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May 05, 2007


Ron Newman

The city cleans each side of the street twice a month, so if someone really leaves his car on the street without moving it for weeks, he'll eventually get a ticket (if not a tow truck). I see no purpose for a rule forcing people to move their cars every 48 or 72 hours. Such a rule discourages car-owners from using public transportation, and goes against the city's stated goal of reducing greenhouse-gas emissions.


Traffic and Parking didn`t give me a ticket for over staying my two hours at a parking meter , which I think it says on the meter .I have to park were I work. If a vehicle is obviously stolen, abandon, out of place take it away. Elderly people can`t go out in stormy weather just to move there vehicles. Priority and accountability should be in place here. Its not only about the Benjamin but most important safety


The 48 hour rule should remain the same. For those of us who do not have a driveway and for those landlords who refuse to let their tenants use their driveway it is a complete nightmare trying to park within 100 yards of your house. Just counting the cars of the six houses around me, the total is somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 cars. That in an area that isn't even a block long! For those who use public transportation and park their cars all week in the same spot around my house is completly rude and ignorant, or maybe there should be a law put in place that if a landlord has enough driveway space to accomadate those renting in their triple/double deckers that they should be forced to allow their tenants to take their car off the road and allow them to use their driveways to accomadate those of us that don't have a driveway and using public tranportation is not feasible.

It's awful easy for those of you who don't have the resposibility of having children and having to drive them to school and sporting events and so on. It must be nice just to get up in the morning and put on your little bicycle helmet and peddle your arse to whatever destination you are going to. There are some "families" left (not many) in this city that have no choice but to actually add to the greenhouse-gas emission problem.

Fix My Ticket and I will Vote for Jack Too!

"Even when a car is reported for having overstayed its welcome in a particular spot, a warning, allowing another 48-hour grace period, is issued before anything else, said Trane." That comment made by Trane is BS. I myself have gotten a ticket for over 48hr parking, in which yes I was guilty of it, but there is no "Leeway" as Trane also quotes. Also I have watched Somervilles Finest Parking Enforcers park where ever the hell they want, expecially the meter lady with the tan camry who had illegally parked in a bus stop so she could go in & get herself an icecream. This whole city is a bunch of B.S. from the Mayor all the way down to the traffic & parking dept. We need to clean house here.

Double Shooting

Come on Somerville News, do some reporting. Tell us about the double shooting this morning!

Ron Newman

Since you seem to know something the News (and Journal and Globe) doesn't, tell us more.

Nice Job Ron

Your first post on this topic was outstanding and right on point. Great job.

Kat Powers

Ron, you must get up late on Sundays too. We have the very basics on the Journal's homepage.

Ron Newman

Thanks, Kat. Where on Walnut Street?

Kat Powers

It is a big street. We have some more details online

things that make you go hmmm

"A law that has been in place for more than 10 years is now getting a lot of attention with several residents raising concerns about the practice."

“For some reason this has come up a lot lately,” said Trane. “This is not something the city enforces unless they receive a complaint.”

A long time law that never bothered people of the community suddenly recieving a bunch of complaints? Welcome to the new Somerville, where every issue is a police matter. I hope the police have time to catch these guys killing other people in between handing out unecessary parking tickets and stopping people from smoking in public parks.


Fool on the Hill

"In the first nine months of 2007, that number has more than doubled with 2,498 tickets written...."

Does Ms. Gregory have use of a time machine?

Ron Newman

The previous sentence referred to FY (fiscal year) 2006, so presumably the 2007 figures are also for a fiscal year. The Treasurer's FAQ says that the city's fiscal year 2007 began on July 1, 2006.


Just let the street sweeping ordinances be the time limits! The even numbered sides of the roads require people to move their cars on the 2nd and 4th weeks of the month. The odd sides of the road require moving of cars on the first and third weeks of the month. They get $50 tickets if they don't. Is that enough for money hungry HACKS in this city?

Why doesn't the BofA pass an ordinance requiring landlards that rent aprtments out but do not live in their buildings to allow tenants access to driveways? Hello???

James Norton

fool on the hill -

re-read it again, she's clearly referring to FY 2007.

make sense now?


A few thoughts~~

If this is something which 'almost never comes up' as Trane suggested, why the sudden increase in the last few months (around the time of the salary increases at City Hall....ooops, did I say that out loud?).
Also, going by street cleaning only leaves a free-for-all during the winter months.
And by the way, I think the landlords own the driveway if it's part of their property and they are free to use it as they choose. Last I checked this was still America.

Mr. White

They're already raping us for the $50 street cleaning tickets when I have yet to see a street cleaner anywhere. Now they're starting to hit us for not moving our cars enough! What if you travel for 2 days some weeks? I need to hire a car-mover?

And for the lunatics who mentioned having the city force landlords to give access to driveways. How stupid is this? Now the city is going to take over everyone's driveways and regulate how they are used? They would go over big. The city does not own the driveways. What happens if an owner has 2 or 3 cars already (they have teenage kids) and that is all the driveway can handle? Where are they going to toss the tenant's vehicles? On the roofs?

The bigger story is that "Champion said there are seven more parking control officers on the streets this year". Yeah...ok... more "parking control officers", but no more real cops. Why? Because parking control officers generate revenue from RESIDENTS and BUSINESS OWNERS. Instead of the city making parking easier for RESIDENTS and BUSINESS OWNERS what the goofs are doing is imposing another tax. In Somerville's usual ham fisted way.


First of all the "sweeping schedule" is now going all the way up to December. So the street cleaning ordinance makes people move their cars every other week for MOST OF THE YEAR (or a $50 fine). Isn't that enough for the Democrat hacks?

Secondly, an ordinance should be passed that "if a landlord rents apartments in a house or building THAT A LANDLORD DOES NOT RESIDE IN,
and if a driveway is on the property...tenants have the right to use said driveway".

You have a problem with that? We have a problem in the one of the most congested cities in the country...Somerville. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Get it?

What's next? Landlords blocking use of mailboxes, phone lines, and back porches?

Ron Newman

Who is using these driveways if the landlord doesn't live there and the tenants aren't using them?

The Real Problem/Solution

Let's look at this absurd suggestion with logical eyes-
First of all, if you have a two-family house, rented to people with 3 or 4 cars, who gets to use the driveway (which usually will hold 1 or at most 2 cars)? And who's going to be there to mediate when car A needs to get out, but car B is behind it, and maybe they don't want to move, or maybe they're not even home! Even in a family situation it's very difficult to share a driveway with other cars.
Now let's look at one of the real problems.....the city allowing developers to build whatever they want, and more often than not getting a variance to build more than what the zoning allows, but without adequate parking. Look at the records at the Planning Board or the ZBA, and see how many units have been built without adequate parking. There are too few spots for too many cars, and there needs to be a moratorium on the building glut that's gone on in Somerville for the past 15 years. And with several more large developments in the process or the planning stage, just look at what will happen in a few more years.

Fool on the Hill


Yes, you're right. My mistake.




Who's using the driveways? The answer is nobody. That's the problem. The driveway spaces are wasted. Also, long driveways along the sides of 2 family houses
in Somerville are very common. Working out the parking arrangements between tenants within 2 units is also a no brainer.
That's why the 48 hour limit for on street parking spaces is a problem. Many people have cars but take public transportation often. For that reason, fellow tenants work out driveway parking schedules.

A no brainer?

"Who's using the driveways? The answer is nobody."
Sorry, but my property, my choice. Just like I have a lovely garden and my neighbors do not - their choice.
"Working out the parking arrangements between tenants within 2 units is also a no brainer."
Apparently you're not aware that everyone has a different schedule/lifestyle. Example: Tenant A is a homebody who comes home from work at 5,stays home, and goes to bed early. Tenant B likes to go out after work and come home late, because he/she doesn't have to get up early. However, Tenant A does have to get up early for work, but Tenant B is fast asleep and not likely to get up just to move his car. This is just one very possible scenario. I'm sorry, but I think you're the no-brainer!

it *is* funny

Many of my friends in these situations give a set of keys to the other neighbor so they can move cars as needed. Requires a bit of trust, but it seems to work fine.

A no brainer?

Yeah, right!


I have to say that I'm pretty liberal but even I find the idea of the city regulating what a property owner can do with his driveway is way over the top. It all comes off sounding very whiney to me. The parking problem in Somerville really isn't new. For all you that say your "problem" stems from relying heavily on public transportation, why not just sell your car then? We are fortunate to live in a city with very adequate public transportation and a viable alternative to private car ownership like ZipCar.

Just sounds like a bunch of whining to me.

Ron Newman

I just don't see any purpose to the 48-hour rule (or 72-hour rule) at all. If people leave their cars parked in the street, and take public transportation instead, that's a good thing that the city should encourage. As long as the cars don't get in the way of street cleaning or snow plowing, what harm are they doing anyone?

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


That's it. Next time I see you on that big wheel of yours I'm throwing my cane into your spokes. For Christ's sake Newman!!!!!!! You don't own a car, you live in an apartment building outside Davis Square that is one of the biggest offenders of not providing enough spaces for residents, but all you've done here is howl about what private property owners should do!

Don't you get it Butters????? It's a fu$%ing election year. All these dimwits on the Board get one whiner voter to complain and now it's a federal offense to leave your car on a public street for more that 48 hours.

It's just another scam folks. Brought to you by Tickets Curtatone. Hey, if I had someone chauffeur me around all day, Oh wait a sec, I do have someone chauffeur me around all day. Well, at least me and Tickets have that in common.

C'mon folks. As soon as election season is over everyone can go back to the way things were.

Driving me Nutz,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Ron Newman

I never said a word about what private property owners should do with their driveways. I think you have confused me with 'Grog29' .

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Nevermind. Sorry my little legal alien.

Parking My Mouth in Park,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Just my personal situation: The rule that exists, in the apartment I rent, is that whoever has agreed to take care of snow removal is the one permitted to use the driveway. The landlord is getting old and does not reside in Somerville. I'm very happy with this arrangement, no matter how much snow we get.

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