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May 23, 2007



i havent watched the video you speak of, but,i am older than you, for sure and ive learned a few things. thing # 1, whatever doesnt kill you makes you stronger. thing #2 believe half of what you see and none of what you hear. thing #3 if your really upset with someone and they dont know it, you are suffering and they are going on as usual, let them know or let it go. thing #4 keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer. thing #5 never, never , never say anything bad about anyone to anyone else. you want people to think you are a nice guy or have no strong opinion of you. switzerland so to speak. thing #6 listen. thing #7 dont stress yourself out, when a huge problem comes along, count to ten, take a deep breath and wait a day or two, the answer will surface on its own. thing #7 listen to your elders, really listen. you dont have to do what they say but process the info. thing #8 in a relationship be honest with each other and if you both give 60% and expect 40% everything will be more than ok. thing #9 oh wait a minute im tired and going to bed so there is no #9.good nite jn and good life.

Mole Fan

# 9 never turn your back on anyone in this administration.


oh boy jn here we go.lets make a personal awakening into a bash jc blog.ya mole fan this city sucks and we all hate living here. i know i do.....jn read this #10 and live it.....dont turn into a jaded, obnoxious, bitter,selfish dick. when you have cancer you go see a doctor and with some luck it gets cut out. cancer like mole fan should be cut out asap. surround yourself with positive,upbeat happy people and youll be more than ok.

Mole Fan

thenoseknows, tell us about your "Fantasyland". All is well in our fair city ?

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