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May 30, 2007


Accuracy, anyone?

Senator Barrios is leaving the Legislature to become president of the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mass. Foundation, which is a separate organization from the insurance company.


We had the chance to meet Joe Lynch last weekend. This guy has style and substance and knows the stuff that's important to the people he wants to represent. We were impressed with his grasp of citywide issues too. Good luck to him.

Cry Babies

I guess Cry Baby Jack has spread the news that Marty had not called him. It must be a big deal huh Jack to go to the SN and tell them you haven't received a call as yet.


Cry Babies..???? Big Deal??? Are you kidding me? It is basic respect. Please look at this when people start asking why the PDSers are not liked. I think it's an embarrassment to Mr. Martinez.


Since when did Highland Ave. become Highland Rd.? I made certain to look up at the street sign yesterday just to make sure. You,, and even Ron(!) have said Road. Something picked up from the police report, perhaps?

Ron Newman

Highland Road is correct. The crash occurred at Highland Road and Kidder Avenue.


Highland Road runs between Boston Avenue (the first right after what used to be Ball Sq. Seafood) and Morrison Avenue.

Ron Newman

What's probably not correct in the police report is a mention of Morales going the wrong way through a rotary in Davis Square. This almost certainly should be Powderhouse Circle.

Fool on the Hill

"It’s been two weeks and counting, and Marty Martinez still has yet to call Jack Connolly to concede or congratulate him."

Well, I for one would feel hypocritical, congratulating someone on a deceitful, divisive, and hateful campaign that manipulated racist fears while lying to older voters that Martinez wanted to close down senior centers.

This is not the kind of behavior that I want to encourage, even though our beloved Somerville News was a collaborator in it.

Be More Creative

I laugh everytime someone calls somebody else racist or hateful. It's already lost its impact and drawn our attention from real racist acts. When somebody cries racism nowadays it's like somebody crying wolf, I hear and and yawn. I automatically assume it's somebody who can't carry on an intellectula argument to save their life.

People can say Connolly ran a racist, negative campaign all they want. He simply pointed out Marty's history to people. The party that gets embarrassed by the revelations always says that it's part of a negative campaign. The truth is it's not negative to point out somebody's record. It's simply the truth.

Get a new tactic to scare people away, because nobody buys the racist crap anymore.

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