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May 16, 2007



I just want to send my condolences to the Fedele Family. Tony was a great guy and was a great Headmaster who was always very approachable to all of us kids at the High School.
God Bless you Tony!

Born Here

we should have named the new Lincoln Park school after him.


You know, everyone thought this election would pass by unnoticed, because it's a special election for only one seat. But maybe it's because it was a special election for only one seat that people really had the time to look at the candidates and their positions. The waters weren't muddied and the voters weren't confused by ward races and other city-wide races.
And to the people out there advocating for vacant seats to be filled by the next-highest vote getter in the most recent election - this is why that doesn't and shouldn't work. People change, issues change, voters change. End of story.

kiss of death

Congrats to Jack on the upset. I certaintly did not think it possible. That said, how long is long enough to sit around the horseshoe? Does Jack have the goal of become the next Vinnie Ciampa or Billy Joyce? Well, anyways nice job Jack.

Lets Thank Denise Provost for costing the taxpayers and city thousands!

I want to thank Denise Provost for costing the city thousands of dollars. Keep up the great work Denise, your almost as useless as Jehlen. The city diddn't need shifty eyed JACK, MARTY (LORUSSO) MARTINEZ or this election.

Laruente should take the summer off!

Tony Lafuentez should take the summer off and spend more time with his family. I'm starting to believe the buzz that he has baffled Bill White to run against Joey. I am a supporter of Bill White and I hope that he is smart enough to realize Tony's agenda. If TL wants to see how strong Joey is he should run for the mayoral seat himself. TL appears to be a wolf in sheeps clothing. I can't believe TL is attempting to pass himself off as a liberal. Everybody knows he was a former REPUBLICAN. Atleast we know that Bill White was a former Democrat before he converted to a Republican in a risky attempt to gain a judgeship. I think Bill White realized the judge thing wasn't gonna happen after a sit down with Mitt Romney. I think its time for the boyz in ward 4 to come cocoa. Who's shittin who? I can tell you one thing, I don't think the real PDS nit wits by into either of their shit! Toodles


Want to save Somerville and the rest of the state, easy write your politicians to make a law that people need at least 5 years residency to work in the government/policy sector. These wackos come here because they think Massachusetts is as crazy as them. They come in and take over our cities and push their blind agenda at our expense. They aren't here because they care about our cities and states, they are here from their own careers and ideologies. Most of the ones I have met that took over Davis Square have their parents pay rent so its no wonder why its so expensive. If they had to pay the 2000 a month themselves they would be back in California living in their parents basement. Why encourage these people who have no stake and a lack of understanding of our state to continue to come here and infultrate our government. Look at what we have because of them, one world Deval.

Ron Newman

Bill White was a Republican when first elected to the Board of Aldermen, and remained one until last year. He did not switch parties in order to try to become a judge.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

A Fleeting Memory............

But Mayor Curtatone changed parties, from Republican to Democrat, to run for office in the predominenatly Democratic city of Cambriville?

N'est pas, Pumpkin?

When opportunity knocks, most savy politicians open the door.

Carpe Diem And All That,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Know what.. I am sick of people saying that (along with MANY other LIES!) Can you prove that Mr. Curtatone was a registered Republican? I am willing to bet that the answer is NO

Ron Newman

For how many years back does the Election Department keep registration records?

Butters Who

Tread VERY carefully Butters....

Ron Newman

I don't know the answer to that question. That's why I asked it.

Truth Fan

Yes, I can prove that Joeseph Curtatone was a registered Democrat, and so can you. Just go to the elections office in the basement of city hall and ask to see the registration records for 1994, Ward 5, Precinct 1, 2-6 Adams Street. You will see that Mr. Curtatone was initially listed as a Republican. In 1995, when he ran for Alderman, he changed his designation to Democrat, and the "R" in the book is crossed out and replaced with a "D." Prior to 1995, he was a registered Republican.

If anyone would like to email me a request, I will email you a scanned copy of this page. I will also email a March 20, 1995 Declaration of Homestead in which Mr. Curtatone swore that he possessed, occupied, and dwelled in the propoerty located at 1 Walter Avenue, Wakefield, Massachusetts.

Two and one-half months later, he swore in nomination papers that he had lived in Somerville for the previous six months. In February, 1996, after he was elected, he released the declaration of homestead.

I really don't know if Mr. Curtatone is corrup in terms of taking personal payments for favors. I've known corrupt politicians in this city. But I've never in my life known a Somerville politican who was less truthfull than Mr. Curtatone. This Homestead thing is Mickey Mouse compared to some of his whoopers.

The Mole

Truth Fan, I got an extra room in my flat if you care to crash here. Now you've gone and done it, giving too much information. They, the Administration, will tag you as a PD, the dark side and anything else to discredit you.

You are among the finest Truth Fan, welcome aboard.

The Mole

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Mrs. TraneWhiteMcCarthy,

Care to ask additional questions that will expose your friend's past?

Ask away dimwit.

Mole, nice to see you back. Did you know there was an election? I hear that the new soft drink of choice at City Hall is "polar seltzer".

And Truth Fan, the novena candles are lit for you in the Chapel tonight. Nice job.

Remmbering When,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Truth Fan

I see that an email to someone who posts on the blog no longer appears when you click on the poster's name. So for those who want the scanned copy of the voter registration book page and of Mr. Curtatone's declaration of homestead in Wakefield, you may email me at

On the other hand, if you doubt the provenance of these documents, you can go directly to the Somerville Elections Department and the Middlesex County Registrar of Deeds. They are public documents.

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