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May 13, 2007


Where's Waldo?

Where's NEWMIE?!!!!
He should be all over this stuff!!!!!!!!
This is like the holy grail for him!

Ron Newman

Did you read the whole article? I'm near the end of it.

("Over the River and Through the Woods", written in Medford, is actually a classic Thanksgiving tune.)

Ron Newman

Here's a list of the bicycle breakfasts at various Somerville cafes this week. Show your helmet when you arrive:

Tuesday, May 15: The Broken Yolk, 7:00 a.m.- 9:00 a.m, 136 College Avenue (Powderhouse Cirlce). Free small coffee and muffin or bagel with cream cheese.

Wednesday, May 16: The Sherman Café, 7:00 a.m.- 9:00 a.m., 257 Washington Street (Union Square). Free small coffee and muffin or bagel with cream cheese.

Thursday, May 17: True Grounds, 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m., 715 Broadway (Ball Square). Free small coffee with purchase of a pastry or bagel/bagel sandwich.

Friday, May 18: Toscanini and Sons, 7:00-9:00 a.m., 406 Washington Street (at Beacon Street). Free small coffee.


While we observe National Bike Week here in Somerville, we also might ponder why rogue cyclists who ride on our squares' sidewalks, cut pedestrians off in crosswalks and fail to observe red lights aren't held to account. These clowns give cycling a bad name, and pose serious threats
to public safety.

The Somerville Bike Committee, to its credit, admonishes local cyclists to observe public safety laws, but it's a losing cause, since so
many of these rogue cyclists just do as they please, without fear of correction.

Even as City Hall ballyhoos its latest efforts on behalf of pedestrian safety, it looks the other way when it comes to enforcement.

When some Grand Poobah gets seriously clobbered by a rogue cyclist--THEN they'll hop to it!

Meanwhile, pedestrians, walk here at your own peril...


A cyclist was hit by a motor vehicle, on Holland Street, today;
fortunately, the cyclist was not killed.

Too bad, but-----

I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often. The way cyclists have come at me, entering traffic from a one-way street (coming the wrong way), without even pausing is amazing. They need to obey the rules of the road, and only about 2% of them do. The only group worse is pedestrians!

Solh Zendeh

It does annoy me when I see them running red lights, not signaling, and just being plain idiots. On the other hand, please consider the fact that they are not piloting a 2 ton machine that can easily kill someone with a moments inattention. I think I'll advocate coming down hard on cyclists when we come down hard on car drivers who:
don't signal
talk on the phone while driving
don't know that the left lane is the passing lane

In other word, until you completely and radically change the driving culture of the united states, I'm not going to expect too much from people who bike around - at least they aren't killing people left and right (er, besides themselves - and maybe that's ok).


Hear hear, Solh Zendeh. Well said!


Actually cyclists can and sometimes do cause death and/or serious injury because of inattention and/or flouting of the laws. And unfortunately, all too often they are seen as the 'innocent victim' whether or not the incident was caused by them running a red light, or trying to pass cars in traffic. The roads are too busy for them not to be more aware of their surroundings.


No one is asking you, as drivers, to do anything other than be aware of cyclists and respect the fact that cyclists have a legal right to the road. Maybe take a peak into the bike lane before swinging your car door open - you know? I think it's impossible to post anything relating to bicycles without eliciting some canned "cyclists break laws" responses.

You know what I think? I think drivers are just jealous. We don't have to wait in traffic, we can cross safely at some red lights, we have a legal right to enter many one way streets... All bonuses of chosing a method of tranportation that doesn't require piloting a 2 ton piece of metal at high rates of speed amongst thousands of other 2 ton pieces of metal.

Ron Newman

For obvious reasons, tonight's ride was cancelled. It may be rescheduled for later this month. If it is, I'll post the new date here.

If there is steady rain Saturday morning, we will postpone the Somerville-Medford History Ride to Sunday morning at 10 am.


And noone is asking you, as cyclists to do anything but be aware of motorists and of the rules of the road. "We don't have to wait in traffic, we can cross safely at some red lights, we have a legal right to enter many one way streets." - WRONG! Bicyclists must follow the same rules of traffic as motor vehicles. This is why drivers resent bicyclists, not jealousy.


Oh, so there are no bike lanes that allow bikers to pass cars lined up for miles on the right? There are no counter-flow bike lanes that go down one way streets (see Park & Beacon)?

In addition, court rulings have found that cyclists are allowed to use cross walks. I can cross many intersections in the cross walk while you are in line at the light.

So to you I say, "WRONG!"

I fully acknowledge that there are cyclists who do not follow the rules of the road to the letter (and that I am one on occasion), and that there are cyclists that operate their bicycles in a manner unsafe to themselves and other traffic (and that I am never one of those on purpose). The same can be said of basically every driver. So just watch out when you open your damn door, and don't speed up to pass me just so you can bang an immediate right. Thanks.

Ron Newman

The Ride of Silence has been rescheduled for Tuesday, May 22, starting at 6:45 pm from Seven Hills Park in Davis Square.

With considerable regret, the Somerville Bicycle Committee and the Somerville Historic Preservation Commission have cancelled this weekend's Somerville-Medford Historical Ride. The weather forecast for both Saturday and Sunday is just too dismal. We will try to reschedule this ride for some time in June.


Ron - was there a large turnout, last night?

Ron Newman

Sorry, I don't know. Unfortunately, the Ride of Silence conflicted with a Bicycle Committee meeting which I had to attend.

We rescheduled the Somerville-Medford History Ride for Saturday, June 23. Meet at 10 am at Somerville City Hall.

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