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May 14, 2007



Jack is a nice guy. But 22 years as an Alderman. Come on. Also, lets not call him a wonder worker. He along with 500 elected officials take credit for Davis Square. Sure Jack did some good in the process- but he was not the main reason- any more than Gene Brune, Mike Capuano, or a host of others where. There is a reason people booted him out of office - He like the other BOA members became rubber stamps for Joe Curtatone. It's rare that a Ward Alderman with no legal problems get booted out of office. I would say it happens once every 25 years. I think the people have spoken once. Unfortunately for Jack they will speak again today-

Goodbye Jack. We certaintly had our chance to know ye well.

Best of a bad lot?

Regardless of your comments, he's still better than the alternative!


I would tend to agree. However, Jack had his turn so dont shed any tears ... More importantly the political power in the city rests with Pat Jehlen. She decides who wins most elections at this point. And, its clear that she wants Marty.

The Mayah could have made some difference in this one if he had the kuhanas to buck the liberals. But he is running scared so will "quietly" support a guy he should put all of his resources behind.

Anywho thats how I see it.

Born Here

didnt Jack leave politics for health reasons ?? I hear the people of his ward were SICK of him !! Go away Jack, we all know your a rubber stamp for the Curtatone gang.

William Hurst

It was easy for "What day is it Gewirtz" to win an election with the Tufts vote behind you and the new "Face of Somerville" moving in. Does she even have a clue as to what goes on in this city? So instead of attacking Jack let us look at the real problem this city has, more and more incompetents dictating policy.

For the kids

Let's take a monment to remeber Tony Fedele who passed away today.

He truly loved the kids of this city.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Thank you for remembering Tony F. He was a one of a kind who lived and breathed Somerville. We need more like him.

He will be missed.


Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Bill Shelton

So sorry to hear the news. Does anyone have the details of Tony's death?


1, A vote for Jack equals A long tongue to go with a brown nose. Tongue to keep Genie polished and Joey cakes from becoming impacted.

2, A vote for Marty equals maybe just maybe a small voice to please challenge the other ? I won't say what I think that might just go over the edge.

Tony rest in peace I am glad that we got to talk not to long ago, off all people you will be missed just like Joe Mackey.

GOD will be kind to you.

Kat Powers

We have the story on Tony Fedele here:

James Norton

Kat - doesn't it even bother you to have to come here and shill your site where you can't get 1/100th of the traffic we get? isn't it bad enough when you can't find your own stories and that you normally come here to find out what to report? wow, you had the luxury of sitting around to write up a story mid-day today while the rest of us were out actually reporting on local news stories...thats awesome. now, you can try to make it seem like you are only a new blogger here, but that would be yet another embarassing exaggeration on your behalf...because you are certainly not a new blogger here. since you're not a new blogger, then i would have to assume you know i don't allow external links, especially not to your sorryt excuse of a weblog. maybe you will help us out again by being childish and posting a copy of this over on your lovely no traffic site - did i mention we have had 950 unique hits so far today? yes, that's unique hits kat - you have a nice day observing and not posting since you will be banned for violating this weblog's rules in two minutes.

Born Here


James Norton




I should state up front that I'm not particularly supporting either candidate in this election.

What is the Somerville News' editorial policy about advertising and endorsements? As a casual reader, I would find your endorsement of Jack Connolly more vaild if there wasn't an advertisement for his insurance agency right next to it. I have no idea if the fact that he's a consistent advertiser affected your endorsement or not, but it looks a bit strange.

Ron Newman

Sometimes this newspaper break the news first. Sometimes the Farm Team does. Newspaper wars are fun!

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