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May 23, 2007


Spell and spell again

That's Diesel Cafe, with an e. As in diesel fuel. Get it?

Isn't the guy who took out papers Fred Berman, not Tom? Sure looked like Fred on the Farm Team Paper's blog.


Sorry, SN, but I'm going to jump in with:
it should be written 'supposed' to be, not 'suppose' to be.

Accuracy, anyone?

"the deadline is this coming Tuesday."

Wrong! According to the official ad on page 4 of your own newspaper last week, the deadline for taking out papers is Monday, June 25. The deadline for returning papers is two days later.

Jelly Belly

More quieter?

Solh Zendeh

This is not really related to the post, but I hope you will indulge me... Has anyone heard anything substantial about the green line extension being cancelled recently? A friend's wife (yes, I know this is 3rd going on 4th hand) swears she heard something to that effect on channel 5 news a few days ago (maybe monday?).

Anyone care to comment? Thanks!


I haven't heard that it's been canceled, but the funding has been thrown into great doubt this year. The MBTA looked at their finances and said they have no money to spare for it while paying off their massive debt. So your friend may just be putting two and two together and coming to the obvious conclusion.

Carl Sciortino introduced a bill for the commonwealth to assume the MBTA's debt as this is a funding problem.

Solh Zendeh

Hmm, thanks for the update. Can't say I'm really surprized. How did you get that information anyway - is there some forum on this particular issue that you go to. Thanks!

close to home

Pay attention, folks. The funding for the next step is in place and the project is moving forward. From the Boston Globe:

"Green Line extension bill is approved
"March 29, 2007

"The state Legislature last week approved a $1.47 billion bond bill that includes funding for the environmental review and preliminary design of the Green Line Extension from Lechmere Station in Cambridge to Union Square in Somerville and Medford Hillside.

"Now the bill is headed to Governor Deval Patrick's desk for approval.

"The Green Line Extension is one of the legally mandated mitigation projects for the Central Artery project.

"This past December, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection submitted to the federal Environmental Protection Agency a revised implementation plan for the project.

"That plan states that the Green Line Extension must be completed by 2014.


Check here for more info:

There will continue to be plenty of opposition, but this project is going to happen.

SMVL dude

Came home yesterday (Thursday 5/24) to find signs along the entire lengths of Vinal Avenue and Putnam Street stating that from the hours of 9AM to 4PM, the streets would be off-limits for parking automobiles due to the fact that the streets were on the "Parade route". According to the Somerville News, the parade isn't even heading in this direction.
That's seven (7) hours of no-you-may-not-park-here-and-say-hello-to-a-nice-ticket-and-Pat's-Towing if you do.

Seven hours?!?!

I called 311 and inquired, and they told me to park on one of the other streets. Yeah, right. You're going to take at least 75 cars (or so) each off of these two residential streets full of multi-family homes (with multiple cars, due to no rapid transit), and have them park on short narrow streets like Summit, Pleasant, Grandview, etc?

Never mind the fact that all the poor slobs parked on Highland will also be looking for a place to park. I've not trolled the whole neighborhood to see how many other streets are closed, but this is overkill. Don't these pinheads know that Sunday is the only day we have to NOT worry about where we can park?

Forget the fact that there wont be any parade on either Putnam or Vinal. As far as I know, Highland Avenue is the parade route, not these side streets.

This is the first time I can recall the scope of such parking restrictions, and without any useful alternatives, it's mind-bogglingly stupid. We pay taxes for this? Why can't they use the high school and city hall lots for staging the parade, if that's what they need the space for?

During a snow emergency, we can park at the high school, city hall, or other city lot. On street sweeping days, we park on the other side of the street for a few hours, if we're not at work. The city has no viable strategy. If I get stabbed or shot trying to find a place to park, maybe I'll sue the city for negligence. I don't know Frank Senesi, but he screwed the pooch with this piece of "hard work".

I love my country as much as the next guy, possibly more, and I know how to fly the flag, and I will on _Monday_, the actual holiday in question. As an aside, why isn't the parade on Monday?

Ron Newman

Also Prescott Street, according to the city website. I too wondered about these day-long closures -- doesn't the parade start at 1 pm?


They use these streets as a staging area to line up the participants


The side streets will be used for VIP parking for all Curtakoty's "stamps" on the BOA and for special "friends and family".

And the parade is not on Monday because all the administration's Cape people need to get back down to the "house" for one final "blast".

How's them for apples?

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