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May 22, 2007



Pat Jehlen doing something for the city other than finding the most socially left issue and making it her Go might have a new voter if you keep this up! The old Pat would thumb her nose at little things like this...normally it would be Charlie Shannon, Vinnie Ciampa or Tim Toomey (not as often) doing this work. Is Pat the new go-to guy or gal. I never thought I would see this. Go Pat!!!

Where's Newmie? posting yet from Newmie correcting Jehlen's grammar:
"I write to you in support of several pieces of legislation which was approved"
"S.2170 would raise allow the City of Somerville"
Now I know that the nuns would never have allowed grammar like that! And I haven't even read half the story yet....
more to come???



I love Pat. I just don't trust that she can deliver what she says she'll do for what the Board of Aldermen and our local government has ordered that she do. Go, Pat, go!


so does this make pat a rubberstamp for joe and the boa?? just an idol thought before i go cut the grass.

New jobs for what?

A quick reading of this article tells me that she's made a deal with Curtatone.....this seems like nothing more than an addition of several new {unnecessary} jobs for Joe to give out, at the taxpayers' expense, of course meant only to help him at election time. This is nonsense, but based on her record of being unable to deliver at the State House, maybe I shouldn't worry too much.

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