Are you suggesting that he not work with gang members and leave them to continue down in a negative path?
Also, the anti-gang legislation is a purely racist law. It was suppose to be a tool to help an overwhelmed police force. Yet I think the only thing they are overwhelmed with is the quickest way to get to Dilboy Post to hang out with their fellow officers.

mad in the eastend

I think Jamie Norton made a perfectly clear point. You can do outreach you just don't mix gang members with young kids that are impressionable and easily intimidated. Anyone with a bit of common sense would agree. Do you realize that one of the MS-13 gang members that Martinez allowed in the youth center was 23 years old and was a known leader of the group.

If Martinez would admit he made the wrong call and ask for forgiveness I and many others would have more respect for the guy. Instead he refuses to admit he made a mistake and then comes out against the gang ordinance. I would like one person to show me what language in the anti-gang law is racist. It was approved by a vote of the state legislature. Are you saying they are racist? Did our current state delegation vote for or against this bill?

In Somerville a punk is a punk no matter the color of his skin.

An elected officials first order of business should be public safety. Mr. Martinez has clearly shown that this is not one of his priorities and would rather coddle these criminals and invite them into our neighborhoods with open arms.


Although I don't fully agree with Mr. Norton's op-ed, you have an important error in your comment. Martinez was the YOUTH services director, many of the GANGBANGERS he invited to the YOUTH center were 20 to 24 years old not teens. I'm suggesting he should have put his energies into the youth of Somerville, not fully grown, misguided adults.

random thinking

I can say without any reservation- an endorsement by the Somerville News of Jack Connolly assures his defeat- which was going to happen in any case. In all honesty I dont think that you, Donald Norton, or Billy Tauro could get 5 votes for Jack or anyone else. In fact, I would assess a Somerville News endorsement of anyone or anything may cost that person and, or, issue. If you really wanted to support Jack you should have stayed away.

Here is my Prediction: Martinez wins 3:2 ...


The endorsement from the News means nothing. Jack pays the News for advertising, so it is no wonder that they would endorse him.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

My Little ButterCup,

Lord in Heaven!!!! The EMT's just left and have got the old ticker back into regular rhythm. It took them some time to extract the answer from me as to what caused the attack. All I could do was to keep pointing to the hard copy of this week's "Somerville News" open on the floor to the page displying your likeness.

You should have warned me you had your official Bachrach photo in this week's edition. What a cutie!!!!!!! How dashing!!!!!!!! Makes me wanna lick you!!!!

Now about all this crap surrounding the SpeEle. Sorry to disappoint you and Daddy Warbucks, but my sources tell me that not even all the archangels in Heaven nor all the demons of Hell(and that includes Commissioner Stan and Tickets Curtatone) can help poor Jack now.

See Pumpkin, special elections are just not sexy enough to bring out the votes. And there are not enough jobs to promise in HackWorld to entice a majority of the finest inhabitants of that particular segment of Planet Cambriville to actually take the time to learn about issues, think about how unfair sometimes life can be if you're not part of the "IN" crowd, or actually give a shit about who helps to make our lives easier, safer, less expensive, and more enjoyable.

I've said this before but it is worth repeating. Give both gentlemen credit for putting themselves out there for all the raptors to take a swipe at.

May the Best Hack Win,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


I for one will not be voting for Martinez come election for a number of reasons. The major one though is because he is a so called "Proggressive". In some ways I agree with their platform but I see them as being very dangerous for our country and communities. In my experience with these people I have noticed that they are extremlt self-rightious and literally talk down and ridicule anyone who disagrees with them. To be honest in a free country I have a right to think and say what I want. I don't agree with Gay marriage and you know what I have a right to think that. These people have used scare tactics and manipulation as a way to push their blind agenda. They are well schooled in the art of concensus building and this is how they win. They prey on naive young adults with this luvy dubby nonsense even though most of these kids have never struggled or even lived life yet. Another reason they win has to do with what destroyed the old Somerville, gentrification. They claim to be the solution when it was them who technically caused it. Somerville today is a transient city where young people come in and out. They come from wealthy familes to go to Harvard and Tufts or they are tech workers with more income then natives. Since the olde Somerville was forced out, they have their loyal troops to vote them in.

I see no benefit in electing these people. At the end of the day its about their career and selfish ideas. Lets be honest, they like to think they care about the city but its more for another bullet point on the resume. They are crusaders for their pet causes and when elected focus all their energy on the latest and greatest ideas that come from left wing acadamia. They also focus on trendy issues like illegal immigrants as a way to make themselves feel good. These aren't the people who understand what its like to lose your job to someone who works 60 cts to the dollar. They disrespect our state by daring to give them the same tuition at our state schools as our kids. They want to ruin our kids chances at success by giving opportunities to people who shouldn't be here, then they try to justify it.

Don't be fooled my friends, they aren't here for Somerville, they are hear for their own ideas and future. Ten years from now how many of these people going door to door for them will still be here. Lets wise up and realize that if we continue to elect these people our city will become Cambridge and Brookline. Our city will no longer be our pride and your future generations will not be there to tell their kids about the good old days.


You're right about the Progressives. Here's one small anecdote. After attending several PDS meetings I joined their Yahoo group. This is where they disseminate their information via their preferred method: email. However, I quickly found out that 'transparency' is not really what they're looking for. If you post a message that's the slight bit critical of any of their candidates or their causes, they just refuse to post it! That way, it looks to the other members like everyone's in agreement, which is all they really want. They don't want dialogue, discussion, or intelligent thought to get in the way of their blind march toward their end!

Solh Zendeh

I just want to make a comment about the progressives "causing" gentrification. That is a wierd way of putting it. Somerville is in an extremely desirable location, the fact that it was relatively undeveloped (and thus affordable to the common man) before is attributable mostly to rent control in cambridge, boston and brookline. That law was the thing that prevented the changing of multi-family houses into condos. Once it was gone, owners of multi families had a choice: keep renting in a booming market, or convert and make huuuuuuge money.

My impression is that many people that are now pining for the "good old days" voted against rent control or did not vote. To them I say: I hope you are pleased with the results.

Note that I personally am not an advocate for rent control, but to think that you could get rid of that law and things would not radically change is just not realistic.

Bob Dole

Hey JN, you think you could get a photo that doesn't leave me wondering whose head is attached to those curly ginger locks?


Wow. You seem to use the word progressives like people use the word liberals. Is it a crime to be progressive? What is wrong to be liberal? I know for a fact that most of the people I go to the pols with are progressive and liberal. Should we be on a gov't watch list? Honestly, I am a socialist. Should I be brought to a McCarthy hearing?

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


I don't know you, but you are welcome to come with me the next time I do get my hearing tested.

This seems like a strange thing to do, but to each their own.

I'll let you know.

Ear's to Ya,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Pumpkin Escobar

jn is right when he said mm was doing an admirable thing by trying to reach out to a disaffected portion of the young adult community but why should any regular kid of any age feel uncomfortable going back there after seeing gang members in there? would any of you hippocrates at 14 or 15 yrs of age feel warm and cosy there ever again? i think not and that was the problem. most ms-13 members are over 18 yrs old and ready to commit adult crimes in a minute, why should they be offered "youth" services when other more adjusted, normal kids have to have anxiety about walking through the door ever again? are you chuckleheads seriously going to defend a person who admittedly alienated the larger group of the youth population when mm could have certainly done it in a different, more responsible fashion? and for what? just to see him or one of his ilk get elected to the board of aldermen as opposed to jc? can you be any more retarded? i think not.

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