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May 30, 2007


Welcome Back

This is all gret news! I'm very happy for you and I want you to keep it up.


Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Oh Ye of Svelt Build and Clear Mind,

As much as I would like to give you a big hug and a lick, I shall restrain myself. I knew this day would come. I just knew it. You finally figure out that life is for those who know how to grab it by the balls, deal with the setbacks, figure out how NOT to make the same mistakes, focus on the things that are really important and move on.

And now you have a new body, a new outlook and a new honey. You betrayer. You charletan. You, you, you, ASSASIN OF MY LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I shall wish you well, rip your picture off the wall of my boudoir, call my attorney in the morning and move on. Oh the pain. But this will pass.

My Best Wishes in your new adventures. (now where the hell did I put that Voodoo doll kit?


Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

(Any idea if Koty is still available?)


so jn whos the fat guy in the pic above? should be replaced with the phat guy. last time i spoke 2 u your whole outlook had positively changed. i know it when i see it. people tell me im the most laid back person they ever met,they ask if anything ever bothers me, and yes things do.the secret is not for long, usually one big rationalization a day get me thru. major problems do arise for those i typically wait a few days before i tackle them, by that time they r partially resolved. you look great you sound great and remember....its not how you feel ..its how you look...and you look marvelous.


James - I don't know you, but I truly feel happy for you. I know how tough it can be to shed that much weight. It takes a lot of willpower, and I know you have to be feeling very proud of yourself - you should! Congratulations to you, and have a wonderful summer with your children.

James Norton

Greetings -

I didn't expect to have such warm thoughts sent my way, and I appreciate it more than you can imagine. Thanks to those who posted here and who have seen me in Ball Square yesterday and today, I am overwhelmed. Have a wonderful day, everyone.

Jamie Norton


You don't drink, you don't smoke, you ain't married anymore you must be a liar, or gettig ready to die?

What a Jerk

You know, if it was a legit complaint about some aspect of City politics/personnel I wouldn't have a problem with your comments. But in this case there's no need to be a dick (like You are). The guy opens up with an aspect of his personal life an you get as negative and nasty as possible. Shame on You.

James, keep it up kid. Don't let the bastards (the few that there are) get you down!

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