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May 29, 2007


Headline doesn't disappoint

hmm, almost the same headline as the Farm Team Paper's photo essay of the same event.


I believe the editors dropped a sentence in this story. It certainly should read:

"Memorial Day Parade doesn't disappoint. Somerville News coverage of the event fills the disappointment void."

Spell and spell again

The print edition headline, at the top of page 1, reads: Parade attracks thousands

Get a spell-checker, folks.

Robert Jonston

What were you people thinking?
The top headline in your paper has a spelling error easily noticed by an elementary school student. Who writes these headlines? Good Grief !!! Best of luck nest time.

Born Here

a great day and a great parade. But most importantly a great day for DPW overtime.

Cash'n IN

Yeah and it was double time to boot. THANK YOU Stanley.

Ronnie Mo


"best of luck nest time"? Those who live in glass houses shouldn't make stupid spelling mistakes Robbie boy. And I didn't know it was already the season for the News to hatch.

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