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May 31, 2007



I still don't understand why you insist on reporting about the "April 21 shooting at Good Time Emporium" which, did not actually happen at Good Time Emporium. Could someone please explain this to me?

If someone is killed on their way home from the movies, will the headline read "Man murdered at Somerville Theater"?

restless native

Based on the time I've spent watching Somerville/Cambridge police logs, patrons of Good Times have a much greater chance of getting stabbed/shot/whatever than do those of the Somerville Theater. In any case, the location isn't irrelevant, read the article -- it's where the fight started.

Ron Newman

Even so, 'shooting at Good Time' is inaccurate reporting. The shooting occurred over a quarter mile away.

jack meofe

Know why it will be less likely for a shooting at Somerville Theater is because half of our police force is is Davis Sq. protecting all the yuppies. Somerville Stop Snitching


Good Times is known for gang infestations,that is why a lot people stopped going there. Its known to be a place that if you want to start a problem with someone "Lets go to Good Times". I cant wait untill this place is gone.


Good Times is one of the worst establishments I have ever been to. The employees are rude and confrontational. The patrons are thugs and assholes, everyone has an attitude problem there. I was walking around last nite thinking "This looks like a place someone gets shot at" and today I find this. Dont ever go to good times! Go to Jillians it is the same amount of money if not cheaper and is about 1,000,000 times better. To the owner of Good Times, thank the lord you arent renewing your lease and your shitty establishment will be gone!

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