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May 13, 2007


City Hall Nose

A lot of good this endorsement does to Jack. Go Marty.


Bob Who?

Who are you?

I had never seen Mr. Daut anywhere in Somerville before he popped onto the scene to suddenly run to office talking about how he is active in the Big Brother program with his 27 year old "little" brother. I never saw him at any community meeting or participating in anything in Somerville. I did see him at a couple of candidate forums where his answers didn't show me that he knew much about Somerville.

Then I never saw him after the election until he popped up on my answering machine and here.

Who is this guy?

mad in the eastend

Who is Bob Daut? Well let’s see from what I have seen and read he is a graduate of Georgetown University and then he received a law degree from Harvard. He was an assistant district attorney that was in charge of major crimes and prosecuted gangs in and around the greater Boston area. He has volunteered for food banks , Big Brother and Big Sisters organization and worked as an attorney for no pay for deserving groups and clients.

Sounds pretty impressive to me in comparison to Marty Martinez.
What else has Martinez done?

Well let’s take a look at his record or what some progressives like to call negative campaigning.

1) Martinez was against the anti-gang ordinance after two handicapped girls were brutally raped by gang members in Foss Park.
2) Martinez was against smart growth development and opposed the new development at Assembly square.
3) Martinez spoke against the new senior housing and assisted living buildings about to break ground at old Conwel School site. This will provide almost 200 new units of housing for our most vulnerable seniors that would have ended up in nursing homes. He instead wanted it to go to a developer that wanted to build condos instead of taking care of our senior citizens.
4) Martinez supported ending all condo conversions and bringing back rent control

All of this is on the record and anyone can check. He has spoken publicly on all of these issues over the last year or so and it is easy to verify. It’s so sad that he has no guts and lies when he runs for office so that he can obscure the facts of where he really stands on key issues. By the way where has he gone between his other runs for office, he seems to drop out of site after every loss?

Where's Martinez

You're right. I'm involved with many activites in the city, many involving our youth and have never seen Martinez at anything. I'm sure he's spotted at PDS meetings, but what else?
Also, the blatant lies on his literature about being 'endorsed by the Somerville Police' should give everyone pause. Someone who's so willing to lie so blatantly on something which can easily be checked is dangerous. And in one of his statements he mentioned he was quitting his full-time job to run for this part-time job. Another red flag for me! And since he refuses to address his behavior toward MS-13 gang members in the Youth Department, do a few google searches. Maybe you'll find the Globe article, and several interesting quotes from people who were there, detailing his treatment of known gang members, who weren't even 'youth'!
Remember, think before you vote!

Born Here

maybe if Jack wins he can give Daut his fake no-show job with the City that came with FULL health care benefits. Nice picture, of two losers !


Sorry, if these thoughts show up twice, in spite of my daughter's best efforts, I'm not quite up to speed on the technology end of things...

I'm writing to say that I'm completely embarrassed by the tail end of this election. What was Jack Connolly thinking of? Did any one on his campaign staff get higher than a D in U.S.History? And that includes you, Donald Norton!

Way back when the Great Famine brought over a million poor Irish in a decade to these shores, there was a wonderful convent school (where the "States" are now, it used to be called the Nunnery Grounds) founded by three Ursuline nuns, Irish by way of Canada.

Oh, my, how the WASP's ranted and raved. The Irish were bringing disease, they were drunks and thugs and gangsters, Catholics steal babies, the Pope's army was going to march up the Mississippi and take over New England, and etc., etc. One August eveing these brave Protestant residents of Somerville (it was Charleston-Beyond-the Neck back then) went out and burned the convent to the ground and chased the nuns and children into the night. So there! Take that you immigrants!

Skip ahead a few decades and another wave of Irish came and then up went the "No Dogs, No Irish" signs. Substitute Spanish for Gaelic and MS13 for Legs Diamond, and you'll get my drift. This is the same old, same old and I thought we had moved beyond this! Thanks, Jack Connolly and your brave and stalwart campaign (or should I say stal-wart and cam-pain) team for dragging us all back down into the mud, just what we needed!

(for anyone who wants a refresher course in what it was like to be Irish not so long ago, try Mr. Peter Quinn's new book, Looking for Jimmy, A Search for Irish America.)

My daughter took one of those idiot phone calls and, sweet child that she is, felt badly for the poor woman who made the call because my daughter felt she should tell her what she thought about it and did, but then she worried about hurting the woman's feelings! I think my daughter could have done a much better job of putting a human face on Jack Connolly!

And then this stuff and nonsense about our joke of a gang ordinance. The former (and now missed!) police chief was going to expose this at the last BOA sub-committee meeting he was called before. Well, guess what, mysterious phone calls were made and a quorum never showed up so he never got to testify for the record about what a load of you know what this was. Even Senator Barrios, who pushed our lame home rule petition for this through at the state, admits that he spoke against similar ordinances in other neighboring cities. But, hey, it made a bunch of hysterics happy and so our BOA let it through. Anything for the squeaky wheels and good old boys.

Has this ordinance ever been enforced? Is there any one on the BOA who can actually tell you what's in it - I watched some of the hearings and the illiterate mush that first came out of our city's legal department would have gotten the same D in my history class - and an F in English.

And speaking of history and gangs, I'd like to know where all of these gang hysterics and huffers and puffers were back between 1945 and 1995 when Whitey finally took a powder. Easy to beat up on the immigrants isn't it? Not so easy when it's the you-know-who's. And, believe me, all the MS13's in the world couldn't hold a candle to what it was like back then in East Somerville.

I used to think of Jack Connolly as a man who was always fair. His Ward 6 Democratic Committee meetings were always run exactly by the book (alright, not always a very high hurdle in Somerville). So why did he take a leaf from the Stan Koty/Karl Rove play book? If we'd really wanted a Willie Horton rerun, we'd have elected Kerry Healey!

Fortunately, Somerville still has a basic sense of fair. I heard that two of my friends who had voted for Mr. "Oh, I Forgot About the Irish" in the primary had gotten the "Marty is a monster" phone calls and were so mad about it that they were switching their votes to Mr. Martinez. Thank goodness that some people were paying attention in class.

BeenThereDoneThat - and hope I don't have to do it again!


I will be voting for Jack over Marty. Marty supposedly allowed MS-13 gangmembers into youth centers. His computer ended up "missing". He's against the gang ordinance which came about after the rape of 2 disabled girls by illegal aliens. Now I hear he is for non-citizens being allowed to vote (cancelling out American citizen's votes). See ya Marty!

Thanks to (incredible hottie) Bob Daut for getting people to listen. Somerville is listening. Marty is in trouble.

What It's Really About

Now we're getting down to it. There is where the Somerville News blog sometimes performs a real service by giving us a real back-and-forth with assertions of policy positions, voting histories, relevant personal backgrounds and other information that helps voters decide.

We also get comments from the usual yahoos who perhaps reveal more than they mean to about their attitudes and agendas.

And what this string of comments reminds anybody who reads it is that the REAL issue driving Marty and his fellow PDSers is the desire for power.

Yahoos like City Hall Nose think Joe shouldn't be in charge, so they'll back anybody who gives Joe a hard time, whatever their views on the issues.

It's the same with the PDSers: they want power, not change, and they will continue to chase it. You think they want to abolish Somerstat or 311, or putting the whole budget on the city's website or embracing the Shape Up program, or the parks expansion program, or the SAFE-Start traffic safety program, or the Environmental Strategic Plan, or all the rest of Joe C.'s initiatives? PDSers LOVE that "good government" stuff. They just want to be in charge of it and take credit for it.

The dirty little secret of Somerville politics is that the PDS doesn't have a real agenda: the current administration is as "progressive" as they are on the hot-button issues (environment, same-sex marriage, affordable housing, transit, Deval, etc.), and has actually gotten some consensus on the key economic issues in the city.

Think about it: the debate about the details at Assembly Square will continue, but the basic outcome is settled, and the city is the better for it.

The debate about finances will always be with us, but Somerville is in amazing shape considering it pays out less per capita than other cities and towns, but has still managed to avoid the Prop 2 1/2 overrides and budget cutbacks that other are happening in so many other communities.

The schools are good and getting better. The Fire and Police Departments are gradually building their strength back up, although not fast enough to suit the fire and police unions.

So what this election is REALLY about is not "where are we headed?" but "who's calling the shots?"

In 2003, Pat Jehlen and many other PDSers supported Tony Lafuente, a guy who runs a non-union shop and whose political history is anything but progressive. Why? Because they thought Tony would give them more political power and patronage.

That incredible lapse in judgment is enough to convince me that the PDS in its current form is about power not vision or issues.

5 years later, they're at it again. The rumors are that now they're plotting with Bill White to get him to run for mayor, even though Bill ran as a Republican against Pat Jehlen in the special senate race. Bill is now officially a Democrat, and he's endorsed Marty, but is he a PDS "progressive?" No, but he's an ally in their quest for more power.

That's why I'm voting for Jack. He has a record of achievement to stand on, and he's tried to build consensus, not divide his party or his city.

I might vote for a PDS candidate someday, but first they'll have to convince me it's about their vision and agenda, and not just a power trip.


I am voting for whomever Alex Cap from the SPD is voting for. He's a handsome bastard and knows his politics!
Go A-Rod!

Bill White's will always be a bride's maid and never will be a bride!

Bill White will always be bride's maid, and never be a bride. I love how the soo called progressive from Sycamore Street is manipulating him to do his dirty work. I thought William was smarter than that. Then again, what do I know!

pint size plumber and the entourage

Bill White's will always be a bride's maid and never will be a bride!

Bill White will always be bride's maid, and never be a bride. I love how the soo called progressive from Sycamore Street is manipulating him to do his dirty work. I thought William was smarter than that. Then again, what do I know!

pint size plumber and the entourage


I like how everyone's tossing Jack under the 88 Bus. I've never really been a big fan of Jack's over the years, but nobody can argue that he knows as much about the behind the scenes workings in Somerville as anyone. Like a lot of people, I'd like to see a different face on the BOA, but I'm not really sure if Martinez is it. And if he's from the same group as Rebecca is from I'm not too sure I'll be giving Martinez my vote tomorrow at the Manor. But I will say he's run a good campaign as far as getting out and meeting people. I don't know where his money is coming from but he seems to have a good amount of it behind him. Mailings get expensive nowadays.
As far as any supposed power trips these Progressives are on, all I can say is get a life. Being an alderman, if you really do the job the right way, is a hard and thankless job. Some of the people, like Taylor, are in it for the paycheck mainly and don't really get enough local opposition to get unseated. Over the years though I've seen that people with local roots tend to do a better job, in my opinion, with the street-related issues whereas these other so-called progressive people who run and get elected seem more involved with big global issues that are important but not really as pertainent to day to day life in Somerville. Like this save the world bunch that were down here a couple of weeks ago. It's like a cult or something with greenhouse gasses and all this other stuff that's really just an issue of the day. Same with worrying about whether someone's gay or not. I couldn't care less. I've heard it said that Jack never met a developer he didn't like, but I've also heard it said that Pat Jehlen who is the progressives leader at the church up on College Ave. never met a tax she didn't like. It's going to be a tough choice, but I'm probably going to go with Jack tomorrow. Experience and a lifetime in Somerville has to count for something. Jack might have his hands in the developers pockets, but Martinez, based on what I've seen of the people backing him, sounds as if he's going to have his hands in my pockets. No matter what, I hope people get out there and vote. For sure, the only ones who complain later on here will be the ones who didn't bother to cast a ballot.

Melissa McWhinney

In the past few weeks, a lot of mud has been slung in an attempt to discredit Marty Martinez.

Marty will get my vote on Tuesday for a number of reasons. He has consistently worked for the people of this city, and not just for the people who were born here. He works to make this a better city for young people, old people, rich people, poor people, teenagers, people born in El Salvador and Vietnam, and yes, for people born here as well. Marty has been endorsed by Sen. Pat Jenlen, Rep. Carl Sciortino and Rep. Denise Provost, and the police.

Marty came here to get a Master’s Degree in Urban Policy and Planning, but knew that a degree means nothing unless you actually work in the real world. He started as the Director of the Community Youth Program for the City of Somerville, shortly after I became Director of the Human Rights Commission for Somerville and later the Director of the Somerville Human Services Department

When Marty took over the Youth Department it had not been serving many kids, and also had not been serving them well. He expanded programming in a number of ways, and the number of youth served by the department also expanded.

Marty believes, as I do, that kids, particularly kids who have grown up in bad situations, need a chance to prove themselves. He does not believe that they need endless chances, or that bad behavior should be overlooked or uncorrected. But he does believe that kids who are at risk of being lost to the streets need a place to go, need a better and more peaceful way of being, and they need to be shown the way by adults who care. Marty and I both knows that it’s safer for a kid and safer for the city, to take a child into a program and under adult supervision than to be floating around on the streets looking for trouble.

While Marty and I were working working as department heads for the City, two young women were raped in Foss Park. The three young men who were arrested were Latino. (One of those young men was found not guilty a month or so ago. The other two are still in jail awaiting trial.)

One Alderman, Bill Roche, found Marty’s attitude, about the important of including at-risk kids, to be a problem. I suppose Bill Roche would have preferred at-risk kids to be hanging out on a corner falling farther into risky behavior, than to have them inside and supervised. Bill Roche found an ordinance that was passed in Illinois (and later struck down as unconstitutional by the Illinois Supreme Court.) The ordinance essentially prohibited kids from hanging out on corners. Apparently Roche didn’t want the kids inside the Youth Program, and also didn’t want them out on the corners. I’m not sure where he thought kids were going to be – maybe he hoped they would simply disappear.

Alas, the Aldermen (with the exception of Denise Provost) all voted in support of the gang ordinance. They did so despite the fact that it is unconstitutional, despite the fact that it is logistically unenforceable, despite the fact that former Police Chief George McLean told many people privately (including me) that the ordinance was garbage. But to speak out against it would have taken more courage than any Alderman except Denise had. It was one of the most shameful things I’ve ever seen, speaking as an attorney, a mother of teens, and as someone who’s seen the grittiest sides of Somerville.

Marty was outraged by the failure of city officials to help kids find their way into stable relationships in a suitable setting. He was outraged that he kept being told that kids at risk could not receive help from the program that was supposed to be helping them, when these were the kids who needed the most help. He was outraged that children were being tossed aside for political reasons. So he left that job – it was clear that he would not be able to do what his conscience told him was the right thing to do.

I’m proud of Marty for his unswerving stance, for his clearminded honesty, for his highly-developed sense of what’s right and what’s wrong. Marty will do what he knows is right. I have the deepest faith that what he believes is the right thing to do is completely in line with what I believe is the right thing to do.

I know Marty will serve honorably. I will be proud to vote for Marty on Tuesday.

Melissa McWhinney


Melissa, I absolutely respect the work you do in the community and also respect Marty. Yet I am concerned that Marty would allow ADULTS into the teen center. I think at-risk children (especially those associated with street gangs) are the exact kids we should be going after and trying to bring into a legitimate life. I think they absolutely deserve the attention of the youth director and city resources. My problem is that 22 and 23 year olds do not fit into the same category as these at risk youth, they are grown men and do not belong around impressionable teens. I understood the story to be that the person Roche objected to being in the youth center was 23 years old. Did I get the story wrong? Like I said Melissa, I respect you and I am honestly interested in hearing why you do not make a distinction between youths and adults in this case. Please respond.



You say: "And speaking of history and gangs, I'd like to know where all of these gang hysterics and huffers and puffers were back between 1945 and 1995 when Whitey finally took a powder. Easy to beat up on the immigrants isn't it? Not so easy when it's the you-know-who's. And, believe me, all the MS13's in the world couldn't hold a candle to what it was like back then in East Somerville."

Tell us ole' sage one what was it like back then? I have a you?

Melissa McWhinney

Thanks for the nice words, and I appreciate the sincerity of your question. There was never a 23 year old allowed in to the youth program. They would allow 19 year olds in, and the occasional 20 year old. The 23 year old rumor started during a public budget hearing for the Youth Program, when Bill Roche questioned giving money to the Youth Program. Bill Roche said he had gone in one day and found a 23 year old "gang member". But Roche couldn't give any more information -- the day he had been there, the staff that had been at the center that day, the name of the 23 year old, etc., etc. Marty really pushed Bill in that hearing for something concrete, but Bill had nothing to give. The 23 year old in the Youth Program never happened.

The deeper question is what does happen to older youth, after they turn 18 and graduate from high school, which although problematic for some, does at least provide contact with reliable adults and support services for those who want them. Once kids are out of high school, too many of them go astray. Look at the number of heroin and oxycontin overdoses among young men 19-23 or so (especially in the past few years). Young men and young women at this age are really vulnerable and not getting the support they need. I'm not suggesting that people of all ages should be served by the Youth Program -- young adults have very different needs/perspective/capacities than teens. But I do wish there was a way to rescue the ones that start speeding down the wrong path really quickly once they perceive themselves as "adults", which unfortunately tends to be based on age and not on actual maturity.

William Hurst

The rumor out there about Marty bringing in gang members was not started by Jack, ask anyone in the Somerville Police Dept. BeenThereDoneThat talks about Irish gangs and Whitey Bulger, well MS-13 makes Whitey look like a God fearing choir boy. Willie Horton/Kerry Healey what is with that? Oh, I see you meant to say "free em all Deval" not Kerry Healey. Mud slinging? As a whole the Somerville police are not supporting Marty only a select few. Yes he is backed by the "Third Triumvirate" Pat,Denise and Carl, which means what. What have they done for Somerville? Oh, I know let us run to our local CVS and pick up our nice clean needles so our children can find them out on the streets and play with them. It's a shame another politician with no mind of his own(sorry Marty)will be elected tuesday and have his hand held by Pat and Denise and will be told how to vote on the issues. Jack has been a faithfull servent to his constituents and to every Somerville resident. He deserves, based on his record and his dedication to this great City another opportunity to serve us once more.

Alderman Bill Roche

I just received a call asking me to check out this blog and in-particular MW’s message. I will not get into whether the Somerville Youth Program was better run before or after Marty was Director as that is not the main issue here. I will however direct my comments to MW’s comments regarding the truth, at-risk youth and the anti-gang ordinance.

At the time while Marty was the Somerville Youth Director I received many calls from parents informing me that they suspected MS-13 gang members were allowed into the teen center along with their children. Most told me they were prohibiting their children to return under this condition.
I personally visited the Teen Center one evening and found a young man and a teenage girl playing pool. No supervision was present from the Youth Program. I asked the young man his name, age and where he lived and he told me (he was 23 and from Chelsea). I asked the teenage girl her name, age and where she lived and she also told me (she was 13 and lived in the Somerville). Their names are not important. I informed the young man that this was a teen center and the age limit was 19. He told me he had been welcomed in the past. During this conversation a youth worker entered and told me he went out to get something to eat. I told him that I thought it was in poor judgment allowing a 23 year old man to interact with a 13 year old girl (especially unsupervised) and I left. I called on the head of the gang task force unit and asked if he knew of this 23 year old individual. He not only knew him but had his picture in a portfolio of known MS-13 gang members in the community. The next day I called on Marty and informed him of this and he defended his actions. I subsequently asked Marty to appear before the Board of Alderman at our next regularly scheduled meeting, which he did.
At the meeting he admitted to allowing potential and/or known MS-13 gang members into the teen center as an outreach and an alternative to hanging around street corners. As a board the message we delivered to Marty was that he was putting our vulnerable teenage children at risk to harm and recruitment into gangs. A suggestion was made for another venue for this target audience and not allowing suspected gang members to interact with our vulnerable teenagers at the Teen Center. After Marty’s appearance I went out into the hallway with Marty and informed him that outreach to suspected or potential gang members is something I support, but not at the expense of exposing innocent Somerville teenagers to them. I also suggested that if funding was a problem I would work with him to obtain the necessary funding to do this outreach in a proper manner. Soon after this Marty resigned.
I am willing to discuss this in a public forum with anyone as this exactly how it happened.
As far as the gang ordinance being the same one that was shot down in Illinois as being unconstitutional, this is untrue. It is different and reworded to meet any constitutional challenge. It was reviewed by the State Senate’s Law Counsel and passed without objection from any of our State Delegation. Lt. Governor Healy thought this law was so important that she personally came to Somerville to sign it into law and called it a model for other cities and towns to follow. This law along with many other initiatives is one reason why Somerville today is not overrun by gangs like other neighboring cities and towns.
Melissa please check your facts before blogging.
If anyone wants to discuss this with me further please feel free to contact me. I apologize for this being so lengthy.
Alderman Bill Roche


To Melissa:


Also, they were not "two young women" that were raped by these illegal alien MS-13 gangmember adults, they were "two disabled little girls".
You're as TWISTED as the rest of these freaks that have taken over Somerville politics!

Where should I start?

Where do I start?
#1 - 'mudslinging', I believe, requires repeating a lie, not repeating the truth.
#2 - 'Marty has been endorsed by the police' - this is a blatant lie used by Martinez in his campaign literature. A vote was taken to endorse him by the Executive Board, NOT by the Somerville Police Union. The Somerville Police Unin DID NOT endorse Martinez.
#3 - Now here's some good old fashioned mud slinging.....'When Marty took over the Youth Department it had not been serving many kids, and also had not been serving them well.'. Biggest lie to date. Who remembers the outreach van (the street talkin van)? What about the exchange program with England? What about the home construction program (matching carpentry students with construction companies to build/rehab housing)? What about the snow shoveling program for the elderly? I'll stop here in the name of brevity.
#4 - 'At risk' kids are not the same as 'criminals'. There's a difference between someone who's at risk, and someone who has already moved to the next level. If Marty wanted to help this population, perhaps he should have sought a different position within the city.
#5 - Marty was so 'outraged' that he walked away from his job rather than explain himself, or better yet, stay and fight for the kids he was so concerned with helping!
#6 - I'll stop here because Alderman Roche has answered most questions very eloquently. Right from the horse's mouth, as they say! Way to go, Bill!

Melissa where?

So Melissa - do you have a response? ... or like every other PDS'er (an ILLEGAL use of Democrat) once you are called out and proved wrong you walk away? We are waiting....

Please Read This:

Well said, Mr. Roche. Thank you for being willing to comment publicly. When Martinez was Youth Director he was asked about the Teen Center being inaccessible, and the program being closed to disabled teens. Standard answer-old building, nothing we can do. When MS-13 was terrorizing E.Somerville, he broke the rules and allowed known Adult gang members into the center. "they needed a safe place". Forget how stupidly naive it is to believe that's what they wanted, and focus on how he responded to this need. The ultimate irony is that the two teens gang raped by 6 MS-13 members were denied a 'safe place' by Mr. Martinez. If the Center had been open to them, perhaps they would have been there at 7 pm instead of hanging at Dunkin Donuts with no place to go.
My second point, and the reason nobody in their right mind should vote for this man: after these 2 teens (Deaf, Mute, Severe Cerebral Palsy) were ripped from their wheelchairs, slammed on a park table and raped over and over, what did Martinez do for the victims? NOTHING. Did anyone see a march for justice? Was Martinez (or Melissa?) outraged that the Police were not able to get details because nobody in the entire dept. can use sign language? Imaging a Latino victim being denied a translator...there's your march right there. Did Martinez meet with the victims families? Offer services/support/counseling/programming/anything? I can tell you absolutely not. They were ignored by Martinez while shelter & support were given to MS-13. How about Somerville's Women's Commission? Nothing. Human Rights Commission? Nothing. Mayor Gay? Nothing. As Youth Director, it was Martinez' responsibility to bring these resources together to assist these youth victims.
Think long and hard about your teenage daughter playing pool at the teen center right next to one of the 'men' who slammed these girls down raped them. Remember who thought it was a good plan, and decide if you want him making decisions for the future of your city.

Melissa McWhinney

I wish I could say that I was at the Youth Program the night that Bill Roche claims he saw a 23 year old alleged gang member. Bill says no one other adults were there to witness this transgression. Convenient for Bill.

Since I wasn't at the Youth Program that night, I base what I say on what I know from Marty, the assistance Youth Program Director, other youth workers, parents of teens in the youth program, teens themselves, and many others. I was in the Youth Program building many times during those years and never saw anything I thought was inappropriate. I have never known Marty to be anything other than a straight shooter, an exceptional youth worker, always concerned about kids' safety, and extremely professional. He says it didn't happen; others say it didn't happen.

Having an older gang member in the Youth Program nicely served Bill's agenda in getting a gang ordinance passed. The gang ordinance as originally drafted in Somerville was modelled on the gang ordinance that was rejected by the Illinois Supreme Court as vague (Chicago v. Morales, 527 U.S. 41 (1999)) and then redrafted. The Somerville ordinance retains many of the defects of the rejected Chicago ordinance.

Martha Coakley suggested that it would be "prudent" for Somerville to get an opinion on the draft ordinance's consitutionality.

Rep. Denise Provost (then-Alderman), a lawyer, voted against the Somerville ordinance because it is still full of flaws.

The ordinance has never been enforced in Somerville because it (1) is likely to bring a lawsuit to Somerville if the police ever try to enforce it, and (2) the ordinance as written is logistically impossible to enforce, i.e. the police can not do or prove all the things that would need to be done or proven in order for them to make an arrest. ("Gang ordinance is not common sense, editorial by Denise Provost, Somerville Journal, 6/17/04.)

The City of Boston considered passing the same ordinance but decided not to, because the police thought it was garbage and were not going to enforce it if passed. (Globe, 11/5/04)

There was a public forum on the Youth Program and the gang ordinance. It was at East Somerville Community School. More people spoke against the ordinance than for it.

The fact that Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey, from the Romney administration, came to Somerville to sign the legislature, impresses me not at all. Healey and Romney did nothing but harm to Somerville, and this was just another example.

Melissa McWhinney

Go Melissa!

I think Melissa McWhinney kicks a$$!

Who's the liar?

Healey and Romney harmed Somerville - you must be kidding me! While you defend Martinez? Again, if he was so concerned for the youth of this city, where was his outrage for the 2 little girls who were gang raped? Where was his outrage for the students at ESCS who were impregnated by MS-13 members intentionally, because that's how they 'recruit' new members? His outrage is very conveniently placed - with the criminals. And by the way, since you serve as the city's Human Rights Director, where is your outrage over the same issues?
And by the way, Denise is not the only lawyer who sat at that time on the BOA. Apparently the others felt it was necessary when neighbor after neighbor came up to the board to complain that they were afraid to sit on their porch at night, or to detail that their son or husband was beat up for wearing the wrong color (another gangs colors)?
And, finally, are you really going to publicly call Bill Roche a liar??? Be careful what you write, for it can't be taken back.

Melissa Oh Melissa

See - PDS'ers are liars. I will quote you " I base what I say on what I know from Marty...." " He says it didn't happen..". I will give you an opportunity to retract these statements. He openly admitted that this did happen and it is on tape from the alderman's meeting he attended. He tried in vain to defend himself.. but he most certainly admitted it.

James Norton

This is my personal opinion. I wanted to preface this comment with that statement.
Congrats to Bill Roche for stepping up and lending some validity to this silliness. If you read my commentary this past week and you were a rational human being then you would have to understand the emotional impact, direct and indirect, having any gang members in the Youth Center would cause to the general membership of kids and young adults the Youth Center serves.
It is most important to reach out to "at risk" youths and young adults, there is NO question about it - but at what cost? Why should the general population of kids feel as though they can't go there because they might feel unsafe or they are not able to "process" the situation emotionally? Keep in mind that kids and young adults don't process things like you or I do. The emotional well being of the general population of kids there shouldn't suffer as a result of what would otherwise be an admirable effort - and it is because Marty didn't take this into consideration and wants to base his candidacy on this misstep that he should not be elected. Now couple that with another double hit of ignorant PDSers on here trying to make Jack into a racist AND making misinformed (uneducated?) comments on this weblog in order to spin doctor it just like the people they have complained about doing for so many years in this city...
Seems odd to me that what's good for the goose isn't always good for the gander with this group and its blinded minions.
Let's not even get into the blatant lie about the police union endorsing him - as far as I know it was ONLY the executive board of the union - and was never brought before the entire membership.
Anyone reading this - should not just make sure they vote tommorrow for Jack Connolly - but call 10 registered voters they know and urge them to also vote for Jack. Putting Jack back onto the board will be the best possible option at this point given the two candidates.

Hell Bent

Melissa McWhiner said,
"I wish I could say that I was at the Youth Program the night that Bill Roche claims he saw a 23 year old alleged gang member."

She conveniently left out the fact that she wasn't there, despite her fondest wishes. So we are left with a situation where we have have Alderman Roche's credibility on one side against Melissa's hearsay hopes on the other.

Tough, I know, but I'm going to side with Bill on this one.

As for BeenThereDoneThat's contention that "if we'd really wanted a Willie Horton rerun, we'd have elected Kerry Healey! " Nice stabe at the race baiting. Where did the Willie Horton tactic arise? Ask Al Gore, you'll really see some Global Warming then!

Yes, in 1988 Al Gore dropped the Willie Horton FACTS on Mike Dukakis in ads seen throughout the south. Another shameless tactic of the liberals... blame everything on their opponents, even if your guy starts it.

Posted by: Hell Bent | May 14, 2007

White, Curtatone and O'Donovan are Lawyers Too

Melissa you are correct that Denise as a lawyer voted against the law. White, Curtatone, and O'Donovan voted in favor of this law as alderman. Are you implying that Denise is smarter than all three of them! Also at the state level, charlie shannon was a former cop and jarrett barios is a lawyer and they both supported the law. So in closing Denise is smarter than white, curtatone, o'donovan, shannon and barios. Is this what you are saying!!!!


Sounds like Melissa may be dating an illegal alien MS-13 gangmember. Just listen to the way
she speaks of the underage disabled victims, while praising the gangmembers as poor
bystanders who should not be charged. Talk about demented. Did Somerville taxpayers actually pay her a salary at one time? She'll never work for Somerville again. She's on record.
Bill should sue her...get Denise to file the case.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Somerville, My Somerville........

I knew this would get nuts, sickening, and downright ugly.

I'm staying home tomorrow. The Connolly supporters and the Martinez supporters, and their respective candidates, can all go f*&k themselves.

Shame on all of you.

Hanging My Head In Sorrow,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Dear Mrs. McCarthy

Really Alderman Trane? both sides?

Some Ole Villen

I just viewed Marty's website and it full of beliefs and fluff and NO aaccomplishments. He was either fired from his job at the Somerville Youth Program or quit and left the "at risk kids" behind who live in the City he loves so much. Melissa, I have a lot of respect for you but your last post seemed kind of desperate. Do you Really think Bill Roche made up this story so he could get the gang ordinance passed. Would you feel differently if the the gang members were hanging out in Teele Square?
Jack Connolly was elected to the Board in 1983 and was returned to City Hall ten times by the voters. Did the voters suddenly get smarter last election or did the Progressives work their magic on the voters? Jack was accessible and responsive for 22 years. Sometimes change is good but not in this election. Jack is clearly the better candidate. Bring back Jack!

you guys

If you guys are bashing the progressives all the time, what does it make you -- regressives?


Just for the record, I believe that Melissa McWhiner (love that name!) STILL receives a salary from the city of Somerville. Someone, I'm sure will correct me if I'm wrong?

give me a break

Melissa McWinney reminds me of the boy that cried wolf to many times. When the real wolf appeared and he called for help no one came.

She is constantly complaining about one thing or another around the city that someone told her about. She never has the facts and she speaks as if every word is gospel. I learned long ago to discount anything she has to say since her version of events is never ever even close to the truth.

Until now I had not made up my mind on who to believe in this debate. With her clearly on Marty’s side it has made my decision easy. Go Jack!

Michael L. Beckwith

I heard about this site the other day, and i have to tell you i have been watching it and these people blogging. I like it, this is so much better then the journal, this paper has come a long way. Thanks to the news this site has made up my mind on who to vote for on Tuesday. I will be going to vote early and voting for this guy Jack, and again thanks to the news bloggers for helping me to decide.


Just got back from lines...Melissa convinced me to vote.
Anyone who has people like her on their side deserves to lose.

I voted for Jack after voting for Marty in the Prelim.

Marty is in trouble.

William Hurst

Forgive me if this information is not up to date (my advanced age has caught up with me). Melissa McWhiner is/was the head of health & human services for the city. Her main job today is hugging trees and supporting the PD's or is it Secular Progessive Democrats. She backs these people thinking "how wonderfull it is that we now have people, like Pat, Denise, Carl and Marty who are so much more intelligent than the idiots who reside in Somerville". When a local politician comes to this site to set the record straight people still attack his comments as lies. Why would Bill Roche lie about the truth? Does anyone remember Denise being against a city ordinance banning people from carrying knives? I remember one of her arguments being "what happens when a senior citizen has a knife sharpened and is bringing it home, will she be arrested?" I know Denise most people carry an 8" chef knife in their back pocket. These are the people McWhiner supports. My God what is happening to us.

Solh Zendeh

You know, I could be convinced that Martinez and Melissa have poor judgment and it seems at least possible that they are either lying or fooling themselves. But many of the posts on this blog are just over the top. It's like a kindergarten class at the zoo in here. Do you want to win an honest argument or smear feces on your opponents?

PS. Posting anonymous insults is just bizarre and sad.

mike beckwitch

and what do you call that crap over there on the Farm Team's rag.. "Speak Out" ??


Brickbottom, yes, I have a clue although didn't live here then. And I'm sorry for what you had to live through. I lived in (shudder) Cambridge (talk about full disclosure) and the only connection to Somerville was that I had was hating fares to here when I did fill in jobs at Ambassador Cab - nothing but one-way streets and they all wound up in Medford! Until, one day, some Somerville folks got it in their minds to plant one of those surprise packages under the car of a bookie or lawyer who lived along the route my daughter used to get to a friends house. All I could think of at the time was how lucky she was that she hadn't been walking by when he jumped in his car and got blown back out - and why didn't Somerville keep its troubles at home? Later, my rents went through the roof and I wound up here and discovered, to my surprise I admit, that I loved Somerville, and still do. And, yes, I learned a lot more about how bad it was back then. A friend gave me a tip - if you leave one of those bars on Broadway and discover you have a flat tire, get back into the bar fast and quietly slip out the back way. One time I asked another friend who had lived at the Mystic, was it like Robin Hood with the gangbangers protecting their neighborhood and distributing riches? Sure, he said, until you tripped over the junkie in your entry or smelled something funny in the trunk of a car that had been sitting a little too long in the sun. So, yeah, I still think that it's a lot different now.

On a different topic: Hang in there, Melissa! Why is it that in this supposedly mostly Christian nation that anyone who actually sticks up for and works for the poor and needy folks at the bottom gets labeled as a "do-gooder" as if was something nasty? Isn't that what we're all supposed to do? I hope that the folks who are sitting around counting up their investment gains and calling you a "whiner," don't fall on hard times on wind up needing your help. I know you'll help them without a second thought, but just think of the damage it will do their windpipes swallowing all that pride!


Ooops. You just committed a fatal faux pas. Don't ever refer to this nation as 'Christian' when addressing Ms. McWhinney. That kind of talk REALLY sets the former Human Rights Commissioner off!


Did you actually read the post, or just searching for things to snark at? You missed the word "supposedly". And the entire point.
This thread is one of the ugliest demonstrations of closed-mindedness in Somerville that I have ever seen. I hope that more judicious people than I have already stopped following it. And I hope Marty understands that his consistently positive campaign wasn't wasted on those of us in the community who care about civility and respectful dialogue -- we've taken a lesson from him that can only help us continue to work towards better politics in Somerville.


Melissa McWhinney has spoken publicly about her anti-Christian bias.
Now, that's an ugly demonstration of clsed-mindedness in Somerville!

Ron Newman

That's a direct and specific accusation against a named person. Can you back it up?

Here's to oooops

A "snark" is a mysterious or imaginery animal (kind of like the things you liberals seee dancing around in your own worlds) or a systems failure from Lewis Carroll's poem "The Hunting of the Snark" (kind of like your liberal programs).

If you have invented a new meaniong for the word, so be it!

I love to snark at Melissa McWhinebag!

Thanks to Jack and Joe the 1st Amendment will live on in Somerville!

George P. Hassett

I usually don't like to chime in here with my personal opinion but I feel several posters are crossing the line. Melissa McWhinney offered her opinion on this blog and had the courage to do so under her own name. There is nothing wrong with (even strongly) disagreeing with her and debating a point of contention. But we at The Somerville News do not want our blog to turn into a space used by childish, frustrated people to hurt and taunt private individuals. The level of discussion and debate on this blog reflects on us as a local business and news organ and we are not going to tolerate such ugly rants and name calling. Please cut it out and respect the forum you are using. Thank you,

George Hassett

Bill Shelton

Thank you, George.

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