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May 16, 2007



" 'I’ll prove to people that I’ll be independent. When it’s time to criticize the mayor, I’ll criticize the mayor,' he [Jack Koty the new Alderman at Large from Ward One] said." Yeah, and the mayor will let you know just when that is! For the rest of you, watch for the ten story skyscraper about to rise on that MBTA lot on Summer St. - you Ward Sixers will be sorry you ever dissed this guy, and, by the way, where was everybody over at the DPW today?

How sad is that?

People were waiting for Martinez to win, and then they'd get cable? Does Comcast know this? If so, they would have been out holding signs for Martinez.

William Hurst

It's not staus quo Marty, it is who can best serve the city of Somerville and her residents. Were we going to get free cable if Marty got in? Wow, I cast my vote for the wrong guy. I know Jack has proven over the years that he is an indepenent member of the board and not a rubber stamp. Unlike Marty "What should I do now Denise" Martinez and Rebekah "What color is the sky in my world" Gewirtz. Ah, may the PD'ers find happiness in this often troubled world.


martinez had two state reps, a senator, an alderman at large and a ward alderperson helping him and beentheredonethat wants to know where a few dpw workers were? how about the senator and the state rep go to that big builiding in boston with the gold top and do something,anything that slightly resembles helping anybody who is a somerville resident. its local stay out of it, and if martinez won he wouldnt have been a rubber stamp, so to speak, for those pols? more people would get cable? what the hell does that even mean?
has jehlen done anything in her time as senator? will someone please run and beat her ass so somerville will have a voice at the state house?
i give credit to the citizens, and i mean the real citizens, not the live here four years and move back to my real home citizens, for standing up and taking back our fabulous city. it is moving and moving fast in a positive direction. i cant even figure out what some of these bloggers are complaining about. who are they? are they the question authority people just for the sake of asking? do they really think somerville is moving in the wrong direction? do they just like to complain? if they hit a five million dollar lottery ticket would the first words out of their mouth be, now i have to pay all those taxes? open your eyes this is a great city.were you people here in the 60's when this wasnt such a great city.
relax, enjoy , go down to davis sq have dinner and a drink, see a movie or a commedy show it may help get whatever is stuck up your ass out or at least loosen it up a bit.

Back to the drawing board.

It looks like Tony Lafuentes is going to have to go back to the drawing board. I thought Billy White was smarter than to listen to Lafuentes.

Back to Square One

The sorry state of affairs for the Progressive party in Somerville today is with all their organization, state delegation, superior intelligence and arrogance, they don't have a decent candidate to run against anybody!


The good news (for some), we've gotten another alderman who never read an ordinance he didn't like (at least since Mike Capuano left office and that was a while ago - Jack was a progressive once, remember?).

The bad news, the people who ask hard questions about where the money goes lost this round. Look for more fancy new street sweepers at the DPW and forget about any new fire equipment (and firefighters beware, lock up your personal property)! Want a high rise in your neighborhood? Just ask the new alderman from Winchester! Ward 6 dumped him for good reasons, Wards 1 and 4, in particular, he's all yours.

It was probably all those MS13 gangsters doorknocking for Marty that scared folks away... Give me a break, we really didn't need Willie Horton again!

BeenThereDoneThat - guess we'll have to do it again.


Just in over the wires. Somerville, Massachusetts is experiencing severe gridlock the likes of which have never been seen before! Roads are clogged, from Route 93 heading North and South, but the worst traffic clogs are on Route 2 and Mass Pike heading West. Crews are rushing to the scene as we speak to attempt to determine what could be causing such massive gridlock. More to follow.......

Born Here

its the people moving out !! Rubber stamp Jack is back.
Even Dr. Mrs. McCarthy was seen outside the LSOTP waiting for the 89 bus !!


Like I said before, I'm no big fan of Jack's but I voted for him. It was the lesser of these two evils. Now the real question is is this the beginning of the end for the progressives? Have they hit their high water mark in local government with Rebecca? Personally speaking I want to see Bill White run for mayor since he's been on the BOA for a while and could probably mount a good campaign if he worked at it. I don't know much about lafuente but it sounds like a lot of people are giving him way too much credit for running things behind the scenes. Its Jehlen and her crew that run things behind the scenes. These other wannabes are just opportunists trying to cash in on the progressive movement. I think the train might have left the station though. Good luck Jack. If nothing else I hope you learned from the experience of getting beat by a newbie in 6. I'm sure you'll do okay as at-large. just don't forget the people who backed you and got you back in. Your a Somerville guy and were making motions on the BOA when the mayor was still in High school and Stan was a school committee and waterboy for VP. Don't forget it.

Ron Newman

The unofficial results, broken out by ward and precinct, are now on the city website.

Jack won huge in wards 1 and 4, Marty won big in ward 5, and the other wards were all quite close. Notably, Jack narrowly lost his home ward 6.

The Mole

Ticket Curtatone is reserving front row seats for all City Workers who helped in getting “Jack Back” in the seat around the horseshoe on Thursday, May 24th. Sign up early and get the refreshments while they last. Courtesy of the Committee to Re-elect Mayor Curtatone.

Is this what they call “Cheap Seats”?

The Mole


Congrats Jack!!!!!

Look, I don't believe this election had anything to do with Jehlen, Provost, Curtatone or any other politician or group. I believe this campaign came down to personalities.
Jack is a likeable guy and Marty is disliked by just about everyone I know. Jack is not a know-it-all, "I know what's best for you" type of guy. Marty on the other hand thinks he is above everyone else and is not afraid to let you know that he is , supposedly, smarter than you. I just hope Martinez pulls up stakes and moves on to another city or town to fool them for a couple of years.

Dominic Santos

Based upon the unofficial results, it looks like the mailer linking Marty to MS-13 worked given the huge voter turnout in Wards 1 and 4 for Jack.


Just your kind of folk Santos.

By the way, oh loyal Somerville citizen, when are you moving?

William Hurst

Please people get over it, Marty lost. The MS-13 flier had nothing to do with his loosing (anyone who lets gang members into a youth center is a moron) People are not fleeing the city (maybe the PD'ers are leaving, their pedal bikes have traffic on Highland Ave backed up) Pat,Denise and the rest of the PD'ers on the City/State payrolls were out there stumping for Marty on my dime. Can anyone state for a fact that Jack was a rubber stamp for all the Mayors he worked with while being the ward 6 alderman. How many times did he but heads with Capuano or was that just for show. Stop the lying and whining.

lifelong res

To William Hurst

Couldn't have said it better myself. The better candidate won so . . .let's just move forward.



Enough is enough. You should be banned from running for office in the City of Somerville. It is now obvious the voters do not want you!!! Can you please go back to where you are from or at least stick to working on campaigns (You are obviously not what the people of Somerville is looking for). Let it go Marty...let it go!!


Now let us see, now that the dust has settled. Jack"The Hack" is back by using the tactics used on the the Duke. So this is how the board now looks. The King JOEY CAKES Then Mary "how does the rodents run" Ann Houston, Tom Tom Taylor "when is the dept paid" Billy from one I must recluse myself, S.O'D. Somerville Ave can only make it worth more. The person from seven whats his name, Sullivan A.L. any more jobs going, Walter if you ain't a "I forget" Billy White who could not handicap two Cockroaches, Rebecka you are really on your own now so shut up and get re-elected take out your papers tomorrow. Bruce if you can I have a person in need of a job. Well Somerville just a few months and you get to do it all over again.

Fool on the Hill

Mr. Hurst:

I think that you are right that Jack was once an independent thinker, which is why I supported him for the first sixteen years that he ran. And he has always been a nice guy. But somewhere around five or six years ago, he lost either his mind, or something lower in his anatomy. For at least the period of the Curtatone administration, the people who call him a "rubber stamp" are accurately describing his performance both on and off the Board. Here's hoping that he will listen more closely to the people of our city and think for himself on issues that really matter.


did it ever occur to anyone that it isnt rubber stamping when it is good government being put before you. good for the entire city. good for all citizens. am i missing something? was there a piece of bad legislation that was put before the board by the mayor or a board member that was detrimental to us. are we suffering in some way that i am unaware of? please blog in and enlighten me, and i dont want to hear about the police department. you saw what the president of the union just tried to pull. his problem is personal with the mayor and ill guess that his own union members arent being properly informed by him. please ill ask again let me know. maybe im being blinded by the light of good fortune that seems to be shining only on me.


OK, here's what thenoseknows either doesn't know or chooses to forget:

1. John Hannah - cost to the city, hmmm, in the $100,000 range, give or take a penny and what did we get out of it? A completely losing football team, a jerk who seems to have slapped some poor kid on Highland Ave., and a youth legacy of zero. Jack was a big fan - how could the mayor pick wrong?

2. The Incredible Shrinking Gang Ordinance. Believed by none, feared by none, and enforced by the same. Well, maybe believed by Jack. I suppose gullible doesn't equal rubberstamp, so, OK, I'll give you that.

And, yes, let's jump all over the SPD, thanks officer, risk your life, but sorry no raise for three years? They're all probably going to head off for Boston - not the acting Rubberstamp, though.

You can take off the dark glasses any time now, you're in no danger.


hmmm three not so good examples. how about someone else jump in and list a few good to great examples of "rubberstamping"
how about reverse 911,how about settling the firemens contract,311?
the lowest real estatetax increase in the state,the police contract will get settled when their union hires a new president.the roads are fixed and clean, the islands and parks are kept up. the trash collection ha sbeen better than usual. the entire dpw has done a great job under sk.
how about no layoffs whatsoever. the same 5 people are on here complaining. i hope joe has two challengers tony and bill so he can smoke them both and put this so called movement to bed.


hmmm three not so good examples. how about someone else jump in and list a few good to great examples of "rubberstamping"
how about reverse 911,how about settling the firemens contract,311?
the lowest real estatetax increase in the state,the police contract will get settled when their union hires a new president.the roads are fixed and clean, the islands and parks are kept up. the trash collection ha sbeen better than usual. the entire dpw has done a great job under sk.
how about no layoffs whatsoever. the same 5 people are on here complaining. i hope joe has two challengers tony and bill so he can smoke them both and put this so called movement to bed.

Jackie Gleason aka Paulie

Right on NOSE...if I am correct Joe has won two elections as Mayor and most likely a 3rd - not counting his years on the BOA can the BOA or Alderman Connolly be called a shill for Joe if they are agreeing with him on issues??? Seems the majority of the citizenry of the city is happy with the Mayor and the BOA so it would behoove the two bodies - Mayors office and BOA to be working together..we see what is happening with national health care, Social Security and other important issues that the Dems & Repubs can't seem to deal with cause they refuse to work together.

The City of Somerville has never been in better is clean, safe, great new and old business (the La Contessa is a great loss), many old and new residents co-habitating together, many wonderful events in the city that are drawing folks from all over..come out and live in Worcester where I am at right now:>) will then realize the Piccidilly Palace that Somerville has become and because of the incredible diversity that exists. And all of this under a BOA and Mayor that is mostly homegrown...I'd say that this mostly homegrown BOA and Mayor has bent over backwards to be open and inclusive to the many new folks and ideas that have germinated over the past 10+ years and yes some/many times due to the prodding that is necessary from the citizenry.

One queen down

I am all for open ideas from newbies but these proggressives are just obnoxious. Does anyone remember the picture of Rebekkaah whats her name in her when she wone AlderMAN. She looked like the most smug human being I have ever seen in my life. I saw that girl and the rest of their crew at a bar once and they stared me down like I should leave because I was a working class guy with an accent. I think we are all celebrating Martys defeat a little to much, you have to remember Jehlen and the rest of the trustfund hippies are still calling the shots. Lets take a page from their book and start mobilizing voters now to send them down the Mass Ave to Cambridge. I can see right through these people, its not about a united Somerville, its about their ideas and their careers. I like that one term I heard on here Yuppie Socialist it explains them well. These people have the yuppie ideals of self centerness and career ambition while they grasp on to social issues to make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Unfortunatly for us the two words are the opposite of each other so when you have a bunch of idealogically career motivated hippys you have the new Somerville.

Pint Size Plumber

How does the pint size plumber look at himself in the face. A local city guy who has conservative values finds himself working his ass off for Martinez. I wish I could say he truely believed in Martinez, but he knows and I know, that Tony Lafuente has been manipulating his mind. Stand up for what you believe. Get off the power train and support a canidate that you truely believe in. I was embarrassed for you when I saw you running around like a little gerbal for somebody who has the opposite agenda. You should of listened to your family.


hey thats cool, how about some pint size -plumber initials, ya know narrow down the thought process a little.

Bite-size plumber

The initials for the pint size plumber is as follows...JM,
JM is known as a go to guy. A well known henchman or so (subordinate)offical in TL's entourage. He's a member or TL's royal court or noble team. JM goes way back to the republican days of TL. The two became friendly over eating some chourico and molho de figado at a Atasca's in Cambridge. People often wonder how JM became so loyal to TL. Rumor has it TL promised JM an offer he couldn't refuse. The offer was soooo good that JM totally disregarded his conservative views and became a political lacky for TL.


With the exception of the restaurants and the food, you could be describing any number of coat holders in the Curtatone administration.

The plumber's Irish

The person that everybody is making referance is not Portugese. JM is Irish.


Does anyone really care about someone who now becomes the 9th rubber stamp of the Curtatone adminstration?

Jack's days of adding value to the city ended long ago. He like many before him, and most of the incumbents are just collecting the check.

There was a time that people served to make a positive difference. Now it looks like the goal is to break the record of Vinnie Ciampa and Billy Joyce as the the longest standing Alderman in history.

Term limits anyone?

Steve Cockneck

I saw the pint size plumber transporting martinez supports from the elderly building at the Propezzi Mannor. Moments earlier he was holding a sign at the Faulkner Towers. I guess there was alot at stake for Tony.


Bob was seen personally driving TL around in a big black SUV on election day. he was tallying with him that day.

Capt. Kangaroo

Don't let the shirt fool ya, I could get elected to the State House with rumors like that. Miss you lot,s Capt. how is Mikey doing.

Pint Size Ass Kisser

The Pint Size Plumber is the perect height to kiss the asses of Tony Lafuentez and Mary Martinez. Why does he find the need to be a coat holder to these political misfits? The only way Lafuentez and Mary Martinez will ever have win between them is if they run against each other. I guess the old saying is true, "Birds of a feather, flock together"....LOSERS.

Go home!!!

Maybe now Mary Martinez will listen to the people of Somerville. You are a fraud, a phoney and a liar. Take a hint...we don't want you. You lost ward 7, you lost at large 2 years ago, and you lost again for the 3rd time. How stupid are these progressives that they continuously support this loser? Then again, how stupid are they that they can be fooled by the former Republicans TL and BW? YOU PEOPLE MAKE ME SICK!!!!!!!!!!!

Power Hungry, and reasons to keep a thumb on Lafuentes

TL represents corruption! Special intrest groups buying access to political opperatives, TL kowtowing to the left looks rather phoney. And its just not TL giving money. Many of his soilders are giving money to whichever anti-curtatone people will listen. TL will do anything possible to gain power, to have access, protect himself from the truth, get lucrative contracts, get special loopholes, in regulations and/or get future support from all the voters he baffled.

Lafuente's ego has gotten so bad, that his family is begining to ask why, and his supporters are starting to ask "how come" does he want to be mayor so bad.

I was never a Curtatone supporter, but I must say that he's doing ok! Lafuente should spend more time contributing to the City Of Somerville in positive ways, and less time manipulating voters to push his own selfish agenda.

Mario Biazzi

Hey there, I was born in Somerville and my family lived there up until 1995 when the rent was getting so high that we had to move to Brockton. Growing up my mothers always told me stories about how close knit here neighborhood was and everyone watched each others backs, people kept their doors unlocked, and all the great Italian restraurants owned by people from her neighborhood. I remember when I was younger how everything seemed to revolve around our Catholic Church since it was the center of the community. After we moved I rarley went back up until recently when I moved to Revere with my fiance. Things have changed so much and I don't think its for the best. I don't know of any families that are still living in the city and its a shame because the culture I loved is gone. Its like the city was invaded by a bunch of people who are bent on destroying and reminant of the ideals and culture that used to inhabit the city. I also feel like there aren't many working class people left in the city. These people though poorer and less educated had ideals for their family and community. Like my father, these people taught their children to work hard and expected men to be men by providing to their family and taking care of their neighbors. The new Somerville ius transient and fake. Its people who move in for a few years to enjoy the bars and young people in Davis Square and leave when some other trendy area pops up or for another job as apposed to us who would have stayed in Somerville through thick and thin. I also noticed that people move here from all over the country to push their own liberal ideas and/or to take government/policy jobs in the hopes of advancing their career. Despite the lies, I remember people like my uncle who worked for the city because as a good Italian Catholic he felt that it was his duty to serve his people. Who are these new people who have taken over this city. When my girlfriend and I were out in Davis Square last week we were lectured about the Catholioc Church is evil and also how corrupt the Irish and Italians who used to run the city were. We were shocked because this guy we talked to was from Minesotta and had only been living here for 2 years and I guess he worked in city politics or something. Please tell me how someone who didn't grow up in the city can come in take over politics, and then work for policy change when they really don't have a stake. I read alot of the looney lefts blogs on my former home and they just like to complain and try to how show their political science degree will change the city. Seriously these people are selfish, they moved here to push their own ideas at the expense of people who already lived there. I am hoping this election is a sign that people are fed up with the "We know better then you" police and are sick of people wasting their hard earned money on selfish policies and keeping themselves in power. Also if your new, please don't go around disrespecting the Catholic Church especially at bars to people you don't know. Some people might take offense, unfortunatly they won't cry about it and get it on the front page of the Boston Globe and then get a law passed to arrest people who say something they disagree with. In closing, I have no problem with people moving to Somerville, however if you move here or anyplace else don't do it because you want to change politics and make policy. No one really cares that you have a Masters in Public Policy. You should do your time,own a home, have kids in the school and have a stake in the city before you try to become a revolutionary. Also please try to understand that many people who grew up someplace would like to pass down their culture to the next generation. If you just move someplace to be near a bar and/or because its trendy at the moment please just stay in Ohio.

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