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May 21, 2007


Ron Newman

Possibly the least surprising announcement of 2007 so far. Should be interesting to watch.


We're with you on that Ron. The question is can Lynch pull this off?

Koty says no. And when Koty speaks, the weakkneed crumble to the pavement.

Trader Joe

Whomever runs for anything this year might be interested in a story the Somerville News was not interested in. The city owned garage at 50 Vernon Street (large two story property used to store DPW off season stuff) was quietly sold/transferred/given
to three individuals. One is the brother of an O'Alderman, One is the brother of a DPW biggie, and the other is a developer with the initials LF. I'm sure they paid a fair price. And I'm sure it's a coincidence that another property on Vernon Street gets handed to the Mayor's minions.

Max Warwick

It's about time. Give em hell Lynch. Watch out for Coady and his lapdog. They're fueled by the Martinez loss and out for blood. Wish we could deliver this neighborhood to you but you know how it is with the land Baron O'Donovan living right in the neighborhood.

Get It Straight

Trader Joe, get it straight.... 50 Vernon Street is not "a large two story property used to store DPW off season stuff" and it was not "quietly sold/transferred/given to three individuals".


Get it straight. If Trader Joe got the "story" wrong, can you fill in the following detatils for us?

When did the city sell it?
How much did it go for?
And who is the buyer(s)?

Just to set the record straight.

Get It Straight

Somerspeak. Not saying Trader Joe got the "story" wrong, it's the address that is wrong! And as far as when the property was sold, and for how much and who bought it.....sounds like Trader Joe may know.

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