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May 24, 2007



What is going on in ward 3? Has the mayor,taylor and the police dropped the ball. They need to stop voting for raises, dog parks and take care of public safety. Will someone please run against taylor!


How in th world is thi the fault of the politicians or the police? Maybe we should fire their PARENTS?

Somerville resident

It seems like another pair of young stoned idiots trying to play Vim Diesel got their record ruined (assuming it was not already). Good luck finding jobs for the rest of your life, punks.

More Facts

ha ha, wasters. so many useless parents. so many stupid people.


Yea that's nothing. Has anyone heard that dangerous street gan g ms-13 has made a come back in somerville? Why doesn t curtatone stop building condos and parks and start putting more police patrols on the strreets. There were about 6 to 7 alleged shootings, reported and unreported throughout somerville this whole month

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