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May 26, 2007



Ouch! Scooped by!! Always remember, there are no holidays in the news business!

Old Gent

By John Guilfoil and Von Seang, Globe Correspondents

To JN,
I had to paste this after reading this Globe's account. You beat the Globe with the story and the RIGHT location.
Great job.

A woman who worked at a Somerville bank was found tied up in the bank basement this morning, and police are searching for one or more culprits in the bank break-in.

Somerville Police Captain Paul Upton said police were called to the East Boston Savings Bank on Highland Avenue at around 8:15 a.m and found the bank worker.

Upton said one or more thieves got away with an unknown amount of money and stole the employee's car to make their escape.

The car was recovered nearby. Somerville police and the FBI's bank robbery task force are investigating.

Lieutenant James Polito said police and agents are still at the scene. Customers of the bank are being turned away.

Ron Newman

That's pretty bad -- got the name of the bank wrong! And it's still wrong on their web site right now.


$200,000.00 thats a lot of money and the alarm did not get triggerd att all just help yourself and leave maybe they had a ATM card just like the desk, the traffic money gone gone for ever down the river and over the POND?

Somerville resident

Sounds like a job involving insiders to me...


It seems like, this was all pre-planned and the Bank teller must have been involve in it since banks have Dual Controll policy and the main vault cannot be opened by one person, since it requires two passwords and one has to be a manager's password so how can a teller open the main vault and let the crooks take all the money. Something is definietly fishy.


Resident - I agree with you; I've been hoping for more info, on this incident.

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