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May 15, 2007


Cambriville News

TUESDAY, MAY 15, 2007

Special Election Results.........

Sources inside Marty Martinez' camp told the Cambriville News Martinez won today's election by 200 votes.

Born Here

lets hope the Cambriville news is right !


So much for the power of Pat Jehlen and the "progressives"!
It's official, Somerville is sick of the Marxists and their ilk!

Cambriville News

TUESDAY, MAY 15, 2007

Special Election Results........



Cambriville News regrets the error.


i wonder what will happen this fall. should be interesting.


Susan Passoni lost and so did Marty, I think its safe to say that old Massachusetts is back. I for one can't wait to take a walk through Davis Square and see all the smug yuppie socialists wipe the grin of their face. Now our leaders can get back to taking bribes for city services which to be honest is better then the "Proggressives" who complain all day and brag about how great they are even though they seem to accomplish nothing. Anyways guys please move back to NY or where every else these people came from.

Some Ole Villen

The Mayor and his boys did quietly shhh! support Jack. I don't think he wants the progressives to know shhhhh!
Are they going to give the Mayor a free ride, again. Bill White has backed the wrong horse. Is White going to run now that he has gone from Republican to Progressive in a little over a year? The Progressives will be licking their wounds for awhile. It proves that even the Jehlen magic can't slip a bad candidate past Old Somerville.

George Washington Plunkett

What I want to know is how many people were left working in City Hall and DPW today? Pretty impressive seeing our city's finest out doing Jack's.. oops, I mean the people's business.

So am I right in hearing peoples' livelihoods and jobs were on the line if they didn't get in line and work for Jack? Seems like the Mayor may have pushed it a little too far today with a few people who don't like being told whose campaign to support.. uh oh, tick tock tick tock..

don't be a dimwit

Hey George, there were some city workers out there today helping Marty out as well.nothing wrong in that as long as its and official day off. Face it baby Marty lost and its over for him.

Dominic Santos

I finally received my going-away gift from Somerville! Congrats Jack!

Jackie Gleason aka Paulie

how sweet it is how sweet it is:>)


a bad say for state rep provost and state senator, hey buddy ive been in this basement for 10 years do you know the way to the upper floors of this big building? jehlen. also for bill white, who i thought was smarter than this.does he not like what is happening in somerville? also a bad day for, can i learn how to make baskets now? la fuente. run for mayor tony? how about you run for the border. also for marty, who the hell are you anyway? martinez. ive lived here over 50 years and i never heard of this guy. you dont have to go away quietly, just go away, and take zig and wild bill, i love myself like no other, sheldon with you.
thanks jack and all you city workers who took the day off. your the best.

Jackie Gleason aka Paulie

Dear George;

it was even more impressive seeing our State Senator picking up little ole ladies and bringing them to vote as well as our State Representative holding a campaign sign alongside Mr. Martinez....both doing during working hours for most of us on the planet! - especially the working class families of the city that our esteemed officials pledge to work for and support:>)

I'm surprised George that your not impressed with the respect that our fine members of the DPW have for civic duty:>)

Slan go fail

Ed Norton

News flash! The "Welcome to Somerville" signs on either ends of Broadway are being replaced with "Welcome to Somerville; Where the Liberals are FINISHED!"


Don't quit the day job Marty!

OOPS! Too late.

Dominic Santos


This election shouldn't be viewed as a sign that the liberals are finished. Rather, it should be interpreted as a sign that Somerville residents do not want progressive or conservative extremism to be running City Hall. Rather, Somerville residents want candidates that embrace moderate positions (most likely moderate positions from Democrat platform). The MS-13 Marty ad sent out by Jack likely brought the progressive extremism to light for many voters.

Liberals and conservatives deserve a seat at the table, but where either side seeks to dismiss the views of the other without considering their merit, Somerville residents will pull chair from under that view.

give me a break

one two three strikes your out at the old ball game..bye bye Marty


its awfully quiet in here. where are the mole, that whore that lives up at lsotp, newman or whatever his name is, born here, brickbottom who is i must admit somewhat intelligent, city hall nose , who stole half my name. i think these are the only unhappy citizens left in the city.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Quite the contrary, you little neanderthal suck ass.

From one whore to another, how was he?

Looks like nobody wants to play tonight.

Sleep Tight Dear,

Dr.Mrs McCarthy


lol thats better i missed you honey. i really am laughing out loud.suck ass? i dont know, i dont work for the city or the state, as a matter of fact i work as little as possible.but i think maybe you are up a little too late. your levity has a little bit of anger mixed in there.remember, lights out AT 11.

Ward 3 Voter

Alderwoman Gewirtz, Jack is back. Congraulations to alderman at large elect John Connolly

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